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The Thing That Counts is What's Inside - Recap

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Carlos Solis loves Gabby more than anything, even though she is vain,
selfish, and spoiled. But when Gabby is vulnerable, he loves her just a
little bit more.

Carlos asks Gabby if she's okay, and she nods and asks if this is where
they are meeting the parents who gave birth to Juanita. Their daughter's
name is Grace. They chat with the dad as they go to meet her. The dad
thinks they maybe should do a blood test, as he can't believe that they
actually switched the girls. When they arrive at the table, Grace is
having a snit because she can't wear that jacket with these shoes.
Carlos recognizes the Gabby mini-me.

Carlos and Gabby chat with Hector and Carmen, Grace's parents. Carmen
looks jealous, and angry. The men think that the families should try to
spend some time together, so everybody can spend some time with their
biological offspring. Gabby notes that Grace looks just like her when
she was that age, and Hector says Juanita looks just like his mother.
Grace runs up and asks for money for ice cream, but Carmen says no,
since she just ate. Gabby says it's hot, let her have it; it'll be her
treat. They bond over Gabby's purse, and Grace asks how much it was.
Carmen scolds her. Carlos compliments them on how well they did raising
Grace. Juanita runs up and asks for money, and when Gabby asks her
what's the magic word, she says "I don't know; hurry?" Juanita behaves
like a spoiled brat.

Susan and Mike burn his truck loan papers. Maxine shows up and flirts
with Mike. When they are alone together, she tells Susan she needs to
quit. She has a couple of partners, and they want to advertise the site
heavily. Susan doesn't want anybody knowing what she's doing, so she's
going to work up until the point the publicity starts. She'll take extra
shifts, whatever she can so she can get as much money as possible before
the money train stops running. Maxine tells her she's going to miss her.

Lynette is telling the baby that she understands she's unhappy, she
screamed all the way through the store. The baby finally stopped crying,
and the phone rings. It's the store, she forgot her license. She thinks
she'll have to haul the baby back out and have more screaming time, but
Penny says she should leave the baby home, with her. Lynette doesn't
think it's a good idea, but Penny points out that she leaves the baby
with the boys, and they don't change her diaper until it weighs as much
as Paige does. Lynnette comes home and the baby is sleeping. Penny says
she'll continue watching Paige so Lynette can get a shower, or maybe
even a bath.

Paul and Beth are chatting. Her back hurts, and she's out of aspirin.
Paul tells her that it wouldn't if she didn't insist on sleeping on the
couch every night. Lee arrives and tells Paul he's the proud new owner
of his old house. Beth had no idea. Paul tells Lee they can talk later.
Lee gives Paul his keys, a calendar, and a kitchen magnet with Lee's
face on it. After he leaves, Beth asks Paul why he bought that house,
since their lease wouldn't be up for a year. He tells her he thought it
would be a good investment. He doesn't feel the need to discuss it any
further. Beth plays the wife card, but Paul says she's only his wife
during the day; at night, she turns into a house guest.

Keith tells Bree not to look at the shutters, they're not done yet. She
asks what's the big secret about their date Friday night. He says he's
not telling, but he is pretty stoked. She wipes a little paint off his

Lynette comes out front and finds Renee spying on Bree and Keith. Renee
wonders why he would want Bree when he could have her. Renee says Bree
is way too old for Keith, and Lynette informs her they are the exact
same age. Renee tries to claim she's 30-something, so Lynette reminds
her that they were college roommates. Lynette says that when Bree used
to go out with her grandkid, people would think he was her son. Renee is
quite happy to receive that little tidbit of information.

Lynette can't go to the poker game since Paige threw up on Gabby's
couch. Penny offers to babysit, and Lynette is sorely tempted, as she
only got two hours of sleep last night. Penny enjoys babysitting, and
Lynette will be right next door.

