Under New Management - Recap

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At Louis’s house, a bodyguard comes into Rita’s room to check on her. When she asks when Louis will be home he tells her that Louis has a big night tonight and will not be hone until late.

Louis, Cully, and Suzy pull up at the restaurant for the gala. As they get out of the car an angry Alex waits in the shadows. Outside of the gala a gentleman tries to get in, when the doorman tells him that a man under his name is already inside the man suddenly realizes his wallet is missing.

Meanwhile inside Asher comes in and checks his coat using the name of the man with a missing wallet. After Asher the accountant who helped Louis take George’s money comes in and taunts George

Andrea comes into the restaurant and is greeting warmly by Suzy. When Andrea asks to speak to Louis Suzy tells her she will go find him.

In the back office Suzy comes in to find Louis working on his speech. Suzy tells him she is very grateful for what he has done for her. She then kisses Louis, when he kisses her back things start to get heated until Louis suddenly stops. Suzy tells him he can’t stay hung up on Andrea forever and that he deserves better, a girl that actually appreciates him. Having gotten through to Louis, Louis passionately kisses Suzy and closes the door to the office.

At the bar in the restaurant Cully meets Christoph and makes fun of his for being beaten by Daniel. After Christoph storms off Erica starts to get friendly with Cully and asks him what it’s like to be a mobster.

Suzy escorts Louis back into the dining room and introduces him to a reporter. Louis sees Andrea and approaches her. Andrea tells him that she has broken things off with Alex, and wants them to reconcile. While they are talking Suzy announces Louis on stage.

On stage Louis describes the restaurant as a new beginning for he, and Andrea. As he is speaking Alex comes in and tells the room Louis bought the restaurant with blood money.

At Louis’s house Peter comes into the room and tries to talk to Rita. Confused Rita calls the bodyguard to remove Peter. The men take him outside and beat him, as well as break the windshield of his car.

Louis’s men take Alex into the alleyway and they hold him as Louis beats him. Louis tells him he wants everything that is Alex’s and its only a matter of time before he has Andrea. Andrea walks in on the conversation and asks the brothers if all she way to either of them was a bet. Tearfully she tells them she doesn’t want to see either of them ever again.

When Louis’s accountant gets into his car outside of the gala he finds Asher waiting for him in the back seat. Asher puts him in the trunk of a car and takes him to a cliff. Once at the cliff he lets him out of the trunk long enough to find out he needs two keys to access all of Cara’s cash that Louis has stored in a safe deposit box. Asher threatens him with pictures of his wife and child, saying that if the accountant tells anyone he will do “dirty things” to them.

Louis stops by Jessica’s to see Andrea. Jessica tells him that she is not there and then lists all of the bad things Louis has done to both Andrea and herself. Jessica tells Louis she can’t see Andrea ever wanting to have anything to do with her. Dejected Louis leaves. When Andrea thanks her for getting rid of Louis Jessica tells her that confronting him felt good.

Back at home Louis finds out Rita saw Peter. Rita confronts Louis and Louis tells her that he lied about Peter because he is a bad man. Louis tells Rita Peter is only after his money and is a horrible man Rita should avoid.

At Tonica Peter orders a whiskey and contemplates drinking it.

In New Jersey Marco comes in to tell Cara the Russians are there to talk to her. The Russians ask to see the money. Cara tells them she is not going to show them the money until she gets her shipment. Serge tells her she better have the money in two week, that the “ship has left port”.

Asher takes photographs from the bushes outside of Louis’s house…surveying the scene.