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Destination Truth: Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun

Masada, the last stand of 960 Jewish rebels— men, women, and children— against the forces of Rome. Rather than surrender, these rebels committed suicide. According to the locals, Masada is still haunted by the restless spirits of those who died there. Sightings of strange orbs and unexplainable black masses had been reported along the mesa. Archaeologists studying the site have reported the sounds of voices and echoes of the epic siege on the wind. Next, for thousands of years, leprechauns have been a part of our world. Known to both Celtic settlers and Viking invaders, the leprechaun is believed to be a member of the faerie world. They're spotted mostly at night in the countryside. According to reports, these two-foot high humanoids with long, pointed ears and deeply weathered faces often have reddish hair and an overgrown beard. Some reports have given them translucent skin, but most have noted their speed in motion.


Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x10
Production Number: 310
Airdate: Wednesday March 17th, 2010

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)