At the poker party, Gabby shows the women a picture of her daughter,
Grace. She tells them the whole story. She doesn't want anybody to know,
and they agree to complete discretion. She fills them in on how she and
Grace bonded over her Chanel bag, so she bought Grace a starter Chanel.
The rest of the women look a bit surprised or shocked, but not Renee.
She declares Gabby the best mom ever.

Beth looks out the window and sees Paul is over at his old house. She
joins him. He asks her to leave, but she insists on staying and talking.
He remembers the good times, and sees what it looked like then. He says
he was loved in this house, and they had a real marriage. Beth tells
Paul that his keeping secrets doesn't make things any easier. He says
Beth is right, there should be no secrets between them. Secrets are why
this house is empty right now.

Keith arrives for his date with Bree, and he's holding tickets to the
Black Eyed Peas concert. Bree acts excited, but it's obvious she has no
idea who they are. When Keith asks, she says she does like them. The
doorbell rings, and it's Bree's daughter Danielle and Danielle's son,
Benjamin. He brought Bree a present, which he says are slippers because
she has bad circulation. She asks him to stop calling her grandma. Keith
cancels their date because there is nothing more important than family.

Danielle notes that Bree seems fine. When Renee called, she said that
Bree was in pretty rough shape after Orson left, so she sent first-class
tickets so they could come see her.

Susan is caught in traffic, and sees a billboard for the company she
works for, va-va-va-broom.com. When the last third is unfurled, it turns
out to be a picture of Susan. She tries to stop the workmen by telling
them she doesn't want her friends and family to see it. The worker tells
her that with a body like that, nobody's even going to notice she has a
head. She hangs off the poster as it's going up, and tears off the
bottom half, landing hard on the ground.

Paul swings through to talk to Mrs. McCluskey. He asks her if she's
interested in selling her home, and she says no. Paul pushes, saying
that she should unload the place while she still has the upper hand.
Right now, she's sharp as a tack. He makes a few subtle threats, but
she's not phased.

Lynette drops Paige on Penny and goes jogging. Penny says she has a big
test today, and cannot be late. Lynette promises to be back in 15. Bree
asks to talk to her when she returns, before she goes inside. Lynette
goes to Bree's, forgetting about Penny and Paige. Bree fills her in on
Danielle and Benjamin being delivered first class, and Lynette says that
is vintage Renee. Bree says that Renee is taking Keith out for dinner
tomorrow night. She knows, because Keith called to ask her if it would
be okay. Of course she said yes. Lynette tells her she needs to fight
back. After a bit of thought, she remembers that Renee freaks out over
the Wizard of Oz. More specifically, the Munchkins. Little people give
her the heebie-jeebies. Lynette finally realizes she's late for
springing Penny for school. When she gets home, there's a note saying
she went to school. Lynette runs upstairs and finds the crib empty.
Penny is on the school bus, telling the kids to stop breathing on her

When Lynette arrives at school, all the secretaries are giving her dirty
looks. She gets sent to the principal's office. The principal brings
Lynette up to speed. Turns out Penny's been bringing the baby monitor to
bed with her so she can stay on top of the feedings. She fell asleep in
social studies yesterday. She's exhausted. Lynette promises she'll work
things out with Penny.

Gabby arrives to talk to Grace. Carmen says they agreed they'd call, not
just drop by. Gabby says she was in the neighborhood and asks if Grace
is home. Carmen says no. Gabby asks her to give the purse to Grace, and
Carmen refuses. She tells Gabby she would like to give her children nice
things, but they can't afford luxuries; they can barely afford the
staples. Gabby offers to help, and Carmen tells her they need to be who
they are, not who she is. She says good-bye, and tells Gabby to call
next time, before closing the door.

Susan confronts Maxine, she's desperate. She fears Mike will see the
billboards. Maxine says she'll make a call.

