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Get Out of My Life - Recap

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The scene opens with Orson making a cup of tea for Bree. He is shown recollecting; how Bree used to take care of him when he went through rough times and feels that now it is his turn to take care of her. Bree thanks him for helping her get rid of that terrible man at the pub. She tells Orson that he is the only friend she has and that she is estranged from her friends. Orson wants to know the reason. Initially she refrains from telling him; fearing that she would lose him too; but later she tells him. Orson is shocked at her friend’s behavior. Bree is relieved to see that he is not upset with her. He tells her “I believe in you more than ever”’ Next we see Lynette enjoying her free days; as her child is with her ex-husband. Just then both her sons come home and tell her that they had a little disagreement with their landlord and that they are moving in. She is exasperated but lets them in. Next, we see Susan still trying to persuade her daughter to keep the baby.

She tells Mike that if she talks to the baby’s father; he might not let Julie give the baby for adoption. Next we see, a bungled up Gabrielle calling Carlos, as she is not able to manage her children. Just then she sees that Roy has been thrown out of his house and he tells her that he would be staying with her, till his wife will have him back. He tells her that he could not go to Bree; as she has Orson staying with her now. On hearing this, she calls the girls and the three go over to Bree’s house to check on them. Orson tells the girls that he is going to be staying at Bree’s for sometime’ as she is going through a rough patch in her life and that he would want to be by her. He tells them about the incident at the pub. When Gabrielle asks Orson whether they could talk to Bree; but he steers them away. Back in the house, Orson does not tell Bree about her friends’ visit.

Next we see, a masked Ben sneaking around on Mike’s construction site and setting it on fire. In a small tiff that follows, Ben tells Mike about the trouble he is having with a loan shark. He tells Mike that he tried to destroy the property, so that he could get some money from the insurance company, which would help him clear his debts. Just then he has a chest pain and Mike takes him to the hospital. Next we see Susan telling Lynette about Julie’s pregnancy and how upset she is with Julie’s decision of giving her baby up for adoption. She tells her that Julie wouldn’t tell her anything about the child’s father. Susan tells Lynette that Julie does not want anyone to know that she is pregnant; but then we see that Lynette’s twins have heard this conversation. Next at Gabrielle’s, she is trying to get Roy off her couch. She wants him to go back to his wife and Roy agrees to search for another place. But later on, when she sees that Roy could help her manage her children, she coaxes him to stay.

Next, we see that Susan overhears Julie’s conversation with her boyfriend. She follows Julie to the coffee shop; where she is suppose to meet him. But she is stupefied when she learns that the guy who impregnated Julie is Porter Scavo; one of Lynette’s twins. Julie is vexed about her mom spying on her. She tells Susan that whatever happened was an accident and that she wasn’t in a relationship with Porter. But then Porter tells them that he wants to keep the baby and that if Julie does not want to be with him, he will raise the child on his own. On hearing this, Susan takes his side and tells Julie that legally fathers do have rights over their children and that she would support Porter’s decision. Porter wants her to talk to his mom. At the rehab, Carlos tells Gabrielle that he would be back home sooner, as she was having a tough time handling the children. But Gabrielle tells him that he need not worry as Roy was home and that he is doing a great job with managing the children just by yelling at them and threatening them. Next we see, Mike visiting Renee. He tells her that Ben is in the hospital and also that he is in trouble with the loan sharks.

Next, we see Orson telling Bree that they should take some time out of the mess and got to Maine for a vacation and if she likes it there; then they could live there permanently. Bree is reluctant but agrees to go there for a few weeks. She doesn’t know that he is trying to keep her friends away. Next we see; Roy tells Gabrielle that he misses Karen and that he is going to beg her to take him back. Karen comes to meet Roy and clear the air; but Gabrielle tries to keep them away. Next, Renee goes to meet Ben at the hospital. She tells him that she knows about his debts and is ready to help him. But he refuses and tells her that he wants do deal with this on his own, and then honorably propose to her again. Next, Lynette tells Orson that she wants to reconcile with her friends and that she is going to make the first move; as one of them should. Just then Orson tells her that they had already made the first move by visiting her the other day; but he also lies to her saying that it was an unkind visit.

He tells her that her friends felt that Bree deserved every bit that happened to her. He said that he didn’t tell her about this, as he did not want to hurt her. Bree believes his lie and feels happy about the fact that he always tries to protect her. Next we see that Lynette completely freaks when she hears about the baby. Especially when she hears that Porter intends to raise the baby on his own. She accosts Porter. But he tells her that he wants to keep the baby and will do whatever it takes for his daughter. He says he really really loves her. Next, a depressed Roy tells Gabrielle that he did not expect things to turn out the way they did. And that he thought that he had found the one who would be there to hold hands with him at the end. Karen is also very sad.

Her cancer is back and it has metastasized to the brain. But she is glad that Roy is out of the picture as he had to watch his first wife die; and he need not go through that again. Next we see that Renee pays off the loan shark without Ben’s knowledge. We then see Orson and Bree packing their clothes, when Orson tells her how he had changed in the past two years. Then we see flashbacks of how he watched Bree from afar; once he learned to drive. We see that he was there when Bree and her friends moved Alejandro’s body into the woods and also; it was he who has been leaving the mysterious notes in Bree’s mailbox. Unaware of Orson’s intentions, Bree is happy that her life is going to change for the better and that the process has started. Orson says, “Trust me darling, you won’t believe where it’s going to end up”. The episode ends.