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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pharmacy Double/Bullet Train

A double murder at a pharmacy leads Washington and Fitch to the homicide of an attorney being investigated by Longford and Mahajan. The team finds that the two seemingly random incidents are connected and as they put the clues together, they are faced with a hostage situation.

Lt. Mason promotes narcotics cop Stone to homicide, and Sanchez is involved in a traffic mishap while pursuing a suspect. Washington is seriously injured just as he is notified that his wife has gone into labor with their first child.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Joshua Biton as James Burke | Laurie O'Brien as June Burke | Maurice "Mô" McRae as Pooch | Charles Baker as Marcus Mosier |
Co-Guest Stars: Doo Doo Brown as Driver | Ted Huckabee as Security Guard | Julian J. Gant as Detective #1 | Randy Wolfe as Detective #2 | Kron Moore as Nurse | Brian King (1) as Commuter Cop | Irone Singleton as Priest (as IronE Singleton) | Brian F. Durkin as Uniformed Cop | Vickie Eng as Old Lady Neighbor | Maria Howell as Woman Accident Witness | Steve Coulter as Hostage Negotiator | Rey Hernandez as SWAT Commander

2 :01x02 - Local Hero/Overboard

When Calvin Gibbs, a local football hero, is shot to death, Detectives Sanchez and Stone are assigned to the case, where Calvin's older brother Terrence is the prime suspect.

Longford and Mahajan are assigned the case of a groom found dead on his wedding night - pushed overboard the party boat that the rowdy reception was taking place on. Unfortunately, the groom was not very well-liked, and the pair have a long list of suspects to question.

While Washington recuperates in the hospital with his wife and newborn son, Alice Williams, the county Assistant Prosecutor, wants Lt. Mason and Fitch to speak about Washington's shooting to avoid the press having a field day.

Meanwhile, Stone is unnerved at the hard time Fitch is giving him on his first case as a homicide detective.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Will Zahrn as Mr. Borkowski | Danièle Watts as Shawna Johnson (as Daniele Wats) | Mike Foy as Speedy | Omar J. Dorsey as Goat | Brandon Fobbs as Terrence Gibbs | Tessa Thompson as Lauren Washington | Rochelle Aytes as Alice Williams | Sherra Lasley as Lynette | Kristopher Lofton as Derek | Chaon Cross as Agnes |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Tocco as Ned | Tiffany Nicole Jones as Desk Cop | Davaughn Lucas as SRT Cop | Tonya Dallas as Woman | Robert Skrok as Jerzy | Dan Howard (2) as Neck Brace Guy | Alan Muskovitz as Band Leader | Leslie McCurdy as Calvin's Mother | La Monte Bell as Cop #1 | Taras Los as Polish Accent Guy | Cole Corey as Cop #2 | Ellington King as Kid With Cell Phone | Jim Porterfield as Police Driver
Director: Kevin Hooks

3 :01x03 - Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier

Fitch, Washington, Longford and Majahan discover that the murder of a squatter who was trying to clean up the community is connected to one of the most powerful men in Detroit.

Stone and Sanchez work the case of a father and his teenage son. While attempting to buy a 1986 Firebird, the teenager is shot dead and his father is beaten but survives, leading the cops to a lethal vintage car scam.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Tim Decker as Kurt Bregman | Tim Grimm as Daniel Saunders | Anthony Chisholm as George | Malcolm J. Goodwin as KJ (as Malcolm Goodwin) | Dov Tiefenbach as JJ Zagorski | Juanita Jennings as Sally Elliston | Rochelle Aytes as Alice Williams | Todd Stashwick as Henry Malloy | David Aaron Baker as Landry | Evan Jones as Steven Hayes |
Co-Guest Stars: Vince Orlando as Tech | Khurram Mozaffar as Doctor | Preston Tate Jr. as Tagger | Tiren Jhames as Cop #3 | Gary Brunner as Cop #2 | Frank Zieger as Cop #1 | James Moore as Salesman | Melissa Bowers as Young Mom | Marisa Stober as Hostess | Sandra Aldridge as Mail Woman | James Cowans as Old Man | John Holland Jr. as Preacher
Director: Stephen Cragg

4 :01x04 - Royal Bubbles/Needle Drop

Money laundering and drug dealing lead to the murder of a man at a car wash. When the victim's wife goes missing, Fitch, Washington, Sanchez & Stone team up on the case. Stone questions a dealer while Fitch asks the missing woman's reluctant sister for help.

