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The People Will Hear - Recap

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The episode begins with Bree telling her friends that she is nervous about the trial. Gaby is being grilled by Trip. He wants them to be prepared. Trip leaves and Bree’s friends see that Bree still is attracted to her lawyer. They are not too happy about it. But when Bree tells them that Trip too is interested in her, Susan points out to some girl sitting in Trip’s car. Bree is jealous. Next, Julie is at the child birth center and Porter is late. They play the child birth DVD and on seeing that Porter passes out. Next, Gaby is helping Bree to choose a outfit to wear for the trial. She tells Gaby that she is tensed as Trip seems a little distracted by the blonde girl. Gaby tells her that everything will turn out fine.

Meanwhile, Tom breaks the news of his transfer to Mumbai to his kids. The children don’t want him to go. Lynette asks him as to how Jane react hearing about the transfer. Tom tells her that the timing was wrong. But he tells Lynette that he is going to miss her as they haven’t been apart for more than a month and now a year would be too long. Next, Bree is at Trip’s office, where she sees that blonde girl looking for Trip. They get into a conversation and Bree is pretty rude to her. she gets up to leave and tells Bree to inform Trip that she is off the case. When Trip comes out he sees Lindsey, the blonde, leaving in anger. He tells Bree that she is a private investigator and that she was working on a big lead on their case. Oops! Next, Renee shows Lynette the bride’s maid dress. Lee and Lynette are in a shock after seeing the design. But Renne notices that Lynette is a little distracted.

She tells them that Tom’s transfer is worrying her. Meanwhile, Bree meets Lindsey and apologizes for her rude behavior. Lindsey tells her that she knows that Bree got a little jealous and that she will get back on the case. But Lindsey also tells Bree that Trip is too involved with the case and he isn’t interested in Bree. She knows him and adds that Trip’s female clients always get the wrong idea. Next, Julie tells her mom that she feels that Porter is no longer interested in the baby. He was not only late for class but he also missed a few doctor’s appointments and the tour of the birthing room. Julie is worried about it and says that she has a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Greg is at Lynette’s and she tells him that she doesn’t want Tom to go to Mumbai, as the kids are upset about it. Greg tells her that he will work on it. He tries to get cozy with her and Lynette tells him that she will never be ready to sleep with him as there is someone else. Greg is furious that he was being used and leaves. Next, the housewives are unable to get sleep, except Gaby; as they are worried about the trial. Susan and Lynette are out for a walk and Gaby joins them when she sees them through the window. Gaby doesn’t seem to be worried about Bree at all. Susan tells the other two that maybe they should go to the Judge and tell the truth. But Gaby is against the idea. Susan and Lynette are angry at her as she doesn’t seem to care about their friend and the upcoming trial. Meanwhile, Trip visits Bree with some donuts and a DVD of Casablanca.

He knew that she would be awake and has come over to help her relax. They watch the movie. The next day, in the court room, the lawyers present their case in front of the jury. Meanwhile, Susan goes to meet Porter at his work place and finds out that he is working extra hours to make more money for Julie and the baby. Susan tells him that he should let Julie know about it as she is getting all the wrong ideas. At home, Susan tells Julie that she wants to sell the house and that she and MJ would go with Julie, so that Julie could complete her graduation. She tells her daughter that it is difficult to live in the house with Mike’s memories and also that she loves her daughter and wants to stand by her. As far as Porter is concerned; he needs to find his own life first. At the supermarket, Gaby overhears two women talking ill about Bree.

She reprimands them and tells them that Bree is innocent and is the most decent woman she has ever known. The women tell her that Bree needs to get used to people talking bad about her after knowing and reading about her past. Next, at the office, Tom is glad that he doesn’t have to go to Mumbai. Greg asks Tom to thank his ex-wife. But later on during the meeting he starts speaking badly of Lynette and calls her a bitch. Tom cannot take it and he punches Greg right across his face. Tom is fired. At home, Jane knows that Tom was upset with Greg for dating Lynette. Tom admits that he still loves Lynette. Jane is heartbroken and she leaves. In the courtroom, Bree’s friends tell the court that Bree was with them all along and that no way could she have killed Sanchez.

But then the prosecution presents another piece of evidence; a suicide note from Bree. It was on the day Chuck was killed. Trip wasn’t told about this evidence. Bree tells Trip that he needs to believe that she did not kill Sanchez. He believes her; but hope the jury does too. At home, Lee is trying to calm Lynette as she complaints that it is her fault that she tried to always control Tom’s life. Lynette is wearing her bride’s maid dress. Lee tells her to tell Renee about the dress. But Lynette tells him that there is no point as Renee will design something else that she would like. Lee helps her get out of that atrocious looking dress. Just then Tom arrives and sees Lee undressing Lynette. He walks away. Little did he know that Lee is gay. Resolving her daughters’ fight, Gaby realizes that she is doing a wrong thing by letting Bree take the fall.

In the courtroom, Lindsey hands over some new evidence to Trip. Trip is shocked to find out that Sanchez was Gaby’s step father. Bree tells him that he friends had made a pact that no one would tell a word about this to anyone. Trip tells her that she was wrong in hiding things and that after the suicide note thing; it is very difficult to win the case. He tells her that it is time that the world knows the truth about Gaby; as this is Bree’s only chance. Bree is unhappy as she doesn’t want to betray her friend. Just then Gaby arrives with a scarf. She tells her that she has never actually thanked her for what Bree is doing. She tells Bree that she is a far better person than her. they give each other a warm hug. The episode ends.