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Witch's Lament - Recap

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Susan returns to Andre's art class and tries to get into his good graces by bringing him a nicely decorated cupcake. In times past, she has been able to become the teacher's pet in
various ways, but this time, it doesn't seem to work. Andre picks up the offending cupcake, tosses it in the trash. Susan is taken aback, tries to pay him compliments later in class. That doesn't seem
to work, either. Andre announces that he will need an assistant to help him with a large project he has coming up. He chooses Susan, tells her to come to his office the next morning. She agrees
eagerly, wondering just what this new opportunity might entail.

Gaby and Carlos are at home in the kitchen, sitting round the kitchen table, discussing his drinking. Could he possibly be an alcoholic, Gaby wonders aloud? Carlos says certainly not, but he remains puzzled
at why he passed out in front of all those women at the PTA meeting, is ashamed of himself and his drinking. Gaby urges him to go to an AA meeting. She is sure that could help him. He agrees to go.

At Lynette's house, Tom returns their visiting daughter, Jane by his side. The daughter gushes on and on about how talented and nice Jane seems to be, to her mother. Lynette tells Jane and Tom that
she has been working on her daughter's Halloween costume, a cat outfit. Jane says that she went to two semesters of clothing design, can she help with the costume? Lynette thanks her, says she doesn't
need any help. Secretly, she wonders why she isnt as talented in so many things as Tom's new girlfriend seems to be.

Renee and Bree discuss digging up Gaby's stepfather's body because Ben's low income housing project is going to be built over that very spot. What if the body is found when the digging is going on? They
can't have that happen! How to stop the purposed construction? They put their heads together and begin to plot.

Ben shows up at Renee's house, tries to set up a date with her. She, disgusted with being stood up by him earlier, tells him to beg for the privilege, to get down on his knees and ask. He does so, which embarrasses the both of them, but she accepts. He breaks out in a big smile and leaves.

In Andre's classroom, Susan shows up on time, an eager smile on her face. She isn't quite so happy when she finds out that she will be watching Andre's young son, Jasper, all weekend because Andre's ex is out of town and he is not into babysitting. Susan realizes that she is stuck and puts a cheerful face on it.

Renee visits Lynette at her house, tells her of her future date with Ben, knows that their first time together in bed will be wonderful. She tells Lynette that she got some herbal aphrodisiacs for just that
occasion. Seeing that Lynette is all thumbs with her daughter's Halloween costume, Renee offers the services of her New York City based designer friend: he will gladly make the costume for her. Lynette accepts gratefully and anticipates an outstanding costume for her daughter.

At the AA meeting that afternoon, a very sober Carlos tells his fellow members about his latest bender, that he is shocked and displeased with himself about it. One man asks him what made him
get drunk, to which Carlos replies that he really doesn't know. The man gives Carlos his cell phone number, tells him to call any time if he needs support. Carlos accepts and leaves the meeting.

Bree eggs Ben's house, then knocks on his door, telling him that she heard and saw what just happened. She says it was done by some adults shouting slurs. She is actually trying to scare him
out of putting his housing project in the location where the body has been buried. He tells her he isnt alarmed, that the project at Hawkins Lake was stopped by some rare frogs being endangered, but
that he plans to go full steam ahead with this one. That gives the ever resourceful Bree an idea. She scurries home.

Gaby and Bree are at the lake to try to catch a few frogs and plan to turn them loose on the housing project site. They manage to catch a few croakers, stuff them into a plastic box. They get into
the car and Bree opens the box just a little, and dont you know it? A frog escapes, climbs onto Gaby's shoulder and onto the steering wheel. Another frog, then another, climbs out of the box and the car
swerves off the road, coming to a screeching halt. No one is hurt, but Gaby is freaking out, and Bree is not far behind. When they finally make it home, all the frogs have escaped. Another good idea
down the drain. How to stop the bulldozers, they wonder? Maybe the body really isn't there any more, any way.

At Susan's house, a bored Jasper sits at the kitchen table, reading a science book. Susan tries to encourage the lad to go outside and play, but he isnt interested. He is unhappy with the
whole situation, says so. He even calls his father Andre because Andre doesn't feel good about being a dad. Susan sees real trouble ahead for the boy if he isn't allowed to be a child. Susan asks
Andre if he will go trick or treating with her and Jasper that evening. Jasper is looking forward to it, but Andre definitely isn't.

Lynette's daughter, Penny's, costume is delivered by UPS. Lynette has the man toss the box up to the second story bedroom where she has been pretending to sew the little girl's costume. She calls Penny
to the bedroom, but Tom and Jane show up at the door. Rushing down, she announces that Penny will be down in just a moment. They chat a moment, and Penny comes down, clad in the revealing outfit.
She quips that she is a kitten with a whip, snaps the little whip that came with the costume. It is a bit revealing, the adults allow and Jane suggest a little skirt be added. It won't take a moment, she says.
The women repair to the bedroom where Jane whips up a little skirt for the outfit, which Penny pronounces just fine. Jane says she knows that Lynette didn't make the costume, but that she
should get kudos for her efforts. Lynette asks her to leave her husband alone, to allow her to save her marriage, but Jane says she knows its all over for the couple and leaves.

An enthusiastic Renee has taken too much of the aphrodisiac and has broken out in big hives, which frighten the kids when they knock on the door for candy that night. Ben notices that she
is really flushed and scratching, then the hives come. She chokes and gasps as a strong allergic reaction comes over her. He catches her as she collapses.

After trick or treating, at Susan's house, Andre talks alone to her, promising to be a better dad to Jasper, to allow him to be the child he really is. Susan is pleased, says so.