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Then I Really Got Scared - Recap

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The episode begins with Paul in the hospital and Susan comes to meet him. He tells her that after yelling at her, he has been having chest pains and hence got admitted. They having been running tests ever since. The doctor in the hospital tells him that it is not a heart attack but some stomach ailment that happens due to stress; unless he is being poisoned. Next, Gaby and Juanita are watching a scary movie. Carlos doesn’t approve of it. But when Juanita wakes up and lands on Gaby’s bed; she agrees that Carlos was right and that the movie was too violent for her. Next, we see that Lynette prepare a lovely dinner for the family and Tom walk in announcing their new vacation trip to Hawaii. Lynette is not happy as she was not consulted.

She tells him that she had already planned the vacation, like she has been doing for the last 16 years. But the kids are excited about flying first class. Finally, they decide that they will present their vacations to the children and let them decide where they want to go. Next, Susan is told that she cannot get her job back. She decides to go to the ladies council. Next, detective Chuck meets Bree and asks her as to why she didn’t call him. He tells her that he wants to take her out for dinner and she agrees. Renee is surprised to know that Bree has a date. She tells her that she would do a background check on Chuck as Bree doesn’t know much about him. Next, after practically begging to have her job back, the ladies council tells her that she can pick up the streamers for the party but should not use them as tassels. When she drops off the streamers; she ends up giving the cookies to the school; the poisoned ones. Next, Renee updates Bree about Chuck. Chuck is at the door and Bree goes on a date with him.

But she is unhappy. She had just found out that Chuck is married and thinks that he should not date till he is divorced. She also tells him that there is always a chance that he could reconcile with his wife. Chuck tells her that it is their first date and they haven’t ordered yet. How does she expect him to tell her all this beforehand? She tells him that she cannot be blamed for doing a background check on him. But it turns out that Chuck knows a lot more about Bree! She is angry that he investigated her! Ah, the irony!! She tells him that there is no excuse for him, and whatever she did was to protect herself. She walks out. Next, Lynnette is still upset and refuses to have sex. She feels that he cannot try the management tricks on her, as she is the one who taught him those. Chuck is driving back with Bree and she tells him that there would not be a second chance.

He knows that it couldn’t get any worse and picks up a prostitute named Violet. He is taking her to the shelter. Violet thinks that he is trying to impress Bree, but he tells her that Bree hates him more than she does. Violet thinks that he is better off without Bree as she seems to be “bitchy”. He tells Violet that ten years ago, Bree used to turn tricks like she did and one day she tells Chuck that she can be better than this, and gets a first class degree. She had transformed her life and he tells Violet that she too can do better. Violet sees light! Paul suspects that it could be Susan who is poisoning him. He tells her that it is just stress. He decides to have something prepared by Susan; a tuna casserole; and finds out that there is a trace of anti-freeze in it. Next, Gaby is setting up a tent and is having a tough time.

She tells Carlos that she wants to prove it to Juanita that there is no scary guy in the lawn. She tells Carlos to sleep with her in the tent, but he denies. So, she has to sleep the night in the lawn. Not a big deal, hopefully. Next, Bree visits Chuck. She tells him that she wanted to know his secrets first and then tells him hers. She wonders as to when did dating become so complicated. He tells her that they have had their hearts kicked around and now they are being careful. They decide to have a normal first date, and that too at that moment. Next, Susan is making cookies for Paul and the nurse who is talking to her pours in a liquid in it, when Susan turns to get something. Next, Lynette and Tom are presenting their vacations to the kids. Next, Gaby and Juanita are in the tent and Juanita is wearing a helmet to protect herself.

She explains to her that there is no crazy guy in the lawn. Just then Lee comes and scares the two of them. They scream and Lee tells them that he is trying to help. Guess it did, as Juanita takes off her helmet. Next, we see that the children want to go to Hawaii. But Lynette plays dirty and tells them that there are shark attacks that are very frequent. To counter this Tom says that the bus can crash. They are at each other’s throat. Penny is upset seeing her parents fight and thinks that they would get divorced if this continues. Next, Gaby and Juanita fall asleep. But Gaby wakes up listening to some sound and sees the shadow of a man. She tells Lee that it is enough and he has got the job done. Once was funny, the next time she would kill him. The man walks away…and it is not Lee.

Tom tells Lynette that she is not able to digest the fact that he is making big money and that he is running the show. For her, it is about control and now she is upset to see it slipping. They think that they need a vacation-alone. Next, Susan gets some cookies for the school when she drops the streamers. She then takes those cookies for Paul. He accuses her of poisoning him and tells her to stab him instead. He tells her that he had the food tested and doesn’t believe that she could do this to him. He thinks that she is doing this for the house.

She tells her that she was the only one present while she was cooking- just then realizations hit her and she runs to the school, knowing that the cookies are poisoned. She reaches the school and tries her best to stop the children from having it. She has no choice and this time she drops every plate that had cookies served in it. But it isn’t enough. And she decides to announce that the cookies are poisoned. She goes up to the stage and does the same. The people present don’t take her seriously. Just then Paul arrives with the cops. They arrest Susan and take her away. The episode ends.