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Moments in the Woods - Recap

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Bree worked her steps when she quit drinking. Now she's proud of Andrew
for doing the same, as she happily clutches his 30-day sobriety chip. He
tells her he feels great, but he's stalled out at #8. He's been horrible
to somebody, and Bree believes it's her. Andrew recognizes the look on
her face and says she's #7 on the list. Seven!? Who are the other six.
Well, #1 is Carlos Solis. After all, Andrew did sort of kill his mom.
Bree tries to stop Andrew from going over there to make amends.

He has to fight to talk to Carlos, since Bree won't shut up. She makes
it about Carlos being there for Andrew after Rex died. Carlos says it
helped him too, since it took his mind off his mom's death. Was that
what Andrew wanted to talk about? Andrew caves and says yes, and Carlos
goes home.

Paul look across the street at an open door. He goes inside and calls to
whoever that he is the home owner, and they need to leave immediately.
Felicia comes down and tells him she's the new tenant. He may have
bought it, but he put it in Beth's name when he was trying to trick
everybody. He thinks Beth died intestate, but he's mistaken. According
to Beth's will, this is Felicia's home now. He asks if the neighbors are
going to want a manipulative psycho living here, but Felicia figures if
they accepted Paul, the zoning laws can't be all that strict. And if
everybody shuns her, Felicia doesn't care. She'll have Beth's ashes to
keep her company. She went to the mausoleum and explained her legal
rights. As Paul rages, Felicia has an absolute fit of passive-aggressive
behavior. He walks out in a snit.

Susan's doctor tells her everything looks great. She can have sex in two
weeks, and salt in moderation. Her old friend Dick is in the hospital,
and she stops to see him. He has another viral infection. He wonders how
she got so lucky, getting a kidney so fast. She should gamble, she's
very lucky right now.

Tom gets home late since he got called down to the legal department to
get a $100,000 signing bonus. He and Lynette celebrate before trying to
decide what to do with it. She wants to do retirement account and kid's
college funds, and Tom says definitely, with $90,000. The other $10,000
should be for Lynette to totally blow on something frivolous. She
protests, but he's always wanted to be able to say this to her. Go
crazy. It's on him. She wants to celebrate, but he has a ton of work.
Rain check. She hands him the check and says it's a date. She
doublechecks the check to make sure there were enough 0's after the one.

Susan is with the ladies, winning all the poker funds. Lynette is proud
of herself for buying a new coffeemaker that wasn't even on sale. One of
the expensive ones. Renee can't believe she thinks that's how we define
"go crazy." Renee and Gaby sympathize with each other over how hard it
is to get Lynette to dress it up a bit. Renee is going to give it a
shot. She is going to take Lynette to a clothing store. One which
doesn't also sell patio furniture and meat. Susan cleans everybody out
and thinks she should buy a lottery ticket, too.

Renee and Lynette are dismissed by a snooty sales woman. Renee tells her
not to make her to go the enormous trouble of buying the place, just so
she can fire her. Renee aims Lynette at some boots. Once she tries them
on, she falls in love. Renee tries jeans next, but Lynette says she
wouldn't even buy $500 jeans if they had $400 in the pocket. That's
until she sees her ass in the jeans. Now she knows why they are so

Gaby's out jogging and runs into Bree. Carlos took Andrew up to the
cabin on a hunting trip. Bree leaves to call Andrew, and fills in Gaby
on why she's so concerned. Bree can't get through, and she's starting
to get scared. She's scared?! Gaby's going to get stuck raising two kids
alone while Carlos does time for murder. And because Andrew's gay,
that's a hate crime so figure an additional ten years. The women take a
road trip to try to stop Andrew from telling Carlos. Bree intends to be

Felicia attempts to apologize to Paul for yesterday. She thinks they
should scatter Beth's ashes, together. She tries to make up a reason for
including Paul, but finally admits that she doesn't have a car yet.