Penny gets home, and she thinks Lynette is going to be mad at her.
Lynette tells her she didn't do anything wrong, mom did. Lynette tells
her she appreciates all her help. Penny says she likes the mommy Lynette
is when she gets a little break. Lynette tells her that Penny's job is
to watch television and eat way too much candy, and mom's job is to make
sure all Penny does is her job. Tom overhears the tail end of the
conversation. He tells her that was sweet. She says she needs a nanny.
Tom offers to pitch in more, but Lynette calls that a lovely, hollow
offer that he'll never back up. She reiterates her need for a nanny.

Carlos confronts Gabby about buying Grace a $1400 purse. She tells him
to lighten up; it's not like she got her the matching wallet. He asks
what Carmen said, and Gabby said she went all 'Grapes of Wrath' on her,
because God forbid that woman let her daughter have nice things. Carlos
says this is exactly what he was afraid of. And if Gabby spooks these
people, they can take Grace away from them forever.

Beth asks how Karen is doing, and she says she's great, sorry to burst
Beth's bubble. Beth doesn't know what Karen is talking about. Karen
tells her that she had her annual physical, she's in great shape and
she'll be around for years so Beth can tell that vulture husband of hers
that he'll have to pick at someone else's carcass.

Beth is making dinner when Paul gets home. She asks him about if he
talked to anybody, and he lies to her.

Keith and Renee are out for dinner. A midget goes past the entry way,
and she gets a strange look on her face, Keith picks up on it. He goes
past again, and the same thing happens. Keith asks what is going on, and
she tells him there was an incident at the circus when she was a child,
and ever since then - a midget arrives at their table and says hi, and
Renee climbs onto the back of the booth in a panic. She throws a coat
over him to make him disappear. Keith is embarrassed, removes the coat
and apologizes to the gentleman.

As he's leaving the restaurant, he swings through and fills Bree in on
what just happened. He said he was happy to help out, and he'd see her
in church.

Susan finds out it will take $9,000 to make those billboards go away.
Maxine's partners said they wouldn't put them up, but they refuse to eat
the cost. Maxine asks how Mike would react if he saw the money missing.
Susan tells her she hadn't even thought of that. Maxine says Susan could
make the money back, and fast; but she'd have to be willing to be more
racy on camera.

A shadowy figure picks up the face portion of Susan's billboard and
walks away with it.

Renee confronts Bree. She wonders how Keith will react when he finds out
Bree was behind the incident at the restaurant last night. Bree figures
about the same as when he finds out about how Renee derailed their date.
Keith pulls in, and Renee says they should confront him. Bree doesn't
want to put him on the spot like that. Renee starts to, but Bree
interrupts and tells Keith he should choose between forest green or
brown for the trim. He picks forest green. Bree sends him to the store
to get the paint and tells Renee he's all hers. She doesn't get his
references, she can't stay up late like he does. She doesn't want to be
a joke, the desperate, predatory divorcee that people make fun of. Renee
asks if Bree means like her, and Bree says yes. Renee says people make
fun of them because they are jealous that they have the guts to go after
what they want. She asks Bree if she thinks Keith will make her happy.
When Bree says she thinks so, Renee hands him over. Bree asks why she's
being so nice, and Renee says based on her dinner under the rainbow last
night, she'd rather have Bree as a friend than an enemy. Bree tells
Keith to hang on; she will join him.

Carlos and Hector are having a beer on the front steps at the Solis
house. Hector thanks him and says maybe next time, they can go to his
house. Juanita and Carmen are cooking together, and Gabby and Grace take
a tour of the house. They look in Gabby's jewelry box, and Grace says
she can't wait until she grows up, so she can have beautiful things. She
picks up a necklace that Gabby bought with her first big modeling check.
She tells Grace that she wants her to have it. Grace is afraid her mom
will get mad, so Gabby says they'll make it their little secret. Grace
says she wants a purse like Gabby's someday, and Gabby says she'll make
sure Grace gets it.

Susan pays off Maxine to stop the billboards from happening.