You Can't Go Home Again - Recap

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Cara and Asher talk about getting the money back from Louis. Asher tells Cara getting the money back was too easy, Cara tells him to relax and that nothing is wrong. As they are talking, housekeeping knocks on the door. Cara tells them to come back later, but the girl comes in anyway telling them she doesn’t understand English. She picks up the trashcan, and Asher takes it from her finding the bug. The housekeeping woman yells “We’re blown! Move in!” FBI agents rush into the room and arrest Cara and Asher.

At Bella, Alex cooks breakfast for Peter and Rita. Alex tells them that he wants to be head chef at Zavatti. Peter tells him that they have all made a huge investment in Bella, and need their celebrity chef. Alex tells them that he can work at both restaurants, and Peter tells him that he will think about it.

Louis waits outside the jail for Cully. When Cully walks out he embraces Louis and thanks him for getting him out of jail. Cully then heads off to meet Erica.

George and Victoria spend the night in their car. George has a dream about shooting Andrea. When he wakes up, he and Victoria go to Zavatti and check the register and safe for cash. While there they go to the wine cellar and drink. They hide, when Andrea and Jessica come in. Overhearing their conversation, they find out that Louis has given Zavatti back to Andrea.

Andrea and Alex decorate Andrea’s house. She tells him that this is the first time she has been able to feel like her home is her own. Alex suggests that they have a family dinner this evening, and try to soften the family up to the idea

Cully goes to the Beverly Grande to meet Erica. Outside, Marco watches Cully go in the hotel, now free. Marco also notices the feds outside.

At the family dinner, Alex’s family gives him the OK to work at Zavatti as well. Andrea then tells them she wants them all to be equal partners in both restaurants, that way they both have equal stake in the restaurants succeeding. As they all toast to the restaurants success Marco comes in brandishing a gun.

Marco tells them he is waiting there until Louis gets there. Andrea sneakily dials someone on her cell phone and says “Louis isn’t coming here, to Bella, and I don’t appreciate having a gun pointed at me at dinner!”

Outside Bella, Louis contemplates going inside. Suzy calls him, and he doesn’t answer the phone. Suzy then gets into his car, and tells him his family will never want him back. Suzy tells Louis that he has no choice but to leave, and never come back.

George and Victoria visit Christoph and attack him, tying him to a chair. George tells Victoria he wants to kidnap Andrea, get the money, and then kill her. George tells Christoph that he is going to dispose of Andrea’s body in his apartment, and then kill him and make it look like Christoph was responsible. Christoph takes Victoria, and threatens to break her neck. George raises a gun to Christoph, and then changes his mind and goes after Christoph with his hands, beating him savagely to his death.

Later as he cleans the blood off of his hands, George tells Victoria they will get Andrea tomorrow, and when Louis brings them the money, they will kill them both!