Susan arrives to tell Dick how her lucky streak is doing, and finds his
nephew packing his things, since he died last night. Dick left her a
$100 poker chip and advice to never walk away from a winning streak.

Bree and Gaby arrive at the cabin, soaked from the rain. Carlos is
treating an injury to his hand, and says that Andrew is out hiking. They
claim they brought him his medicine. The women become hysterical because
of appearances, and accuse Carlos of killing Andrew when he found out
the truth about his mom. Carlos is stunned, and that's when Andrew
returns to the cabin. The park ranger arrives and tells them that due to
a felled tree, the road is blocked and they can't get it removed until

Lynette is dressed to kill, and calls Tom to let him know he has a very
happy evening to look forward to. No can do, sweetie. Tom's in a car
being driven to the airport. He has to travel to Montreal for the job.
Another rain check it is. Renee advises her that Tom's a big shot now,
and all the new perks cost time with her husband.

Carlos can't believe that Bree and Andrew were at the funeral, all
things considered. Gaby can't believe the guys didn't bring any food,
but Carlos has a bottle. Bree asks him to put it away, since Andrew's
only been sober a month. Carlos offers Andrew a drink, and he passes.
Carlos insists that if Andrew doesn't drink to Mama Solis' memory, he's
insulting it. Andrew agrees, and Bree stands up to Carlos. In a slip of
words, Carlos becomes aware of Gaby's duplicity in the whole affair. He
can't take anymore, and walks out. Gaby follows, but he keeps walking.

Lynette joins Tom on the plane with dinner. She pushed his flight back
half-an-hour. Tom becomes irritated, since he didn't have any time to
spare to begin with. He's supposed to take the meeting the second he
lands, and he needs every spare minute to prepare for it. Lynette says
she just wanted him to have fun, and Tom responds this is fun. He loves
his new job. He hasn't had this much fun in years. People want to know
what he thinks. And the company is a rocket ship, taking him on the ride
of his life. He's grateful to Lynette. He never would have gone for the
job if it weren't for her. A call comes in, and he tells her he'll call
when he lands.

Susan arrives at the casino and finds Karen's boyfriend, Roy. She heads
for the poker room.

Beth and Paul head for the lake to scatter the ashes. They wonder what
Beth would think if she could see them now. Felicia asks if she suffered
at the end. Paul says he wasn't there when Beth died. Felicia says she
was talking about her sister. Paul refuses to discuss it. Felicia admits
that her sister drove Mary Alice to suicide, and they've been back and
forth ever since. She hopes they can gain closure through scattering the

Susan was up to $6000 when Roy arrived and tried to stop her from going
all in. She had three aces. She has almost $20,000 but she's feeling bad
about Dick. Roy tells her to count her blessings. Life is for the
living, etc. Just enjoy. Why ask?

At the lakeside, Felicia confronts Paul about bringing a gun with. She
took it from him, and he didn't even notice. Now she's pointing it at
him. She could shoot him right now, and go scott free. Self defense. But
she doesn't. She throws the gun in the lake. She just wants this over.
She lets Paul do the honors. He pours the ashes in the lake.

Lee greets Gaby in the driveway. Carlos called from Littleton. When Gaby
hears that, she jumps back in the car to go to Carlos.

Felicia comes home and starts talking to the real ashes of Beth. She
tells her Paul will pay. She'll make sure it's slow and unmerciful.

Gaby, Bree and Andrew join Carlos at his mother's grave site. Bree and
Andrew apologize. Andrew tells Carlos he can sue him or go to the
police, but he'll take his medicine like a man. Carlos tells him to sit

Tom comes home bearing roses and gives Lynette a hug. Bree brings a
basket of muffins to Carlos to thank him for forgiving Andrew. He
forgave Andrew because he was a kid - but Bree wasn't. He will never
speak to her again. They aren't friends, and that goes for Gaby as well.
She can keep her muffins. He slams the door and Gaby looks out at Bree.