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Flashback - Recap

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Paul hasn't seen his son Zach in years. Zach used his inheritance on
drugs, women and gambling. Now Zach's house is in foreclosure, and Paul
is determined to do whatever he has to, so that they may be reunited. He
goes to ask Mike for help.

Yes, Paul knows. "You hate me and I hate you. Now that we're done with
our traditional greeting, can I tell you what I want." Mike listens. He
wants help finding Zach. The mansion his grandfather left him is in
foreclosure. Mike says he doesn't know where Zach is, but even if he
did, why would he do Paul any favors? Paul tells him why. Zach's the one
who shot him. He knows, because the police showed him the gun. It was
the same one Mary Alice killed herself with. Zach's always been a
strange boy. Paul wants to keep this in the family, so he's not going to
the police. Mike still won't talk, so Paul asks him to relay a message.
He knows what his son did, and he's very disappointed. Paul doesn't even
pull away before Mike is on the phone to Zach. Zach won't pick up,
though. He's semi-conscious and face-to-face with several lines of cocaine.

Keith comes home bearing pizza, as Amber watches from the yard. Bree
doesn't know why he brought home pizza, when she's making grilled
salmon. Keith said he brought home pizza because she's making grilled
salmon. She should try it, but Bree can't stand the thought. Seriously,
she has better tasting food under her refrigerator. She fends off the
advancing pizza with a kiss. The phone rings, and it's Amber. She wants
to see her right away, so Bree claims Lynette needs her.

Amber says a personal check will take five days to clear. Is there
anyway Bree can get her a cashier's check so she can have the funds as
quickly as she needs them? Not a problem. They can meet at the
restaurant across from the bank tomorrow at 2:00. Amber is relieved and
grateful. She knows Keith doesn't want to meet Charlie, but he should at
least know what his son looks like. She gives Bree a picture.

Susan has a 3-4 year wait ahead of her. She has her beeper. She tells
the doctor four years is a long time, and he doesn't answer. She runs
into Monroe Carter, a guy from high school. He used to sit behind her in
chem lab. He friended her on Facebook twelve times, but she never
answered. He asks what's new. So she tells him about chemo, kidney - the
whole shebang. She says she'll see him at their class reunion if she's
still alive.

Lynette has coffee with Frank and her mom. They seem very happy
together. Saturday, Frank wants to take a family portrait with Tom and
the kids. Nobody in his first three families is speaking to him, and he
wants to get this one right (so he can rub it in their miserable faces).
Lynette tries to beg off, so Frank attempts to bribe her with $500. Her
mom sends Frank for his heart medicine, and he tells her to do what she
has to do to make this happen, but he's not going over a grand. After he
walks away, her mom says Frank is rewriting his will. Lynette refuses to
change her answer for money. If he wants the picture, they can come to
her house. Stella says fine, she'll talk to him.

Gabby is at therapy, talking about her modeling days. She adamantly
refuses to speak honestly about her childhood. She does admit that her
dad died when she was young, and her mom remarried. She can't see
discussing what can't be changed. She insists she's shallow and there's
nothing below the surface. The therapist tells her she doesn't have to
be afraid to talk about her childhood.

She goes home and tells Carlos she loves therapy, it's helping her. He
asks about the doll, and Gabby says he can't ask, it's confidential.
That's the first rule of therapy. Actually, the first rule of therapy is
"no wine", but she's going to change that one. Carlos is very happy for
her. She's going three times a week, and she'll need Carlos to cover her
duties. If he wants her to get better, he has to cancel golf and do her

Bree joins Amber and Charlie, since she couldn't find a sitter. She
tries to leave with Charlie, but he refuses to leave since he hasn't
finished his pizza. Amber reverses course. Bree can watch Charlie while
she runs to the bank. After Amber leaves, he goes to play games.

Susan arrives at the hospital after she was beeped. Her old high school
acquaintance is a match. She can't believe it, and doesn't know what to
say, and he says "Thank you" would be a good start. He just wants to
help, and she thanks him. What does he need to do to get a hug, give her
a lung? Susan hugs him.

Bree is watching Charlie shoot hoops, and Keith arrives. Bree cops to
being a secret pizza lover. Charlie asks for more quarters, and she
tells Keith she's watching him as a favor to a friend.She doesn't have
any more change, so he asks Keith. Keith gives him some pointers, while
Bree enjoys watching their interaction. He leaves, and Charlie calls
goodbye after him. Keith calls back and tells Charlie to remember him
when he's with the Lakers.

Tom tells the kids that they're taking this "stupid picture" for their
grandmother's sake. Frank insults the drive over and an asian woman
driver, then insists on rearranging the furniture for the picture.
Lynette tries to stop them, but Stella begs with her eyes. She then
tells Frank it was too heavy, and he's all red. He refers to the twins
as "The girls" who didn't help him lift. They take the picture, but
Frank's eyes were closed. He's dead.