When an up and coming young rap artist is tossed to his death from a building, Longford & Mahajan assume that a shady record deal with a powerful producer led to the killing. As they dig deeper into the victim's social life, they uncover a surprising secret.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Sidi Henderson as Dan | Javon Johnson as Braxton/"Shredder B" | R. Ernie Silva as Chito | J.D. Williams as Pup Clemons | Judith Scott as Jill Simons | Keesha Sharp as Keri Rader | Nicki Micheaux as Brooke Jackson | Xzibit as Russell Pitts | Daniel Ross Owens as Josh Deacon |
Co-Guest Stars: Tiren Jhames as Cop | John Carter Brown (1) as Carl Dawkins | Terrell Ransom Jr. as Kevin Jackson
Director: Dean White

5 :01x05 - Murder in Greektown/High School Confidential

A crime hits close to home for Lt. Mason when a student at her daughter Simone's school is murdered, and Fitch & Sanchez believe Simone knows more than she is letting on.

Longford & Mahajan gather various suspects when the son of a defense attorney is shot dead after hours in a Greek restaurant. The victim's girlfriend is the only witness, and her statement to the detectives lead them to the realization that the killer could have been a cop.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Lucas Marx as Lance Brown | Stephen Louis Grush as Peter Afton | Miriam F. Glover as Zoe Fremont | Antoine McKay as Willie Holland | Meg Thalken as Nancy Thomas | Craig Harris as Reverend James Boone | Natalie Avital as Amara Petros | Anthony Skordi as Christof Petros | Jamai Fisher as Simone Mason | Kevin Christy as Cassius Goodwin | Cyrus Farmer as Leon Edmonds |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaliana Basoukeas as Laila Stevens | Kyle Clarington as Paramedic | Bart Burger as Doctor | Kevin Cox as Paul Remus | Patrice Bridges as Hayley's Mom | Dan Pesta as Cop #2 | Cliff Ingram as Eddie Vincent | Keith Kupferer as Mr. Brown | Guy Van Swearingen as Principal
Director: Nick Gomez

6 :01x06 - Lost Child/Murder 101

When a woman is shot to death in her SUV, a two-year-old girl is found safely tucked away in the back of the vehicle. This leads Fitch, Washington, Stone & Sanchez on a timely case involving the child care health system. Was the dead woman selling this child, or trying to protect her?

At a college campus, a janitor with a history of drug use is found slashed to death by two co-eds. Longford and Mahajan naturally check out the man's drug connections but eventually discover a motive that startles them both.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Karin Anglin as Dean Pritchard | Matt DeCaro as Simon Edwards | Matt Knudsen as Mark Young | Mekenna Melvin as Karla Lawford | Fatso Fasano as Dwayne Rollins | Sara Mornell as Eileen Mitchell | Johanna Braddy as Elizabeth Fadden | Adriane Lenox as Eva Gibbons | Rochelle Aytes as Alice Williams |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Colligan as Donald | Beth Stelling as Greta | Caleb Wolfe as Eileen's Son | Iliana M. Nezeritis as Chloe Young | Courtlen Hale II as Noah | Matthew Trudeau as Charles Windsor III | Sarah Charipar as Stacy Gaines | Sean H. Robertson as Cop | Lisa Lauren Smith as Kori Campbell | Cedric Mays as Shawn Campbell | Mike Eshaq as Campus Cop | Daniel Lang as Vernon Gaines
Director: Paul McCrane

7 :01x07 - Broken Engagement/Trashman

While Mahajan is in court, Washington is paired with Longford to investigate the death of a drug dealer known as Toucan, his body found bludgeoned in a garbage can.

