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Searching - Recap

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Gabby starts her day by correcting Lee's parenting skills. He shouldn't
make her practice the violin, kids never learn anything when you make
them do stuff. There's a lot of name-calling and door slamming - and the
kid gets upset, too! Jenny wanted to learn how to play violin, so he's
helping her stick with it. Gabby gets hers handed back to her when Lee
asks what Juanita will be doing in the school talent show. Game on.

Gabby goes home and asks Juanita what she's doing in the school talent
show. Juanita performs arm farts for her.

Mary Alice notes that life can be without meaning or pleasure if we
don't have someone to love. Beth watched Paul through the living room
window, since he threw her out of the house. She lets herself in and
happily announces that she's back from the store. Paul is startled,
since he expected her to stay gone. She refuses to hear him, and Paul
becomes more angry. He mentions Felicia, and Beth grabs it like a life
rope to a drowning woman. Yes, her mother! That's who he's actually mad
at, she's the one who lied about Paul. Paul tells her it wasn't all a
lie. He did kill her aunt.

Gabby takes Juanita to a closet full of stuff that she begged them to
buy her so she could indulge her interests. She promptly lost interest,
and they were stuck with all this stuff. She wants Juanita to choose one
talent for the show. Juanita wants to stick with arm farts, so Gabby
decides. Tap it is. Juanita stuck with it for two months, and she'll be
performing in the talent show. Gabby insists Juanita practice two hours
every day until she nails it. Juanita says she'll tell jokes instead. "A
Jewish guy and a Mexican walk into a bar ..." "No."

Reverend Sykes joins Bree for tea. He takes a bite from a scone and asks
if she killed someone? Bree is flummoxed. The reverend explains that the
better the baked goods, the more anguished her soul. She says she feels
like Job. Like God has taken everything away from her. Her business, her
marriage, her kids, now Keith. He tells her that looking back at what
we've lost is not a good way to go through life. Bree needs to step
outside herself, and see what she can do for others.

Renee and Lynette are in Porter and Preston's room. Lynette packs, while
Renee reads a magazine. Lynette tells Renee that she doesn't have any
kids, so she doesn't get it.

Susan's doctor tells her that her dialysis isn't working. She needs her
transplant as soon as possible. She should do her bucket list right
away. When they get in the elevator, Susan tells Mike she wants to have
their anniversary celebration now, not wait until July.

Susan tells Lynette, Bree and Gabby the bad news. They don't think she's
done enough to find a donor. They'll help. If it's a one-in-one thousand
chance, then they'll ask a 1000 people. Susan refuses, saying she can't
ask anyone to make that sacrifice for her. She goes to get more coffee,
and Bree says she's going to make this happen.

All the neighbors say no to Bree.

Renee tells Lynette she wants a baby. One of her own. Preferably a boy.
She has an appointment with an adoption agency. Lynette starts rambling
about how tough it is and Renee says sure it is. But that's because
you've made it a lot harder than it has to be. Lynette builds her life
around her kids. Renee is going to work her child into her life. Lynette
bites her tongue, and instead suggests that Renee babysit Paige some
night. Test drive, in effect; before she makes a commitment. Renee
thinks she's going to be a natural. She also wants to know if Paige eats

Susan and Mike go on their anniversary picnic. She wants a fun, normal
day. No talk of illness or kidneys. He leaves the basket on the roof,
and it falls off as they drive away.

Juanita gets home and commences whining about tap class. When she goes
up to change, Carlos confronts Gabby about why she's pushing Juanita so
hard. When he realizes this is a competition with Bob and Lee, Gabby
half-lies that he's wrong. Her smirk gives the truth away.

Susan and Mike got takeout food, but the place forgot the french fries.
Mike overreacts. They decide to renew their vows, and Mike begins but is
disconcerted by a crow. He starts throwing things at it, and actually
hits one of the birds.

