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Down The Block There's a Riot - Recap

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Mary Alice talks about "the wrong kind of people" - convicts. Paul
springs a bunch of them on Wisteria Lane. Lynette confronts Paul, since
the housing association hasn't voted yet. Paul told the men that if they
helped get the place ready, he could get them transferred here from skid
row. Lynette is furious and tells him it'll never happen. Paul thinks it
will be lovely that the men will be living somewhere that children play
on their front lawns, and people don't lock their doors at night.

Lynette, Bree, Susan and Gaby meet and talk about the halfway house.
They decide they have to shore up the neighborhood. Paul knows what
they're up to, and he doesn't care. Mary Alice says he should, though;
he's apparently forgotten what ordinary men and women are capable of
when it comes to protecting those they love from "the wrong kind of people".

Mary Alice notes that it was just before sunrise on Wisteria Lane, when
a cab arrived and a woman departed. The woman is Mitzi, who Paul was
pressuring at the meeting last week. It would appear that she sold. Bree
wakes up to get the morning paper and is surprised by Keith, on bended
knee. He doesn't want her waking up without him next to her anymore. She
interrupts his proposal. It's just too soon. She drops to one knee and
returns the proposal. She asks him to move in.

Lynette asks Andrew if he'd sell, and he says no. The head of the next
neighborhood over's home association approaches Lynette. He tells her
they went through the same thing last year, and they want to help. She
remembers it well. Didn't the hippy who wanted to start a halfway house
for recovering addicts get beat up by one of the neighbors? Yes, but
that was his mistake. He crossed an ex-green beret. Besides, the press
made it sound way worse than it was. Lynette is nervous and starts to
walk away, but he tells her to just say the word. If she does, he will
have the homeowners association of ten different streets show up at the
next meeting. If nothing else, it'll scare the daylights out of Paul.
She thanks him, but tells him they think they already handled the
situation in a more civilized manner.

Susan is filling Mike in on Renee's feelings for Tom. "The one who got
away". Mike can't focus on the subject at hand, since he's been in
Alaska for well over a month and Susan looks amazing. She hopes she's
making too much of it. Tom's a good guy, right? Mike says even the good
ones will make a mistake when the situation is right. Susan says that's
a good point, she just wishes Mike hadn't made it from 2000 miles away.
Mike says not to worry. The only female he's seen has had antlers. Mike
advises Susan not to tell Lynette.

Juanita finds Gaby crying over Grace's picture. She says that Gaby's
been having a lot of sad days, since Grace left. Gaby says she misses
all of them, not just Grace. Gaby tells Juanita to give back the diamond
necklace she was playing dress-up with, and snaps at her not to play in
Gaby's room anymore. Juanita snaps back fine. And she liked Gaby better
when she was crying.

Lynette goes to confront Mitzi, but she's the woman who left in the cab.
Now they know that Paul won. Lynette confronts Lee, because maybe he and
Paul convinced her to sell, and then stashed her away some place. He's
offended at that thought. Lynette could care less. None of this would
have happened if Lee hadn't been so money-hungry. If he gets voted down,
people might forgive Lee in time. But if the halfway house opens, nobody
will. Ever.

When Lee gets inside, Paul calls and tells him to look out his window,
where Paul is waving. Lee is going to hang up, but Paul continues the
conversation. Mitzi sold her house to Paul. Since the whole neighborhood
now hates Lee, Paul has a proposition for him.

Gaby arrives at Lynette's as the latter is leaving a voice message for

Gaby is desperate to talk to Lynette. It can't be anybody else, even if
Lynette is busy. She's the only one Gaby can talk to. She's the only one
who lost a baby. The therapist made a good suggestion. She tells Gaby to
write a letter about how much she loves her, how glad she is that she
found her, etc. When she's halfway done writing it, Carlos calls, asking
for his keys. When she runs downstairs to give them to him, Juanita
slides out from under the bed. She puts back Gaby's jewelry, and then
reads the letter.

Richard confronts Keith about moving in with Bree. She turned down his
proposal, and this is the compromise. He figures they'll do this for a
couple of months, and then move forward. Richard plants doubts, since he
has feelings for her himself. Keith finally tells Richard he's getting
angry, and he should back off. Richard does so.

The housing association meeting has begun. Paul asks if he can make an
announcement while they wait. He says that the mayor of Fairview will be
there on Friday to present him with an award for outstanding public
service. Carlos asks what for, and Paul says the halfway house. Who
sold? At home, Lee and Bob are talking. Lee says they shouldn't have
sold. But Bob says it would have been very noble to stand by the
neighbors, and very stupid. Mitzi is gone, so she wouldn't have been
around for the neighbors to pummel. So they would have taken their anger
out on Lee.

A cab pulls up, and Mitzi gets out. It was a setup. She got called for a
job in the city. When Lee believed she sold, he sold. Paul won. The
whole crew walks out, approaching and confronting Lee.

