Resurrection - Recap

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Louis wakes up Andrea and Alex. Louis tells Alex that he thinks that he saw him when he came to Gamarra’s, but left him because he wanted Andrea. When Louis rushes out Alex follows him and Louis punches him in the face, telling him “You’re dead to me Alex”.

Andrea embraces Louis and tells him everything can be worked out later. Andrea explains to him that they wanted to believe he was alive, but there was so much evidence to the contrary. When Louis gets angry and starts breaking things Alex tells him to calm down. From behind Louis Cully makes his presence known and cocks his gun.

Louis tells Alex and Andrea that they are both going to pay, and leaves the house quickly getting into the car and leaving without Cully. When Alex rushes in front of the car Louis swerves and hits another parked car, knocking himself unconscious on the steering wheel of the car.

Alex brings Louis inside and Cully tells them that they can’t take him to the hospital. Cully assures them that Louis will be ok, and tells them that if it was his he would have killed them both the second he found them in bed together.

Alex and Andrea talk about Louis in another room. Andrea asks Alex if they did anything wrong, and Alex assures her there was no way they could have known Louis was alive.

Alex calls Rita and lets her know he is alive. Rita comes to Andrea’s house and is by his side as he wakes up, and then starts to lay into Alex and Andrea for being together. Rita tells him that she tried to keep them apart, and thought their relationship was very disrespectful.

Louis tells Alex, Rita, Andrea, and Peter the story of his captivity, and adds “Even Gamarra knew you two would stab me in the back”. While Louis and his mother are talking Peter and Cully go in another room where Peter tells him he remember him from when he and Vincent came and beat him up looking for Louis. Cully reminds Peter that he saved his life that night, and he is starting his life over now.

Later Andrea and Alex talk about what they are going to do now that Louis is back.

Peter talks to Louis about Andrea and Alex and tells him that they fought their feelings for quite some time, and he should think about forgiving them. Louis tells him that they are both dead to him, and he will have his revenge.

Rita gets Peter to leave the room and tells him not to let him know Peter is his father today. Peter argues with her, but agrees to wait.

George meets with his lawyer. When he tries to talk to the lawyer about getting out of jail, the lawyer once again shows his incompetence and George yells out that he wants another lawyer.

In New Jersey, Marco and Lucio fight over Cara taking over the family. When Cara enters and joins the conversation Lucio tells her that she won’t be in charge of the family while he’s alive.

Later on Marco watches as Cara practices poses in front of a mirror. Marco enters and tells her that he has contacted Asher, the best of the best of mobsters. Marco tells her that if the other guys hear she is working with Asher then they will leave her alone.

Later as Cara and her friends sunbathe Lucio and several men break into the house. The men survey the situation and Lucio tells them, “No matter what, Cara dies”.

At Detective Hawkins house Lynn comes out of the darkness as he approaches his door and puts him under arrest. Lynn claims that George rolled over on him and told her how he was involved in the death of Louis. She handcuffs him and takes him into the station.

Back at the station two detectives interrogate detective Hawkins. They play back phone conversations Hawkins had with Gamarras men, Hawkins refuses to talk without a lawyer present.

Victoria comes in and tells everyone that Louis is alive, so they need to release George as well as Detective Hawkins from custody. With Louis alive, they have no case.They all set out to see if Victoria is telling the truth, and Louis is alive.