This leaves the uneasy Stone and Sanchez to be partnered with Fitch. They're looking for the murderer of a successful female technology executive who was soon to be married.

Unbeknownst to Stone and Sanchez, Fitch overhears his partners discussing their night of passion, which could put a dent in their already fragile 'traingle.'

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Nora Fiffer as Allegra | Amari Cheatom as Jake Silva | Mike Bacarella as Serge Bostic | Kevin Christy as Cassius Goodwin | Jack Yang as Daniel Park | Gwen McGee as Marybeth Ellis | Arjay Smith as J.B. | Kenneth Mitchell as Jeffery Cage | Maurice "Mô" McRae as Pooch (as Mo McRae) | Rochelle Aytes as Alice Williams |
Co-Guest Stars: Horace H.B. Sanders as Fisherman | Jan Cartwright as Worker | Leroy S. Williams, III as Uniformed Officer | Donna Jay Fulks as Bailiff | Craig Strong as Judge | Emmajean Evans as Nana | Michael D. Ellison as Greg Garson | Ray Austin (2) as Dutch
Director: Ed Bianchi
Writer: Rob Hanning

8 :01x08 - Déjà Vu / All In

The discovery of a blood-spattered room sends Fitch, Washington, Stone & Sanchez on a quest to find a missing teen. The teen was a member of a group of friends who were being mentored in the ways of the old Purple Mafia. Drug-smuggling from Canada and severed body parts lead the team to their culprit.

Longford and Majahan take on the case of a man shot dead in the parking lot of a seedy motel. Seems that the man was an out-of-towner competing in a high-stakes poker game, where obviously somebody didn't want him to win.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Eric Walker as Remi Delord | Elly Lachman as Sara | Hanna Dworkin as Lydia Cantor | Keith D. Gallagher as John Degan | Joe Adler as Cliff Rouse | Danny McCarthy as Spencer Kona | Jefferson Mays as Dr. Roger Kosowski | Colleen Porch as Breanna Rayne | Larry Gilliard, Jr. as Lefty Reed (as Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) | Andrew Caldwell as Adam Stoltz | Nolan Gerard Funk as Trevor Elkin | Jerry Adler (1) as Max Elkin | Rob Brownstein (2) as Detective Claude Laurent |
Co-Guest Stars: Dave Donaldson as Cop | Katherine Cunningham as Sheri | Diandra Lyle as Mandy | Robert Goodwin as Greco | Bryan Kelly as Frankie "The Mouth" | Kurt Naebig as Slim Hopkins | Wayman Ezell as Jingesh | David Luther as Prophet | Danny Rhodes as Gus Trieble | Dan Lemieux as Hooded Poker Player | Robert Brown as Wide-Eyed Player | Dan Aho as CST Moskel

9 :01x09 - Home Invasion/Drive-by

Each member of the team is brought together by two separate cases and as the investigation progresses, they discover that the same murder weapon was used for both cases, in two very different sections of Detroit.

The first victim is an 11 year-old boy playing video games in his living room. He is felled by a stray bullet through the window from a drive-by shooting. The second victim is a wealthy and recently retired auto industry exec from the upper crust Boston/Edison neighborhood. He is shot twice in the foyer of his mansion.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Jane Alderman as Rita Clemons | Brandon Gill as Bam-Bam | Tequan Richmond as Appleman | Allen Maldonado as Paul Osborne | Tessa Thompson as Lauren Washington | William Allen Young as Dr. Jonathan Dozier | Dee Wallace Stone as Marni Eckhart (as Dee Wallace) |
Co-Guest Stars: Anton Ambrose as Guy #2 | Courtney Benjamin as Guy #1 | Rio Scafone as Linda Stevens | John W. Hardy as Eugene Stringer | Otis Youngsmith as Ace | Patrese McClain as Juanita Macy | Brian Shaw as Donald Mathers | Connor Del Rio as Scott Troy
Director: Kevin Hooks

