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Women and Death - Recap

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The scene opens with Lynette, Bree and Gaby dealing with their everyday household problems, when the three of them hear a gun shot, and they rush to the spot. They are shocked to see Mike is shot. Susan goes to make arrangements for the funeral and we know that it is not easy. She has to choose the clothes, the coffin, and the headstone and she is doing what she has to. Meanwhile the police discover a dead body. Carlos and Gaby are getting ready for the funeral. Carlos tells Gaby that Mike always tried to push him towards good and now this is what was in store for him. He tells her how he hates his job and is frustrated to see that Gaby is not trying to understand him. He tells her that his best friend is dead and he died trying to help people and he feels that it is the perfect day to talk about it.

Julie is trying to help Susan get ready for the funeral. Just then the reverend comes and visits Susan to go through the funeral arrangements. But she says that she doesn’t know what to say about Mike that would be enough. No words could sum that up and her life would never be the same again. Tom arrives and Lynette is glad that he could make it to the funeral. He is still shocked. They reminisce about the time they spent with Mike and the thought of never being able to see him again is very upsetting. Renee meets Bree and tells her that she does not want to go to the funeral because she feels guilty about Mike being killed because he was protecting her. Bree tells her that she should understand that this it not about her and it is Mike’s day. Renee changes her mind.

Just then Detective Heredia walks in and tells Bree that he wants to question her about a missing person. Gaby walks into the funeral and can feel Susan’s pain. Mike was the love of her life and now he is gone, forever. And that got Gaby thinking about the love of hers. She thinks about the day she went shopping for her wedding dress with Carlos and his mother. She likes a dress, but Carlos’ mother disapproves of it as it costs $12,000. She is against buying the dress. She tells Carlos that Gaby is a gold digger and that if he gives into her wish this time; the entire life he would have to do the same. Carlos tells his mom that he loves her and is ready to work extra to support his future wife. He also tells her that if she is critical about Gaby even one more time, then she need not come for the wedding.

Gab is then thinking about how she was losing her mind taking care of her sick children. Mike offers to help as he tells her that he would always take care of her. When mike visits Carlos at the rehab, he tells Gaby as to how scared Mike is of losing her. Back to the present, Gaby realizes that how Mike even after he is dead, helped her to realize that he husband is a good man and she tells Carlos that he should quit his job, if that’s what makes him happy. She tells him that the most important thing for her is to see him happy. Next, Lynette is looking at the marriage photos of Susan and Mike, and she thinks about the beginning of her own marriage. She thinks about her first date with Tom and how she tells him about her plans of becoming a VP of the company they both worked.

She tells him that she isn’t the types who would want a ring, a house, kids etc. Later when Tom buys her a house, she is pissed about the fact that he didn’t consult with her. But then she realizes that Tom had taken care of everything she wanted in her dream house. Next, Tom is moving out of the house. Mike asks her that why isn’t she trying harder for Tom. He tells her that she needs to make the first move because everyone knows that they are meant for each other. She tells Mike that time apart from each other would help them. But Mike tells her that it will only drift them apart. In the present, Lynette realizes how right Mike was. She makes a decision. She decides to go after the man she loved…her man…something she should have done right from the beginning. Mike indeed helped her as well.

Next, Bree is at the police station. She thinks about her childhood and how her mom used to tell her about wearing the “mask” and never letting men know about her thoughts. She tells her that if men know what is on a woman’s mind, it gives them power. She tells him that by masking her feelings with a slight hint f a smile, the world will never know what you are thinking. She then thinks about her marriage with Rex. Rex asks her why she is angry. Initially she tells him that she is not; but later on she explains why she is angry and Rex tells her that she is dumb. That is when she realizes that her mom was right about never letting men know about your thoughts. Back to the present, the detective asks Bree whether she killed Ramon Sanchez and Bree wears her mask on perfectly well and tells the detective that she did not.

The detective tells her that she is hard to read. Bree takes it as a compliment. He lets her go. But the detective is later informed that the prints found on the body matches with Bree’s. At the funeral, Susan thinks about her past; about marrying Mike and him carrying her into the house and singing her a poem and about the will. She remembers how he thought that Susan and their son were taken care of. She also remembers about thinks about how she explained death to her son, by telling him that heaven is the most perfect place to be in. Just then Mike tells his son that sitting with people you love, when they go fishing together; its heaven, and heaven is the happiest place you can be in. he tells him that every moment spent with the family is heaven.

In the present, Susan gets up to speak to all the people at the funeral. She tells them that Mike is in a better place; heaven. He is sitting in a diner, eating cheese burgers, fishing with his family and he is also watching football with his son; both of them yelling like maniacs. She knows that he is in his heaven and wants him to be at all the places he always wanted to be. She says that she does not want to hold him back or delay him in anyway. She says a goodbye to her beloved husband. “I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice”.

She says that this was the poem he said to her on their wedding day. As they are exiting the church and going to the cemetery; Renee sings “Amazing Grace”. Mike Delfino is buried and it is depressing to see Mike leave. At her house, Susan thinks about all the things Mike was supposed to do for her and MJ. Her friends assure her that they are going to do everything they can to help out. What are friends for? In this episode we see that Death teaches the ladies what is truly important. The episode ends.