Bree had a brunch for the neighborhood. She has a kidney transplant
coordinator speak to everyone. One of the neighbors says she'll go in
next week, and Bree calls in a nurse to test everyone now. Lynette and
Gabby back Bree.

Beth goes and sees her mom. Felicia tells Beth she can't let her back in
her life, she's failed her in every possible way. Beth tells her that
Paul confessed. Since Beth didn't get it on tape, and he didn't write it
down, it's simply her word against his. Felicia verbally abuses Beth
some more, and prepares to hang up. Beth stops her, wondering what's
going to become of her. Felicia hits her some more, and hangs up. She
tells the guard to take Beth off the visitor's list.

Gabby and Juanita arrive, and Lee sees her and comes over to chat. They
both take shots at each other. Gabby glances over and sees Juanita
practicing. She's horrible, but she doesn't think so. Gabby doesn't want
to hurt her feelings, so she hides Juanita's tap shoes under the
radiator. Juanita is really sad, because she was looking forward to

Susan and Mike are getting naked and friendly when Susan hears
something. They're not alone. It's a civil war reenactment troupe, and
they have a permit to play in the entire park until 6:00 pm. Mike is
really upset, and looking for a fight. Susan just wants to leave.

A kid at the talent show plays water glasses followed by the finale,
Jenny. Gabby perks up when Jenny starts making mistakes. Lee and Bob are
very proud, though. Jenny did her best, and they couldn't be prouder.
Gabby takes a lesson in how she's been acting with Juanita. When
everybody tries to leave, she stops them and lets Juanita put on her
performance. She has a blast onstage.

Susan and Mike head home. She tries to keep a positive spin, saying that
now they have a funny story to tell people. Mike doesn't buy it,
especially since their car won't start.

Bree gets a call, good news about Susan. Bree's a match. They found two
matches, and she's one of them. Beth is the other. They're having
trouble getting a hold of her, though.

Tom and Lynette have dinner out at an expensive place. Lynette doesn't
think they'll have time to order, because Renee will be calling any
minute. A baby starts crying, and Tom is all for giving them the dirty
look that they always get. Lynette looks around and discovers that Renee
is out on a date with Paige in tow. Lynette wants to see her fail, and
watches as one of the wait staff walks away with her baby.

Lynette catches up and discovers that Renee paid the woman $100 to calm
the baby down. Lynette pays her another $100 to go back and take their
order, sans baby. This has the desired effect of freaking out Renee, who
now has no idea where Paige is. Tom and Lynette won't let her off the
hook until she comes completely undone. Lynette gives her a bit of a
tongue-lashing before leaving with Tom and Paige.

Bree goes to see Beth in the hotel. She's very depressed. Bree tells her
she's a match, and she lights up, but gets sad again when she finds out
she won't be needed, since Bree is a match as well. Bree apologizes to
Beth for judging her. Before she can leave, she tells Bree she wants to
be the one to help Susan. It would really mean a lot to her. It would
really mean a lot to Bree, too. She's going to be the one. Beth smiles,
but says nothing. Bree leaves with a perplexed look on her face.

Renee comes bearing a gift for Paige. She knows she's not cut out to be
a mother. But she's so alone, she need something to fill the hole in her
life where she thinks a baby might belong.

Mike twists his ankle, and that's the last straw. Everything that's
wrong with his life comes pouring out. He feels like Susan is bailing on
him. She tells him no. She's not. She's fighting. And she's going to
enjoy every moment of every day, no matter what happens.

Gabby watches Juanita practice, as Renee and Lynette watch Tom play with
Paige. Bree takes refuge in her faith, and the Bible.

Beth walks into the hospital ER and tells them she's there to donate a
kidney. The ER nurse advises her repeatedly that she's in the wrong
place. Transplants are 4th floor. Beth stresses that she has all her
paperwork, properly filled out. Her friend's name is Susan Delfino. The
nurse finally bends, and accepts the paperwork. Beth thanks her, and
commits suicide by gunshot wound to the head.