Stella stops Lynette from calling the coroner. The will doesn't take
effect until tomorrow. If they wait, she'll inherit millions. If they
don't, Stella will be a financial burden. Lynette hangs up the phone.

Mike thinks over his chat with Zach. He jokes about Mike wanting money,
but everybody else got there first. The chat took place when Paul got
out of prison, and Mike and Susan rented their house out to him. Zach's
shocked and angry that Paul did so many horrible things, and is walking
free. He asks Mike to leave so he can process.

Lynette sneaks up and moans in Tom's ear, then laughs hysterically when
he reacts. He's totally creeped out by Frank sitting in their house.
Nine kids, 14 grandchildren, and he never talks to any of them. Tom says
it's money, it changes people. She tricks him again and Tom says "NOT
FUNNY" and stomps out.

Carlos takes a call about what kind of therapy Gabby is going to want.
He says whatever they've been doing seems to be working. The woman
calling rattles off all the treatments the spa has to offer, and Carlos
realizes that treatment can mean many things. He shows up at the spa and
starts rubbing Gabby's shoulders. She's busted. He talked to her doctor,
she hasn't been back since the first session. Why not. She tries to
minimize, but Carlos has his way. She's going back to see her doctor.

Stella tells the funeral home person that Frank came down to watch TV
just after midnight and they didn't find him until this morning. He puts
time of death at 3:00 and tells her he's sorry for her loss.

Stella is a millionaire and she's celebrating. She wants to know what
she can buy everybody. Lynette says everybody needs to show some
respect, and the kids drop their heads. Tom tells Lynette they should
probably figure out what to do "about that belly." She glares at him.

Mike shows up at Zach's. He is paranoid and has a knife pointed at Mike.
He tells Zach that Paul said he shot him, and Zach admits it. Mike wants
to send Zach to rehab, despite his protestations that he's not using.
Mike knows what he's seeing, he's been there. He doesn't know why he
dumped the gun at Bree's, it was stupid. He blames Mike for letting that
monster, Paul, raise him. He yells at Mike to leave, and he does.

Monroe is at Susan's. She gives him a gift, a crystal heart. He says in
high school, he always dreamed she'd give him her heart. He brought her
a gift too. It's a stalker scrapbook, all the pictures of Susan that
didn't make the yearbook. There are also items that he fished out of the
garbage. Susan finally realizes that Monroe isn't normal.

Stella comes home wearing a fur coat and bearing packages. She gives
Lynette a very expensive piece of jewelry. She wants all the kids to
come see her on Sunday. She was supposed to come there, but she insists
they come to her, even though it's a school night. It's formal night,
she expects the boys to wear jackets and ties. She claims she's not
blackmailing them, but if Lynette doesn't go, she'll ask one of her sisters.

Bree tells Keith the truth.

Lee, Susan and Renee chat about Monroe. She tells them he's doing this
selfless thing, but they find the scrapbook and see that he's a stalker.
They advise her not to accept his kidney, because she'll never get rid
of him.

Carlos and Gabby are en route to her therapy appointment. She claims she
doesn't feel well. She goes to the bathroom, and right out the window -
where Carlos is waiting for her. She will see anyone or do anything, but
she will NOT talk about her childhood. She told Carlos, and they agreed
never to talk about it again, but he knows. She hasn't left it behind.
She needs to deal. He wants her to try. She asks him to come in with
her, and he says yes.

She tells the therapist that she feels a need to protect children
because nobody protected her. Her stepfather molested her.

Mike pulls up and tells Paul to get in. He doesn't know why, but Mike
tells him he knows where Zach is. He didn't want to tell Paul, because
he didn't know what he'd do to Zach. But whatever it is, he now realizes
it can't possibly be worse than what Zach is doing to himself. Paul
remains recalcitrant. Mike says he's their son, and he needs them.
(note: Mike is Zach's birth father. His mom gave the baby to Mary Alice
and she and Paul raised Zach.) Paul gets in the truck.

Susan goes to do laundry and finds that Monroe is moving into the
building. She tells him it feels a little stalky. He says he's giving
her a kidney. She tells him she's married. She shows him a picture and
says there's no room for anybody else in that picture. Just her, Mike
and MJ. She knows he wants to be more than friends, and she's married.
If he wants to give her a kidney, no strings attached, she'd be happy
to accept it. But if there are strings, then no. He says no. He can't do
it. He thought this was how he could have Susan, but if he can't have
her, she can't have his kidney. He leaves.

Paul and Mike arrive at Zach's.