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Putting It Together - Recap

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Bree always feels better when she is baking something tasty. Her friends are no longer talking to her, so she indulges in making warm cherry scones, taking them to Susan's house, trying
to renew their friendship. Susan refuses to come to the door, pretends she is not at home, will not speak to Bree at all. Unfazed, Bree goes to Gaby's house and tries the same thing, but
Juanita says her mother is at church, which Bree doesn't believe, since it is only Thursday. Lynette will not speak to Bree or see her either. Going home, Bree tosses the scones in the garbage and takes out a bottle of wine, sitting down
for a few drinks.

Detective Chuck Vance has Susan, Lynette and Gaby come to police headquarters where he interrogates each one separately about the missing Alejandro's death. Susan claims that she knows
nothing at all about the missing man. When Chuck asks her about the painting she made of four women in the woods, gathered around a body in a grave, she just says she was expressing her
inner artist. He blatantly tells her he thinks she and her friends killed the man and buried him in the woods, just as the painting shows. She flatly denies it.
When he interviews Gaby, shows her the dead man's picture, she says she knows nothing at all. Chuck asks about Carlos and his drinking, that he knows that a traumatic event usually triggers
a drinking binge. What set Carlos off? Gaby claims that he had an affair, that he is in rehab. Chuck says he will just have to go talk to Carlos himself. Gaby tries to put him off. She plans to go
talk to Carlos herself about this business.

Bree is drinking alone at a bar, talking to herself about her estranged friends, when she hears women laughing nearby. She sees three women sharing drinks and jokes. She goes to their table,
tells them she has lost everyone, everything, that not even her closest girlfriends will speak to her. Uninvited, she sits down with them, introduces herself and they launch into conversation.
After a few more drinks, Bree is well sauced. When the women stand to leave, she urges them to come over to her house for a sleepover, that she has a big empty house. They demur and leave
her sitting alone, very drunk. Next day, Ben knocks on her door, asking her if she is over her hangover. He tells her she knocked on his door at two a.m. that morning, asking for money to pay
the cab driver because she only had five zucchini in her purse and the cabbie wouldnt accept them. He said he brought her home and put her to bed. She thanks him profusely, vows to cut
down on the drinking. He says that would be a good idea, gives her a friendly hug and leaves. Renee sees him hug Bree, gets jealous and suspicious, wonders if the two are having an affair, which
they are not.

Susan talks to Mike about Chuck questioning her about the murder. Mike tells her that there is nothing for Chuck to find, since the body is gone, well hidden. She says they should just get out
of town, but Mike says that would just look very suspicious, that they should stay put. Susan does not agree. She decides she needs money to leave town. Recalling that the art critic who sold
her paintings still owes her money from the sale, she goes to visit him, asks for her money. He says cash is a little tight right now, but he will see what he can do. He suggests that he find her
an apartment in New York City. That way, she will be able to paint and he can sell her paintings. She says she will think about it, and to kindly bring the check by as soon as possible, then leaves.

A worried Gaby goes to Carlos' rehab center, asks to speak to him. The receptionist says it isnt possible just yet. She insists it is very important, but he says no. Just then, a family comes in, bringing their
son for an intervention and possible therapy. Seeing an opportunity to sneak in, Gaby pretends to be a part of the family, is shown to the intervention room, where she pretends to take part, then leaves,
finding Carlos vacuuming a hallway nearby. She tells him about Chuck's investigation, begs him to tell the man that he began drinking because he was having an affair. Carlos agrees to it, but
cautions her to be careful.

Lynette turns up at Tom's apartment building, runs into Jane's daughter, Chloe, who lives in the same building. Lynette begs Chloe to tell her what time Tom and Jane's flight to Paris is
leaving, says it is an emergency. At first, Chloe refuses, saying she doesnt want Lynette to ruin her mother's trip, then relents, telling Lynette. She rushes to the airport, finds Tom in the
airport bathroom as an oblivious Jane sips champagne in the waiting room. Lynette tells Tom that she is an accessory to murder, that she really needs his help. Could he possibly
postpone his trip till later? After some consideration, he says he will. Just then, a worried Jane finds the two in the bathroom, talking. Upset, she tells Tom to not allow his ex to
manipulate him like this, but he tells her they can go to Paris at month's end, that this present matter requires immediate attention. Jane accepts this, walks off.

Renee visits Ben at his house, wants to know why he hugged Bree. He tells her he was just giving her some comfort, that they are just friends. Just then, Chuck turns up, Renee leaves, and Chuck grills
Ben, wanting to search the woods where his housing project is going to be built, where the body had been found. Ben says he cannot do that, and Chuck says he will get a search warrant first thing next week. Ben is not happy!

The art critic brings Susan her check, asks her if she is still interested in going to New York. She says yes, that she will have to make preparations as she still has a young son at home. Susan goes upstairs
to pack, talks to Mike about the trip. He says that she is just running away from things, and that she is on her own with this one. She doesn't seem fazed at all.

Chuck goes to Gaby's house, talks to her outside about the missing man, shows her the picture once more. She again denies she knows him. Chuck says he did some digging into Gaby's background, found
out that the dead man was her stepfather. She falls silent, an odd look on her face. Chuck commands her to show up at his office tomorrow morning, that he is going to launch a formal investigation
into Alejandro's death.

Gaby calls the rehab facility where Carlos is lodged, says it is an emergency when she is told by staff that Carlos had checked himself out just two hours before. She is wondering what may
be going on?

Upset by all that has happened that day, a despondent Bree checks into a hotel room that night, a bottle of vodka in her hand, a gun in her purse. She is apparently considering committing suicide.

Clad in a leather dress, Rene goes to Ben's house that night only to see him slip out and get into his car and drive off, leaving her puzzled and confused. Is he really having an affair behind
her back?

Chuck is making a phone call while standing in the dark street when a car comes, knocking him down, leaving him motionless, then rushes off into the night.