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Truly Content - Recap

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Tom is suffering from postpartum depression. Lynette is doing
everything she can to cheer him up. She makes his favorite meals, tells
her best jokes, even gets out her best lingerie - all to no avail. Tom
remains depressed. Finally, Lynette sends him to the Doctor. After a
20 minute consult, Tom returns home with a prescription for anti-anxiety
medication. Lynette thinks he should just tough it out, those pills
make her nervous. Tom says he can't go on like this, and he's going on
the pills. Lynette remembers a Doctor that Susan went to, who practices
holistic medicine. She says if Tom goes there and that Doctor says he
should be on those pills; fine. She will agree to whatever he recommends.

Tom comes home from his appointment with Dr. Ross a new man. Lynette is
so glad until she finds out what was prescribed: medical marijuana. She
is not amused.

Lynette, Susan, and Bree go over to Paul and Beth's house bearing a
basket of muffins. They invite her to join them in playing Texas
Hold'em. Beth is sorry she doesn't know how to play poker, but they
assure her they can teach her. The conversation ends suddenly when Paul
appears. Beth assumes that Paul would not want her to go, but she
assumes wrong. He wants her to go and feed them all sorts of useless
information. She asks why he wants her to befriend them, when he so
obviously does not like them. He says that in time it will become useful.

Carlos and a very sad Gabby are at the hospital, signing the papers
which will allow them to keep Juanita. In return, the hospital will
stop searching for the other family. The hospital representative tells
Gabby he knows how upset she must be. She says the only person who
could possibly know is the mom who is raising her daughter. She then
signs the papers.

Keith and Bree are looking at her newly-painted yellow dining room. She
thinks it is too yellow, but he assures her that when she is in a room,
nobody is looking at the walls anyway. Just as she is telling him he
sure knows how to sell yellow, the doorbell rings.

It's Lynette's college buddy, Renee. She figures that since both she
and Bree are going through a divorce, they should go hang at a bar
together. Bree thinks not. Renee tells her she's not going to find a
man without leaving home. Bree thinks she's wrong, as she sees Keith
from across the room. Renee says that if Bree is a beautiful, classy
woman who can find a man without leaving home, she doesn't think they
can be friends.

Susan is cleaning on camera in her lingerie to make money. Because
Susan got the most hits this month, Maxine gives her a bonus check.

Bree makes an amazing sandwich for Keith, which he is eating on the
tailgate of his truck. She is about to invite him for a weekend
getaway, when a red jeep pulls up and a cute young blond gets out. She
is Keith's girlfriend. Bree hides her shock pretty well, as they are
introduced. Keith asks Bree what she was saying before they were
interrupted, but she says it wasn't important and goes inside.

Renee's belongings are being unpacked from the moving truck. Bree
marches over to her and declares she's ready to begin the stud hunt.

Gabby is gazing wistfully at a picture Juanita hanging on the wall.
Bree asks her if she is alright and she says sure. They join the rest
of the poker-playing women. Beth is sharing her early life. Her dad
left when she was eight, and her mom had a lot of boyfriends. She asks
them to let her know if she is sharing too much, and Susan answers no,
she's fine. But then she whispers to Lynette's to "keep pouring the
chardonnay, she's cracking like an egg." She tells them how she was
drawn to Paul's eyes when she saw his picture in the paper. She said
she always knew he was innocent, and notices the looks on her neighbor
faces. She asks if he is innocent, and they all say yes.

Tom tries to prepare for the possible side effects of smoking pot. He
has Pink Floyd on his headphones, and an armful of munchies. He doesn't
know what to expect, as he has never smoked pot before. He signed the
abstinence pledge with his dungeons and dragons club. He tries to tease
Lynette's about joining him, but she strongly feels he should take this
seriously. She's apprehensive about the kids seeing him stoned, and he
says not to worry, and drops his sunglasses over his eyes.

When Tom leaves the room, she dumps his prescription down the drain and
substitutes oregano.

Mike and Susan's anniversary is on Saturday, and she wants to go to a
very nice restaurant. She says they've been working hard and they
deserve this. When Mike leaves the laundry room, Susan meets Stacy
Strauss, the woman she replaced as having the most hits. Stacy is quite
angry, as she believes Susan has been stealing her moves. Susan tries
to tell her she doesn't even watch the other girls perform, but Stacy
isn't buying it. As she leaves, she warns Susan to watch her back.

Tom gets completely wasted on oregano.

Susan and Gabby are shopping. Gabby thinks Susan is shopping outside of
her budget. Susan says she's selling a lot of her jewelry, which Gabby
is very surprised to hear. While Susan is trying on a silk dress, a
girl named Kiki approaches Gabby, thinking it's her mom. She looks like
Juanita. Gabby asks when her birthday is, and they leave. As they are
walking away, Gabby asks if she was born at the same hospital.
Everywhere she looks, she sees girls who could be her daughter.