10 :01x10 - Shelter

Two bodies are found in an underground fallout shelter. They are of two young people, an African American boy and a Caucasian girl, who were lovers during the notorious Detroit riots of 1967. Their Romeo and Juliet story came to a violent end, and the case leads Longford to his estranged ex-cop father for answers.

In another part of the city, a Latina woman is found dead, and upon further investigation, it appears she was pregnant. This sends the team in search of the woman's baby as well as the illegal clinic that she was being treated by.

In other goings-on, a comment made by Stone about illegal immigrants angers Sanchez, and various co-workers extend their advice to Washington when they find he and his wife's sex life has stalled.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Ajgie Kirkland as Toledo Harris | Erin Way as Wendy Chapin-Lomeister | Jorge Pallo as Luis Pena (as Jorge-Luis Pallo) | Lesley Fera as Dr Maya Ehrlich | Jefferson Mays as Dr. Roger Kosowski | Della Reese as Lorraine Henderson | Giancarlo Esposito as Eddie Henderson | Jude Ciccolella as Roy Darrow | Albert Hall as Brent Longford | Glynn Turman as Reverend Clinton P. Huey |
Co-Guest Stars: Guillermina Felix as Yolanda | Paul Desana as Joey Pachelli | Sonja Crosby as Uniformed Cop | Scott Norman as Amir Fahrkouzi | Jean Zarzour as Elena Liriano | Phil Ridarelli as Gary | Dennis Kelly as Hank Malansky | Brigid Duffy as Lily Malansky
Director: David Straiton
Writer: David Zabel

11 :01x11 - Ice Man/Malibu

While a Hollywood production company is filming a movie in Detroit, the drug-riddled starlet of the picture is found murdered in her trailer. Fitch, Longford, Washington & Mahajan interrogate several suspects, including the philandering director, producer and production assistant.

Elsewhere, Stone & Sanchez must figure out how a presumably homeless man's body ended up being frozen in a vacant building. They quickly arrest a vagrant who tries to flee, and he bites Sanchez's arm before Stone can knock him out. As they put the pieces together, they discover that the victim was definitely not homeless, nor poor, but rather well-off.

Stone opens up to Sanchez about his brother's death and his guilt, while Fitch is excited to get a phone call from his son, who wants to come and visit Detroit.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Amanda Mason Warren as Rachel Cook-Jones | Laroyce Hawkins as Dorsey Gamble | Gregory Anderson as Coe Levin | Jake Cohen as Jason Gabler | Greta Honold as Laurel | Kevin Bigley as Paul Flynn | Bernardo De Paula as Michel | Sterling K. Brown as Cameron Jones | Jonno Roberts as Neill Grantham | Michelle Clunie as Alex Bergman | Marcus Giamatti as Vaughn Prince | Lauren Bowles as Sara Moore |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Carey as Reporter #2 | Christy Edwards as Reporter #1 | Mare Costello as Second A.D.

12 :01x12 - Key To The City

Homicide hits close to home when Alice Williams is found murdered after attending a surprise retirement party for Longford. Mason, a good friend of Alice's, demands justice and this case takes top priority for the team.