Tom's on the phone when Renee arrives. She wonders what's going on in
the neighborhood. Some van just pulled up, and a bunch of weird people
got out. Tom tells her that that is a school bus, and those are
children. Renee still doesn't like the way they are looking at her. She
asks Tom to come over and install a deadbolt on her door. He says he
will, and Susan looks worried. She fills Tom in on Renee's drunken
ramblings. He almost walks away clear, but Susan throws out that the man
in question is Tom. Renee still loves him. He tells Susan he has no
feelings for her. Susan is not so sure. A beautiful woman who loves him
is 100 yards away, and her breasts are 95 yards away. Why would he want
that temptation? Tom says he didn't ask her to move here, and Susan
knows that. But maybe it's time he asked her to leave.

Bree is getting Keith all moved in and situated. He's concerned about
what his dad said. He wants her to wear his ring, and she says it's too
soon. She's not ready to make that kind of promise. Keith decides that's
a problem. He doesn't want to be her transition guy. He's repeating
verbatim the things that Richard said. In fact, he thinks they're a
mistake. He takes his jacket and walks out.

Lynette talks to the homeowners dude that confronted her on the street.
He tells her he promises they will stop Paul. Everybody is painting
signs and rallying the troops to stop the halfway house. One of her sons
wants to know where the cons will go if they can't come here. He makes
several good points about what is happening here. She says they are
thinking about their neighborhood, and children, and he returns
"ourselves?" Lynette thinks sure, some of them may be good guys, but
some are really bad guys. Parker thinks that if we don't even try to
help them, then how can 'we' call ourselves the good guys? He's given
Lynette something to think about.

Richard shows up at Bree's. He apologizes for the end of her
relationship with Keith and she thanks him, but wonders why he's there.
He says he knows she has a lot of work that needs doing. Fortunately,
he's the one who taught Keith everything he knows. He turns on the
charm. He'll have all the work done by the end of the week, but if she
wants to thank him, she can find him something cold to drink.

Paul and Beth meet the mayor. He takes the mayor on a tour of the facility.

Bree finds a strange man in her house. He claims to think it's the
halfway house, but Bree tells him it's next door. He says they're going
to be neighbors. Richard arrives and the man's attitude changes. He
leaves. Bree is nerve struck. Richard gives her a hug from the back
because she's shaking, but then kisses her hair. He says he's wanted to
do that for a long time. She shoves him away and tells him he's going to
have to leave. Richard says he made an error in judgment. He just wants
to finish the work. She reiterates that he needs to get out, and he does
the same: He will leave when he's finished.

Some convicts are picketing, as well as the other neighborhoods home
associations. The 'good guys' have violence in mind, though.

Tom tells Renee they need to talk. NOW. She's so embarrassed that Susan
knows the truth. She denies still having feelings for Tom.

Gaby finds Juanita with the letter she wrote to Grace. She knows Grace
is Gaby's daughter. Juanita shoves Gaby away, saying Gaby isn't her mom.
She runs out of the house, but Gaby can't find her because of the mob
outside on Wisteria Lane. When the mayor is announced, Lynette and her
gang start chanting "save our street". Lee and Bob are packing to leave.
Lee has a pistol in his bag.

Renee confronts Susan about her suggestion that Renee move. Renee says
it's not going to happen. Susan says she's not going to stand by and let
Renee destroy Lynette's marriage. Susan pulls away, and Renee follows
her. When Keith arrives, Richard tells him he's done. He gets inside,
and Bree tells him there was an 'incident' with his father.

When the mayor says Paul's name, the crowd erupts. Gaby finds Carlos and
tells him Juanita knows about Grace, and she's somewhere in this mob.
She'll tell him how she found out later, but Carlos needs to help Gaby
find their daughter now. As they separate and call for their daughter,
Bob and Lee get in their car to leave. Juanita is in the back.

Keith pulls his dad out of his car and starts shoving him, then punches
him. The association leader yells that one of the cons (Keith) is
beating up a guy (Richard). They mob and beat him. When Bree tries to
intercede, she is shoved aside. The homeowners association people start
throwing fruit and vegetables. Renee confronts Susan again, telling her
that if she informs Lynette of her feelings for Tom, it will destroy her.

Bree fires a gun in the air to get the men to stop beating on Keith. The
crowd hears the gunshot. She swings around with the gun still level, and
the mob riots to get away. Lynette is caught in the crush of bodies, as
is Susan. Gaby and Carlos continue to scream for their child. Gaby is
pinned against a vehicle and crawls under it to get away. People are
running over Susan, who was knocked to the ground.

Lee and Bob are going to go back in the house, but Juanita asks them to
please not leave her. The bad guys are going to destroy the halfway
house, and Lynette can't stop them. Mitzi sees Lee and Bob and yells
that it's them. They're the ones who sold. Their vehicle is attacked.
Lee crawls in the back and holds Juanita. Gaby sees Juanita is in the
car when somebody breaks in the back window with a baseball bat. She
goes and gets her, Carlos in hot pursuit.

Lynette confronts Paul. He tells her this is all on her. Those are her
friends acting like animals out there. What makes them better than a
bunch of ex-cons? Bob and Lee are being brutally attacked, and Lynette
intercedes. Renee and Ton find Susan, wounded and unconscious on the
ground. Bree helps Keith into the house. Carlos and Gaby cling to their
daughter. Lee thanks Lynette.

The next morning, Paul is shot in the street, hopefully to death.