Gabby goes to talk to Bob. She tells him she can't live like this, it's
like trying to live with her heart outside her body, not knowing where
her daughter is. She has information that the hospital didn't. The
baby's grandmother is from El Paso, and she was very excited about the
baby's baptism at Santa Maria's. Bob thinks that's good information,
and he has a private investigator that will do what he can.

Susan goes to pick up her pay, and sees the girls on camera. Stacy is
using her bit where the vacuum removes her apron. Susan tries telling
Maxine, but Maxine doesn't actually care. Susan takes Stacy's key from
Maxine's wall.

Renee arrives to pick up Bree. She's dressed to kill, and Bree is
dressed up like a librarian. Renee finally gets Bree into a little
black dress and they head out to the club. Now Bree looks like Audrey
Hepburn. Everybody at the club has already hooked up. Renee notices
fresh talent at the end of the bar. Bree tells her not to bother,
that's her contractor and he's taken. Renee goes anyway, and Bree
laughs. When the bartender asks her why, she explains. He tells her
that Stephanie dumped Keith that afternoon, and that's why he's here
drowning his sorrows. Keith and Renee go dance, and Bree goes to the
ladies room. When she comes back out, her hair is down and her dress is
on backwards (to create a newly plunging neckline). He's impressed by
her new look, but says he has to leave, he's working early and the boss
is a real stickler.

Renee says she's going home with Keith. Bree tells her he's fragile, as
he just broke up with his girlfriend. Renee says she'll be very gentle
when she unwraps him. Bree has a shot at preventing this when Renee asks
her if this is the guy she likes, but she says no. Renee goes ahead
with her plans.

Bree sees Keith's truck over at Renee's. She calls and tells him she has
a bit of an emergency. She then uses a golf club to remove the heads
from several of her sprinklers. When he arrives, she blames hooligans.
She apologizes for interrupting him at this time of night, but he says
he wasn't doing anything special anyway. To thank him, she offers to
cook him dinner on Thursday, and he accepts.

Stacy leaves, and Susan lets herself in. She tinkers with Stacy's vacuum.

Beth introduces herself to Mrs. McCluskey. She asks Karen if she knows
why nobody likes Paul. Karen says no, nobody tells her anything, and
walks away. Beth stops her. Karen says OK, fine; they think he's a
murderer. Beth says he was exonerated, Felicia framed him. Karen says
yes, for that crime, and Beth asks what she means. Karen explains that
Felicia's sister was murdered, and Paul is the number one suspect.

Susan get some popcorn and prepares to watch Stacy on camera. When
Stacy goes to the vacuum, it's in reverse and blows dust all over her.
Susan is very happy, until Stacy interrupts her show to confront her.
Things get physical, and Maxine interrupts because they're off camera.
Stacy get sent to her room for interrupting Susan's show. The site gets
so many hits that Maxine's router gets fried.

Renee confronts Bree about her roaming band of hooligans. She says that
nobody takes a man out of her bed. Since she's looking for a new hobby,
taking Bree down is as good as any.

Stacy arrives in the laundry room to apologize to Susan. She can't go
online again until she does so. Susan accepts her apology, and they
chat for a bit. Stacy wants to move home to Virginia, but even with all
the extra money, she still feels like she's living paycheck-to-paycheck.
Susan asks how long she's been doing this, and Stacy says it's going on
six years.

Susan tells Mike she wants to stay home on their anniversary. She says
they can celebrate when they move home again.

Beth is serving Paul his breakfast while he reads the morning paper. He
asks what the neighbors are saying about him, and she says they seem to
think he killed Martha, Felicia's sister. Paul says he's not a
murderer, but she reminds him that she fell in love with him when she
thought he was.

Tom finds Carlos on his front stops, looking depressed. He says it's
been a tough couple of weeks. Tom offers to relieve some of his stress
by sharing his pot. Carlos immediately discovers that it's oregano.
Tom doesn't believe him at first, but then he confronts Lynette. He is
upset and feels betrayed, but she apologizes and they work it out.

Gabby's phone rings. It's Bob, and they found the other family. He
hasn't called them yet, as he wants to make sure she understands that
once they know, it will change her family forever. She says call them,
and hangs up. She calls Juanita in so they can put on makeup together.
She tells Juanita she's getting so grown up. Soon she'll go to
college, get married. Juanita says she's not getting married, she
doesn't want to leave them ever. She promises Juanita that no matter
what ever happens she will always love her to the moon and back.

Bob tells Carlos that he just called a new family, and it got pretty
intense. He needs to sit down with Carlos and Gabby. Carlos goes in
and lets Gabby have it with both barrels. He says they decided and she
says no, he decided. Then he rushed her into signing the papers. He
tells her something she clearly didn't consider: the other family might
want their daughter back, and if they do, then Juanita is lost to them.
If that happens, he will never forgive her.