All signs point to crooked politician Malloy, whom Alice had dirt on and whom Fitch has always felt was a high-powered criminal. Thanks to a helpful call girl, and her taped confessions of what she knew about Malloy's illegal dealings while being his mistress for a decade, things are looking up. Unfortunately, there's a mole in the department who will do anything to protect Malloy's name and reputation. This leads Fitch on both a professional and personal rampage while Malloy is attending a charity gala.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Kara Zediker as Ms. Weatherly | Anslem Richardson as Eli Jones | Erin Way as Wendy Chapin-Lomeister | Helena Mattsson as Anna Gabov | Dov Tiefenbach as JJ Zagorski | Rochelle Aytes as Alice Williams | Todd Stashwick as Henry Malloy |
Co-Guest Stars: Langston Jones as Alice's Dad | Kertia Black as Alice's Mom | Kizzmett Pringle as Woman | Lakeisha Woodard as Sherry | Russell Rabb as Clerk | Michael Carollo as Uni (Rodriguez) | Ron Lyons as Darcy | Ryan Kitley as James | Tiren Jhames as Cop #1
Director: Seith Mann

13 :01x13 - Road To Nowhere

The team braces for a visit from Special Agent Harkins, who is there to interrogate them about Fitch after Malloy's murder.

Fitch and Washington attend to the case of a missing girl, the granddaughter of a prominent Grosse Pointe man who was found gunned down on a public bus with two other victims. A briefcase with bullet holes and a cell phone help the detectives find out who is responsible and how to get the abducted girl back safely.

Fitch also reveals to Washington exactly why he left his job, wife and son in New York. His excitement over his son visiting him in Detroit is dampened with a phone call from an old associate of his in New York.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Montae Russell as Cliff Robbins (as Montae Russell) | Todd Weeks as Clark Wilkins | Hedy Burress as Shayna Wilkins | Megan Dodds as Jess Harkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Matthew Pickus as FBI Agent | Jovan Larocque as Cop | Peter Lawson Jones as Homeless Guy | Kim Adams as Female Anchor | Allyson Lengers as Lily | Danny Lucci as VCU Officer | Joseph Kathrein as Kidnapper | John Lepard as Cyrus Layton | Tyla Abercrumbie as Jeanelle Stilton
Director: Matthew Penn

14 :01x14 - Beaten/Cover Letter

A young waitress - the fiance of a Detroit boxer who is poised to earn a lot of money from his next fight - is found beaten to death at a diner. Fitch, Washington, Sanchez and Stone take on the case, and none of them are thrilled that Jess Hawkins will be tagging along and observing their detective work.

Meanwhile, Longford and Mahajan check into the cold case of a man who was murdered five years ago when his mother stops by the precinct with a handful of love letters she had found. They track down the woman he was corresponding with to get some answers.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Abigail Droeger as April | Rebecca Spence as Dierdre | Erin Way as Wendy Chapin-Lomeister | Tommy Hearns as Himself | Russell Richardson as Lavelle | Rebecca Lowman as Adrienne Fontaine | Jocko Sims as Gimel Hooper | Chadwick Boseman as Tommy Westin | Deanna Dunagan as Helen Lakeland | John Beasley as Joe King | Megan Dodds as Jess Harkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Hendricks as Dap "The Hammer" | Paul Turner as Antonio
Writer: Rob Hanning

15 :01x15 - Legacy/Drag City

There's trouble in the workplace when Stone & Sanchez's budding relationship is threatened by the arrival of Riley, a troubled woman from Stone's past.

Longford & Mahajan investigate the murder of a drag queen and delve into the world of The Mother Lode night club to see who would've wanted her dead.

A wounded man enters the precinct, confessing to a gang-related double murder in an alley. The man survives and his story doesn't add up, sending Fitch & Washington to look into the man's criminal history for clues.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Ron Ware as Nate Collins | D.J. Pierce as Drag Club Performer | Adeoye Mabogunje as Darren Riggs (as Adeoye) | Harrison Knight as Justin Lawton | Jazzmun as Luscious Lana | Jai Rodriguez as Christina Draguilera/Joe | Clinton Leupp as Cherry Pop/Jacob | Erin Way as Wendy Chapin-Lomeister | Kerry O'Malley as Audrey Wiler | Kristina Apgar as Riley Sullivan | Raphael Sbarge as Marcus Wiler | Michael K. Williams as Clarence Warrenton (as Michael Kenneth Williams) | Megan Dodds as Jess Harkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Asha Tyson as Nurse | Sam Khaleghi as Paramedic #1 | Tory O. Davis as Tim
Director: Dean White

16 :01x16 - Stone Cold

Lt. Mason wants the entire force to work on the case of a murdered college student, and the case comes with a slew of suspects. The victim's shady boyfriend, a Canadian drug runner, a lusty professor and a wealthy classmate are all possible culprits.

