Brothers - Recap

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George crawls on top of a bound and gagged Andrea. As he gropes her he tells her,"This was always a fantasy of mine. You. helpless. I'll be gentle" George starts to pull Andrea's skirt up, an she kicks him, knocking him into a table and breaking some glass. Victoria comes out, and tells George she needs to speak to him. In another room, she tells him she's concerned about the noise, and tells George to wait until they have they money, after they have the money he can do whatever he wants with Andrea. As they are talking Andrea frees herself an grabs a knife. When she goes after George, Victoria knocks her out with a pot.

The FBI agents question Cara and Marco about Asher. They agents don't understand why Asher would take out two officers to get to them, and then just talk to them. Cara tells them that Asher was upset about not receiving some money she owed him for a job.

At the spa, Jessica confronts Suzy about Andrea's disappearance. Jessica tells her that she knows she's involved in this, and she just wants Andrea back. Suzy throws a towel at Jessica. In retaliation, Jessica slaps Suzy. Suzy slaps her back, and the two fight briefly. After hurting Suzy's nose, Jessica leaves, telling Suzy that if she finds out she has anything to do with Andrea's disappearance, she is going to come back for her.

In bed, Cully kisses Erica's exposed belly. he asks her if she's thought of names for the baby, and the two discuss briefly before there is a knock at the door. When Cully answers the door, he finds Louis waiting outside. Louis asks Cully for a gun, and when Cully asks why, he tells him he needs to stay on the straight and narrow,and it's best that he doesn't know. Louis encourages Cully to not get involved in the situation, but asks for a gun. After some persistence, Louis finally tells Cully that George and Victoria have Andrea, and he wants to go get her back. Cully offers to go in as back-up, but Louis refuses.

Alex talks to Peter on the phone and tells him they're using decoy money to ransom Andrea. Peter urges him to be careful.

At the restaurant Alex and Jessica prepare some fake money to take to George and Victoria. Louis comes in, and they discuss the plan for getting Andrea back. Jessica asks to come along, and Louis tells her he doesn't want her to get hurt, since he doesn't know what George and Victoria's true plans are.

George and Victoria pull up to the docks to wait for Louis. Victoria comments that she's worried Andrea hasn't woken up yet. George tells her, "We're going to kill her anyway. What's the difference if she dies now or later?" George brings Andrea inside, and when she wakes up, tells her it is only appropriate that he gets to kill her. When Victoria comes in, George tells her that he wants Louis to see Andrea die. Victoria responds by telling George, "If it comes between the money or revenge, you better make the right choice!" the two fight, and George tells Victoria, "I am already killing two people today, it will be just as easy to kill three!"

After George leaves, Andrea tells Victoria she can help her. Andrea promises Victoria 4 million dollars, if she lets her go. Andrea tries to convince Victoria that George is going to kill her, if he gets the money.

At home, Peter and Rita discuss their worry for Alex and Louis. As they are talking Jessica knocks on the door, and asks to wait with them for word from Louis and Alex.

At the docks, Victoria sees George standing alone. She picks up a large piece of medal, and prepares knock him out. As she comes up behind him and raises the medal, he apologizes to her for threatening her.

Louis and Alex arrive at the shipyard. As they drive in, a car driven by Asher rams into them. When Asher gets out of his car, Louis tries to get Alex out of the car before he is shot. As Asher raises his gun, a car flies in and hits Asher, knocking him to the ground. Cully gets out of the car, happy to have saved Louis and Alex.

Later, Victoria checks on Andrea. Andrea has passed out, and Victoria is unable to revive her. Victoria describes Andrea as near death, and George yells at Victoria, "Once again you've ruined something for me!"

Cully gives Louis his car and wishes him the best in his attempt to get Andrea back. once Louis and Alex leave, Cully calls Detective Lin and asks for her help, telling her what is going on.

Cully gives Louis his car and wishes him the best in his attempt to get Andrea back. once Louis and Alex leave, Cully calls Detective Lin and asks for her help, telling her what is going on.

George calls the pay phone, telling Andrea if he doesn't pick up, then she dies. Louis arrives at the phone just after the last ring, and misses George's call. Excited that Louis is late, George raises his gun in preparation of killing Andrea. Victoria pleads with him to think about the money, and he instead raises his gun to her saying, "I've waited a long time for this!"