Worlds Collide - Recap

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Peter shows Alex the review of Bella in the paper. The review says, “The food at Bella is seasoned with glass and gold balls”. Upset, Alex tells Peter “the game is on”.

George comes into Louis’s office and shows him the new menus. George wants to talk about it, but Louis seems uninterested and just tells him “they’re good”. Cully calls Louis and mentions the review, Louis is excited that Bella will be out of business before they’re ever in business. Louis asks George to leave and he and Cully talk about Asher. Louis tells Cully that he won’t kill them until he finds the money.

Daniel comes into Bella to talk to Alex. Alex tells him that Louis is determined to sabotage them. Daniel tells Alex they are unveiling a new menu today. Alex talks to Daniel about coming to Bella when they get a piano, and Daniel excitedly agrees.

Erica stops by to see Cully and asks him to tell her he forgives her. Cully tells Erica he has a tough time trusting people, and very rarely gives second chances. Cully tells her she is crazy about her, and if she stays straight with him from now on, they can give it another shot. The two kiss and then make love. Afterward, Cully tells Erica he is glad she came over. Erica tells him that he makes her a better person.

Louis, Christoph, and George tell the staff about their new menu. Louis ends the meeting by saying, “Let’s see Bella compete with that.”

At Bella, Alex asks Daniel to do him a favor. Later he and Peter talk. Alex tells peter that Louis was at Andreas when he went the night before. Alex tells him that because of Louis, he could loose everything. Peter tells him that he sent pictures of the opening of Bella to Rita. He wrote their # on the back of a menu, so she can call if she remembers.

Frank and Andrea have lunch together. Andrea tells Frank that the things he is telling Louis are causing serious problems. Andrea tells Frank that Louis and Cully beat up Elliot. Andrea tells him that what he’s doing with Louis is too dangerous. Frank tells her he wants to honor his best friend by protecting his daughter.

At Louis’s Rita is wearing the robe the pictures were put in by Andrea. She reaches in the pocket, and it is empty. Erica and Cully come downstairs. When Erica is left alone with Rita she introduces herself and says “I work with Louis and I used to work with your other-“ before Cully comes in and cuts her off before she mentions Alex.

George and Victoria have dinner. Victoria asks him why he hasn’t found out yet where Louis is holding their money. George suggest Victoria take his job as coat check to pull her own weight, and Victoria scoffs at the suggestion. George tells her the mob is looking for the money as well.

Daniel brings Alex a menu and he mentions “ Double the flavor at half the price. Jessica comes in and yells at Alex for his display at her home. Jessica explains the real situation to Alex about Andrea and Louis. Jessica tells him he acted like an idiot.

Alex goes back to Jessica’s and talks to Andrea. Alex apologizes for his behavior. Andrea tells him there is nothing between her and Louis., and asks her to please let her be

Asher gets a phone call from Cara. Asher tells her that he doesn’t have the money, and isn’t sure where it is. Cara tells him she sent someone to help him. She directs his attention to the bar, where she is standing waiting for him.