While this is going on, Sanchez goes out of her way to find out more about Stone's ex-girlfriend Riley and her motives for re-connecting with him. Stone finally realizes that Riley is lying to him but he has no idea what lengths she'll go to in order to get out of trouble - even if it includes harming him.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Claire Wellin as Lindsey Gaye | Dexter Zollicoffer as Ethan Cofield | Shanesia Davis Williams as Wanda Cofield (as Shanesia Davis) | R. Ernie Silva as Chito Suarez | Robert Bailey, Jr. as Brett McCord | Nick Tarabay as Amir Sakhani | Erin Way as Wendy Chapin-Lomeister | Kristina Apgar as Riley Sullivan | J.D. Williams as Pup Clemons | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Bonnie McCord | Megan Dodds as Jess Harkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Jerry Rimmer as Luke McCord | Anita Jung as Pam Frazier | Nic Park as Zed | Ashlee McLemore as Loren | Taylor Dupuis as Kacy | James Vincent Meredith as Roger Edison | Danny Martinez as Brian | Thomas Gaitsch as Howard Branson (as Tom Gaitsch)
Director: Darnell Martin

17 :01x17 - Motor City Blues

Stone's death sends shockwaves through the precinct, most notably for Sanchez, who can't bring herself to go back to work.

Fitch's ex-wife Linda comes to town with their young son Bobby, who has a lot of questions for his Dad as to why he left New York years ago.

The murder of a teenaged graffiti artist puzzles Longford and Mahajan, but Fitch uses his son for inspiration and leads the duo to the perp.

Meanwhile, Longford still doesn't know whether or not he should retire, and Washington asks Fitch to be the godfather of his child.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Royce Williams as MK | Heidi Johanningmeier as Margie Parker | Vadim Imperioli as Bobby | Kevin Carroll as Reuben Davis | Shahine Ezell as Nuke5 | Erin Way as Wendy Chapin-Lomeister | Alicia Coppola as Linda Garrety | Tommy Flanagan (1) as Albert Stram | Megan Dodds as Jess Harkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Vlassopoulos as Coney Vendor | Rick Beamon as Mel | Jenenne Whitfield as Woman | Joseph Mark Lushi as Man | Tiren Jhames as Bertini
Director: David Zabel
Writer: David Zabel

18 :01x18 - Blackout

Agent Harkins discovers the truth about Fitch and Stram in New York, but still doesn't realize that any attempt to take out Stram could jeopardize several innocent people - including Washington, his wife and newborn child.

With the help of Lt. Mason, Longford and Mahajan, Fitch decides to take care of Stram before Harkins and The FBI can get to him.

Source: dbenton
Guest Stars: Clifford McGhee as Tyrell Hayes | Jason Wells as Wendell | Vadim Imperioli as Bobby | Troy Winbush as Deputy Chief Johnson | Tessa Thompson as Lauren Washington | Tommy Flanagan (1) as Albert Stram | Megan Dodds as Jess Harkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellis Foster as Minister | Joseph Mark Lushi as Goon/Stram's Driver/Thug | Dennis Grimes as Devlin | Arthur Cartwright as FBI Man #1 | Paul Elia as FBI Man #2 | Sundari Rule as FBI Counterpart
Director: Kevin Hooks
Warning: Detroit 1-8-7 guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 2010
Ended: May 13, 2011
Episode Order: 18
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