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I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday - Recap

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Bree is thoroughly unamused with how the Solise girls are behaving in
her home. She wonders how long it will be before Gabby and the girls go
home. Gabby tells her it will be a few days. They clean out her
fresh-baked cookies, and Bree thinks it might be a good time for Gabby
to teach them a little discipline.

Susan brings Paul his lunch, since he's her new project. What is he
going to do with his life? She'll help him set goals. They're
interrupted by Felicia, which is a huge surprise to Susan. She's picking
up a few of Beth's things. Susan was also unaware that Beth was
Felicia's daughter. Susan is shocked, and takes a seat.

She fills in the women of Wisteria Lane. They urge caution, because Paul
is still nobody to mess with. She understands, but thinks Paul deserves
the same second chance she got.

Renee and Lynette drink a toast to their business. Tom comes through,
looking for some papers he left behind. He thinks he should give them a
cash infusion by hiring them to decorate his office. He asks if $20k is
enough. Renee says not only will they decorate his office, but they will
whack an employee of his choosing.

Bree leaves for church. She needs to pray some more. The girls are on
her last nerve. They even cut up her roses to offer in peace. Her anger
elevates some more, then further when she sees one of the girls bikes
behind her car, and even further when she finds a vehicle blocking her
driveway. She honks his horn to get the owner's attention, and he turns
out to be a police officer. He's checking up on Felicia. He's adorable,
and teases her unmercifully. She jokes about borrowing a gun to shoot
the girls.

The girls continue their unholy terror behavior. Gabby refuses to take a
firm hand, and Bree's done. Gabby takes offense at Bree thinking she can
do a better job with the girls than she can. She tries, no joy, so she
drags out the mom voice. They walk out mid-speech. Gabby smirks, but
Bree refuses to give up. The key is consistency.

Tom keeps Renee and Lynette waiting 45 minutes. He finally joins them.
He was busy closing a $10m deal. They have ten minutes to fill him in.
Lynette starts going over the high points, but Tom passes. He wants
Donald Trump's office accoutrements. Renee has had social contact with
him, so will call his assistant and find out where "The Donald" got his

Felicia drops by Susan's, claiming she misses Beth so much. She
remembers that part of Beth is in Susan, and wants a few moments of her
time. She wants to be friends with Susan, just like she is with Paul.
She wants things back to normal. Felicia acts like she's having a
headache, and Susan goes to get her something for the pain. Felicia
pours something on the pot pie Susan is making for Paul.

Later Felicia reads to Beth's urn about what kind of death Paul will be
experiencing as the toxins, which she added to his food, take effect.
Shots are shown of Felicia poisoning Paul's food at various times. She
asks Susan how he's doing, and Susan says she doesn't understand. He
just keeps getting worse and worse. She may have to start bringing him
breakfast, too.

Gabby drops the girls with Carlos. He's not going to let her come home
until Bree's not her friend anymore. Juanita asks why he's so mad at
Gabby, and he decides to be honest with her.

Mike shows Susan their bank balance. They're in good shape, they could
even move back into their old house. Susan refuses, since Paul is living
there. Mike asks her to ask him.

It's obvious Juanita misunderstood, since she tells her little sister
that Bree killed grandma.

Bree tells the girls they need to obey her rules, and since they think
she killed their grandmother, they're too scared not to obey. Gabby is
surprised to see Juanita behaving like a Stepford wife. Bree thinks they
responded to her structure, and firm hand. She tries to bribe her with
cupcakes, but Juanita is having none of it.

Lynette decorates her way, not Tom's. Renee is unamused. Lynette claims
to know what Tom really wants. Renee reads her the riot act.

Bree goes to tuck the girls in, and Juanita thinks she's there to kill
her. They run screaming from the room. Gabby calls Carlos to find out
what the problem is. The doorbell rings, and it's Detective Vance (the
one who was flirting with Bree). They got a 911 call from the girls,
saying that their mom's "crazy friend" is trying to kill them. When he
sees Bree, he guesses that she got someone to lend her that gun.

Juanita really misunderstood. He said that he compared losing his own
mom to losing their mom, and he blames Bree. He tells the girls to pack
their stuff, they're going home. Bree walks the detective, Chuck, to his
car. He flirts with her on their way to the car. She asks why a patrol
car wasn't sent, and he said he recognized the address and took the
call, because he wanted to see her again. He tells her it's about
Felicia. If she sees anything suspicious, he wants her to call him. Or
even if she doesn't.

Carlos sets the record straight for Gabby. He did actually tell Juanita
that Bree killed her grandma. They squabble some more over the
situation. It comes to a head when he asks why she picked Bree over him.
Bree comes back in and thanks Carlos for not being honest with the cop.
He tells her he didn't do it for her, he did it for Andrew. He was a
kid. Bree knew better. Gabby tells him to lay off her. He tells her he
doesn't accept Bree's apology. And as long as she's taking Bree's side,
he doesn't forgive Gabby, either.

He walks out with the girls. Gabby had hoped by now that this would blow
over. Bree says it never will, and Gabby should go home to Carlos. She
refuses to be responsible for Carlos losing his wife. Gabby says she'll
call, but Bree asks her not to.

Felicia 'helped' Susan make brownies, and Susan insists that she try the
first one. Felicia takes a bite, then puts it down. Susan figures they
turned out horrible, so she'll make a new batch. Felicia continues
eating. She vomits once she gets out of the house.

Tom loves his new office. LOVES it. Lynette tries to take
responsibility, since she's known him for 25 years. Tom brings them in,
and Lynette sees that Renee reversed everything out, back to Tom's
specifications. Renee has to remove her before she has a chance to give
him holy what-for. Renee tells her that this office reflects the Tom
that is running this company. Renee can't stop her, she goes back in to
give Tom a piece of her mind.

When he hears that the office is Renee's doing, he is glad that at least
one of them gets him. Lynette calls him a down-to-earth guy, not some
jerk that has to show people how powerful he is. Tom sets her straight.
He's playing a role. There's a bunch of guys out there who want his job.
He's sorry if this threatens her. She needs to be the strong one that
always gets them through, and it's killing her that he actually landed
on his feet.

When he walked in his office, he thought "She gets it! She's happy!
She's proud of me! My mistake." They're interrupted by his secretary
buzzing in. She can't believe he's leaving the conversation to take a
call. He gets on the phone acting like there's nothing wrong, and
Lynette lets herself out.

Susan talks to Paul about moving back into the house. He thinks she was
playing him, being nice so he'd let them have the house back. He throws
her out. Within minutes, he's collapsed on the floor.