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Suspicion Song - Recap

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The show opens with Bree lying in bed asleep when she is awakened by the sound of a door slamming on the first floor and footsteps hurriedly pattering through her house. She grabs the phone, dials 911, reports a break in and goes downstairs with a gun in her hand. At the bottom of the stairs, she sees a man standing just inside the front door, turns on the light and finds that it is Detective Chuck Vance. He claims that he heard about her call on his police radio, was nearby and responded. He searches the house and finds nothing, tells Bree that perhaps someone is trying to send her a message with the incident. Chuck says he will keep an eye on her and the house, then leaves.

Later that morning, at Gabrielle's house, she hears a knock on her front door. She opens it to find an irritated cab driver who has a very drunk Carlos in the back seat of his cab. Gabby thanks the cabby and brings Carlos inside where she tries to sober him up. He says he is drunk because he was doing lunch and golf with a very important client, Frank Sweeney, who has the potential to bring an eighty million dollar deal to the table, to the firm. Gabby suggests that he take a week or three to work on his sobriety to which he says that there is far too much delicate and critical business to attend to. She insists he at least stay home that day because he is looking bad. He agrees to that.

Andre, a local art teacher, is telling Susan that her art has been noticed by a big art gallery owner and art critic named Felix Bergman who wishes to speak to her. Felix is a very critical, bitter person who shows contempt for nearly every student's art work in the class but when it comes to Susan's work, he is over the moon! He rhapsodizes about it but is rather rude in doing so. Susan is rude right back to him. He seems quite taken with her bluntness, her work, and urges her to allow him to display her art at his gallery. She refuses and he thinks she is just being modest. He asks her once more and she turns him down.

At a potential client's home, Gabby and Lynette are giving the client a rundown on their services for a home makeover she wants. The talk somehow turns to marriage when Lynette mentions that today
is her twenty second wedding anniversary but her husband has moved on with another woman, a wel lknown doctor. The client, Cindy, gushes that she did a complete makeover on herself when she noticed that her husband acquired a wandering eye, giving herself a new hairdo and wardrobe which seemed to bring her hubby back into the fold. Cindy suggest that Lynette do the same thing to which she agrees. They make a deal for the home makeover, Cindy writes a check for five thousand dollars for a deposit and the two women leave.

Unbeknownst to Carlos, Gabby turns up at his office and finds Frank Sweeney waiting to talk to Carlos. She explains that Carlos is home ill with the flu and comes on to Frank in hopes of securing the deal for the absent Carlos. Frank seems taken aback and is relieved when the senior accounting exec, Jeffrey Mathers, shows up to seal the deal with him instead of Carlos. The very enthusiastic Jeffrey tells Gabby that
he greatly admires Carlos, that he is nearly a father figure to him. He mentions that he would like a raise for handling the Sweeney account, Gabby promises to tell Carlos when she thinks he will be coherent.

Lynette receives flowers via delivery boy from estranged husband, Tom, which encourages her to think he may want to mend fences.. She is very happy, tells Gabby she plans to make herself over, take a bottle of scotch to Tom's place and greet him properly. Gabby says, good luck with that.

A very bored Carlos, at home, tells Gabby, after she filled him in on the Sweeney-Mather encounter, that Jeffrey is a snake, would stab him in the back and since his contract is up at the end of the month, Carlos is thinking seriously of letting him go. Now, Gabby is concerned and worried about the Sweeney account not going to her husband. She returns to the office to find Jeffrey talking to Frank and confronts Jeffrey about lying to her. Upset, in front of Frank, Jeffrey says that Carlos is a drunk and needs to get out of the business. Frank goes with Gabby to her house, talks to Carlos, tells him that he himself is fourteen
years sober, encourages Carlos to go to AA and follow his convictions. Frank says Carlos will get his account, not to worry.

A giddy Lynette turns up at Tom's apartment with the scotch, dressed to the nines, when she hears him and a woman come into the abode. Frantically, she slips beneath Tom's bed to hide with the bottle but the two discover her there. She explains that she thought Tom wanted to make up but she can see that he is busy. The girlfriend leaves to give them time to talk. Lynette thanks Tom for the lovely bouquet to which he says that he left a standing order at the florist's twelve years ago because one year, he forgot their anniversary. Looking crestfallen, Lynette understands and departs. At her home later, she retires her wedding ring to a dresser drawer with a sad face. She is accepting that their marriage may be over for good.

Felix and Andre go to Susan's home, Felix staying in the car while Andre tries to convince Susan to allow Felix to display her art in his gallery once more. She flat out refuses, so Andre leaves. He decides, with Felix's encouragement, to just take her paintings from the classroom, let Felix show them at a gala opening that night. Susan finds out and shows up, not happy but Felix is very happy. Susan tries frantically to pull one large painting down from the wall and Felix thinks that she is merely being a dramatic artist. He cheers her on, tells her he is going to go get the cameraman. She phones Bree and Gabby to come support her, which they do. Chuck Vance is there and tells the women that the painting seems to be telling a story about a murder. Do they know anything about it? They all say they do not and he says he is not going to give up on what he thinks is some very suspicious activity on their part, that he will definitely keep an eye on them all. Bree offers to buy all of Susan's paintings, which Felix allows her to do. He congratulates Susan, says that he has bigger and better things planned for her in the future.

The show closes with a relieved and resigned Carlos pouring a bottle of wine down the sink drain. He wants to do whatever it takes to improve and secure his future, both at work and with Gabby.