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Is This What You Call Love? - Recap

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The scene opens with Lynette’s romantic date, for which she is a little unprepared and it did not go well as expected. Bungled up about her ill-starred date, Lynette turns to her friends, Susan and Gabrielle for aid. Gabrielle tells Lynette that she should not be apprehensive about hitting the sack with this guy, if she really likes him. Lynette tells her that she’s gotten a little rusty, as it’s been a while since she’s had sex. Susan tells her to calm down, as she is putting too much stress on herself. Just then they see Bree walking out with a new man, which they count to be the fifth for the week. Susan thinks that it could be a matter of worry, but Lynette tells her that after the way Bree has treated them, she is not their problem. Bree’s date asks her about the three women staring at them, but Bree tells him that she doesn’t know them.

Next, we see Gabrielle decorating cup cakes with her daughter, Juanita. Gabrielle notices that her daughter was spending too much time on decorating one cup cake and assumes that it was for someone special. On asking, Juanita tells her about this guy who she is attracted to. The mother smiles. Next we see Susan preparing a “cereal dinner” for Julie, who was coming home after 6 months. She tells Mike that Julie was sounding a little blue over the phone. She wants to do everything possible to cheer her up. Just then, Julie arrives. And she is 6 months pregnant. Julie tells her parents that it was a casual relationship and that the guy did not want to go through with the relationship. But she tells them that she would go through with the pregnancy. The supportive parents assure Julie that they would stand by her.

But Julie informs them that she wanted to give the baby up for adoption because she thinks that she is not in a situation to keep the baby, as she is dissatisfied with her life. Susan tries to dissuade Julie, but she sticks to her decision. Julie tells her mother that she has fixed up an appointment with an agency. Who would help her with the same and that there was a great couple who wanted to adopt the baby. Despite being upset with Julie’s decision, Susan agrees to invite the couple for dinner. Next, we see Juanita upset about the fact that she did not receive a Valentine card from Ryan. But Gabrielle tries to cheer her up but placing a card in her backpack, as if Ryan had placed it. Juanita is elated on seeing the card. In the next scene, we see the Susan and her family having dinner with the couple who were going to adopt the baby. But when Julie goes to get the dessert; Susan lies to the couple that Julie is suffering from some sort of a mental illness which is hereditary and also that she had been to jail.

The astounded couple; change their decision. Julie is angry with Susan for what she did, but also informs her that she would not change her decision. She tells Susan that she did not want to be a single mother, as she was unhappy the way she was brought up as the child of a single parent. Next, we see Gabrielle being called to Juanita’s school. The Principal told her that there was a case of sexual harassment against her daughter, as Juanita tried to kiss Ryan and that the school will not tolerate this sort of behavior. He tells her to have a word with her daughter. Next we see Bree trying to flirt with Jerry, a guy at the pub. But to her surprise, Jerry reminds her that he was the same guy she took home two nights ago. They get into the car. In the next scene, we see mike and Julie are talking about the previous night. Mike tells Julie that all that Susan for Julie was out of love for her and that she was a wonderful mom. Julie agrees. Next we see Juanita all confused about what happened in school, as she thought it was ok to kiss when two people liked each other. But Gabrielle confesses to her that it was she who had put the card in her bag pack and not Ryan, and that did not like her the way she thought. Gabrielle tells Juanita that she wanted to see her happy as she was very upset about not getting a valentine card. But Juanita is mad at her and tells Gabrielle that she always is lying to her.

She then asks Gabrielle about her father. The mother and daughter sit down for a talk. We then see Julie telling Susan that it is a baby girl. She tells her that, giving the baby for adoption was the toughest decision she had to make and she intends to stand by it. Next we see Frank coming over at Lynette’s, to pick her up for dinner. But Lynette surprises him, when she says that they’d have sex instead of going for dinner. Frank gladly agrees. Next morning, we see Renee visiting Lynette. She asks her about the previous night. But Lynette tells Renee that her first time with Frank didn’t go as she had expected it to. An embarrassed Lynette tells Renee that she cried while they were at it. She also tells her that she blew her nose on the sheets. She tells Renee that she was upset because she realized that her marriage was over. Renee told her about the advice she gave Bree when she took her out drinking. Next, we see Susan, Gabrielle and Lynette, discussing and upset about what Renee did (taking Bree out for a drink), as Bree was an alcoholic.

They realize that they need to put their differences behind, and go help Bree. Next, we see a drunken Bree walk into her house with Jerry, and finds her three friends waiting for her. Bree asks them to leave, but instead, Jerry leaves. Later an angry Bree tells her friends that not only had she been drinking, but she also tried putting an end to her life with a gun. She tells them that they were the reason which led her to take such a step. She says that she was hurt by the fact that her friends abandoned her when things became a little rough and that they didn’t even accept her apologies. The three tell Bree that they love her and want set things right between all of them. But Bree refuses. Next we see Frank at Lynette’s door with a pizza and a bottle of wine. And Lynette is surprised. Frank tells her that he did not want to plan any more dates, as there is too much pressure built around them. He tells Lynette that he really likes her and does not want to lose her.

He is ready to give Lynette all the time she needs; as he understands that it could be very difficult for her after 20 years of being with the same man. And they continue with their engaging pizza date. In the next scene, Bree is at the pub ordering her usual, when a man tries to make advances at Bree. But she writes him off saying that she only wanted to enjoy her drink. When he forcibly tries to take Bree, Orson comes to her rescue. He tells her that her friends called him and told him that Bree was going through a rough time. A relieved Bree gives Orson a warm hug, thus bringing him back into her life. The episode ends.