Desperate To Buy

Desperate To Buy

Desperate to Buy explores every aspect of finding and buying a new home for buyers that are in a time crunch — they must relocate for a new job or perhaps they just found out they're having triplets. Each episode follows a time-pressured buyer and their broker as they race through the tenuous real estate world, where offers can be rejected, deals can fall through, and sellers can pull out at the last minute. As tensions rise over this life-changing decision, Desperate to Buy will be in the middle of it all. (Source: HGTV)

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Prev: 1x07 -- An Expectant Couple Hopes to Move From the Parents' Basement (Feb/04/2009)

Aileene and Matt Memoli wanted to move to a larger home, but their house sold faster than they expected and were forced to move in with Matt's parents in the basement. This is not an ideal situation with a baby on the way. Now the rush is really on because they want to find a house before the baby is born.



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Really fun show. People scrambling to buy a home in this markek! Wish it were me!
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Review posted on Tuesday, January 13th 2009 at 9:26 pm

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