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She Needs Me - Recap

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The scene opens with Porter telling his parents that he has got a new job at a restaurant, with a decent pay and health insurance for him and the baby. Tom is happy on hearing this, but Lynette is waiting for a “but”. With Porter there’s always a “but”. And she is right. Porter tells her that the restaurant does not have a daycare and asks her for a little help with the baby; 8 hours everyday until the baby is 15!! She refuses to raise the baby for Porter. She had raised her children without much help and wanted Porter to do the same. Meanwhile Orson has a plan. He is determined to reclaim the heart of his woman. He had never gotten over Bree. Bree is waiting to go to Maine, when accidentally Orson talks about the letters she has been receiving. Bree is surprised and tells him that she never told him about it.

He covers it up quickly by telling her that he got to know about it from Lynette and also how indiscreet her friends are when it came to this. Next, Gaby needs Roy to leave the house before Carlos gets home. She tells him to patch up with Karen. But Roy is adamant and wants Karen to make the move, and till then he’s staying! Susan sees an upset Porter on the porch. She tells him that she would be more than happy to take care of the baby. Gaby visits Karen and tries to convince her to take Roy back. She tells Karen that she was the one who took advantage of their feud so that Roy could help her with the girls as he was a genius at it. And now that Carlos is coming back, she wants Roy to patch up with Karen. But Karen tells Gaby that it is not going to happen. She asks Gaby to leave and collapses in front of her. Gaby calls 911.

Meanwhile, Porter is helping Susan to set up a nursery for his baby. Ben wakes up to see Renee sitting at his bedside. She informs him that she has settled his account with the loan shark. Ben tells her that he did not want her to get involved in all this. But she tells him that she did it because she thought it was the best that could be done in this situation. Next we see there is a big surprise for Lynette. Tom is taking the kids with him for an entire week; even the baby! He tells her that he realizes that she never got time for herself and now wants to make it up to her. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Gaby learns about the return of Karen’s cancer. Karen tells Gaby that she is not going to beat the cancer this time and Gaby realizes that this is why she wouldn’t take Roy back. Karen begs her not to tell Roy about the cancer as she doesn’t want him to go through the pain.

An ecstatic Susan is setting up the nursery, but she is not happy about the fact that Porter decides to name the baby ‘Lynette’. She says that she will think of a new name. Gaby talks to Roy about his first wife. He tells her that he spent 3 years with her and that she passed away on their 40th anniversary. He tells her that it was heartbreaking to see his wife die. Next, the loan shark is at Renee’s house. He tries to intimidate her. He wants the house. But Renee asks him to leave. Bree and Orson are leaving for their vacation. Orson is not carrying the hat that Bree bought for him sometime ago. Bree tells him that they would stop by his apartment ad get it. Orson is reluctant and tells her that they don’t have time for that as it could delay them. But Bree insists ad Orson agrees. Meanwhile Lynette does not know what to do with all the free time.

So she goes to Susan’s and tells her that she would like to her help with the nursery. But Susan tells her that they are done with setting up the nursery. Lynette goes in to see it. But she finds that the baby is named Sophie (after Susan’s mother) and she is not happy. Susan tells Lynette that Porter had asked her for some suggestions and she suggested this name. Lynette is upset and she decides to set up a nursery in her house. She takes away the bassinet that she had given Susan for the nursery. An argument ensues but Lynette manages to take away the bassinet. Next Orson and Bree have reached Orson’s apartment. Orson doesn’t want her in the apartment because of his obsession with her and all the photos he has of her. He wants her to wait outside but she doesn’t agree. He then lies to her that he’s forgotten the key and asks her to get the master key from the manager. Bree comes back and tells him that she did not find the manager; but then Orson tells her that he found a spare key.

He collects the hat and is about to leave, when Bree finds a letter on the floor. Next she finds all the letters in Orson’s garbage bin. She realizes that it was he who wrote all those letters and he was the one who killed Chuck. He tells her that he did it for her ‘cause Chuck was going to arrest her. He tells her that he did it because he wanted to isolate her from her friends and have her to himself. She is infuriated and tells him that one day he will pay for his deeds. She leaves. Next we see Mike talking to Lynette and Tom talking to Susan. The guys try to ease out the tension between the two friends and they do a good job. Meanwhile Roy goes to the hospital to meet Karen. Karen knew that Gaby could not keep the secret. Roy says that he loves her and would go through this with her. Karen tells him that she is scared. Renee calls Mike from the hospital and tells him that Ben is getting discharged the next day.

She thanks him for all his help. Just then Mike tells her that the lights in her were turned on. He goes to her apartment to check. Mike sees that the loan shark is in her house and breaking things around. A scuffle ensues and Mike throws the guy out of the house. Carlos is back home and is surprised to see Gaby warm and caring. She tells him about Karen; and also that she would not be able to go on with life if something happened to him. Next, Lynette brings back the bassinet to the nursery and Susan says that she doesn’t want the name Sophie for the baby. The friends are back together. Next, Orson calls Bree and tells her that he going to make the ultimate sacrifice for his sins and bids goodbye; forever. The episode ends.