Flash Point - Recap

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Cara and Marco meet the Russians on the docks. The Russians give Cara the heroine. Marco tests it, and then Cara gives him the okay to give the Russians the money. Once Serge has the money, Cara asks him to have some of his men load the crate of heroine into her van. When the men go to open the back on the van, FBI agents jump out of the back, and come from all angles with guns. Serge tells Cara “You will die for this!” As he is arrested Serge tells Cara that wherever she goes, she will be found and killed.

Andrea sits gagged and duct taped to a chair in Christoph’s apartment. She tries to free herself, and comes across Christoph’s dead body. Andrea begins to scream through her gag and George comes in, and tells her “Sunshine, This is the last day of your life!” George tells her that Christoph was uncooperative, and now is dead. George encourages Andrea to be as cooperative as possible, as he kisses her cheek.

George takes the gag off of Andrea’s mouth, and tells her that this is all her fault. When she tells him to go to hell, he tells her that he is already there. George tells her that this all began when she turned down his proposal publicly at the party. George tells her that they plan on using her as ransom to get Louis’s 8 million dollars. Victoria tells her that if Louis doesn’t show up with that money, she’s dead!

In the cooler, Alex gets colder by the second. He tries to call someone with his cell phone, but can’t get any service.

At Peter’s house, Peter, Rita, Louis, and Jessica have brunch. The two miss Andrea and Alex, but have brunch anyway. Louis apologizes to Peter for the way he’s treated him, and gives him his blessing for he and Rita. Rita tells everyone that she’s worried Alex and Andrea haven’t called or shown up yet. Peter tells her he will go to Andrea’s house, and see if they overslept. Jessica and Louis agree to go to the restaurant and see if they accidentally got caught up in redecorating.

In jail, Asher asks the guard for water. When the guard comes back with the water, Asher knocks him out, takes his keys, and gets himself out of his cell.

Louis and Jessica go to Zavatti and find the door unlocked. The go into the kitchen and hear Alex beating on the walk-in door. Once they let him out of the freezer, Alex tells them that George and Victoria locked him in the freezer, and took Andrea last night. As they are discussing what happened, George calls Louis and tells him that he needs to do exactly what he says if he ever wants to see Andrea alive again.

Peter arrives at the restaurant, and asks if they’ve called the police yet. Louis tells them he doesn’t think they should call the police, in case George has paid off another cop like he did Hawkins. Louis tells the family, “We’re on our own!”

George tells Louis to bring 8 million in cash to the docks, and to come alone. George tells Louis he killed Harold, and will have no problem killing Andrea. Victoria takes Andrea’s gag off so Louis can hear her and know she’s alive. When she yells, “You killed my father!” Victoria violently slaps her to silence her. After talking to Louis, George tells Victoria to go lie down, so he can have some alone time with Andrea.

After Louis hangs up the phone he tells Alex and Peter what George said. Louis tells them that he thinks George wants to kill Andrea, which could make getting her back very difficult. They decide to not involve the police in case George has paid off another detective, and instead go after George and Victoria on their own.

The FBI gives Cara and Marco information on their new lives. While they are talking an officer comes in and alerts them that Asher has been released. The FBI agents post 2 guards at the door, and leave. Later, Asher breaks in the room and threatens to kill Cara and Marco. Cara tells him that she will double his payment if he kills Louis. Asher agrees, and promises to make Louis suffer.

George approaches Andrea and tells her she smells nice. He picks her up and throws her down on the couch. He gets on top of her, when she protests he puts the gag back on her and kisses her cheek. He starts to touch her inappropriately, and tells her that she can do nothing to stop him!