Key To The City - Recap

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The scene opens with Majahan and Longford driving and Majahan tells that he is taking Longford out. They arrive at a bar and everyone is there to congratulate Longford on his 30th Anniversary on the police force. Majahan tells that they have been planning it for two weeks. Alice talks to Lt. Mason and tells that she dated a guy that won’t stop bugging her. She tells that he is harmless. In the back of the bar, Fitch is on the phone with Linda, his ex-wife, and he is fighting to have Bobby come down. Linda hangs up the phone. He walks up to Majahan and they watch Henry Maloy get the key to the city. Fitch tells that he already owns the city and that they might as well have the key. Back at the office, Sanchez is on the phone with her brother. She tells that he can’t keep calling her every time he gets into trouble. Stone walks in and asks if she is alright. He tells that he is sorry that she has to go through that. They kiss. Back at the bar, Fitch and Alice talk and Fitch tells that Alice shouldn’t be a lawyer since she never returns his phone calls on a case. She storms out.

Later at the station, Wendy gets a call and she tells that she will inform the on-duty officers. She goes into the interview room where Stone and Sanchez are making out and Wendy apologizes and averts her eyes. Sanchez tells that they shouldn’t be doing this and Wendy comes in and tells that she forgot to give them a message. Meanwhile Washington is trying to get Fitch to open up about his life. He refuses and Washington gets upset. Fitch calls him and tells that his ex-wife called and told him that she won’t let Bobby go to Detroit. Washington gets fed up with talking on the phone and walks up to the car. The door is locked so Fitch rolls down the window a little bit. Washington tells that he is not calling and getting to know Bobby. He tells that he will start doing that. Suddenly they get the call that Stone and Sanchez got. They get told it is a woman shot. They arrive on scene and find out that the woman shot is Alice. Lt. Mason arrives on scene and Fitch tells that they are going to get who killed Alice for her.

A press conference is held and she tells that they are going to do the case right. Mason tells that they need to check on a man that was stalking her. Mason has to break the news of Alice’s death to her parents. Later at Alice’s apartment, Sanchez and Stone carry off “personal” items that Alice’s parents don’t need to find and Washington finds out the name of the stalker to be Eli Jones. Fitch tells that they can go track him down. At the station they sit down with Eli and he admits that he followed her, but tells that he didn’t kill her. He mentions a Zagorski guy and Fitch and Washington know him all too well. They sit down with him and he tries to play dumb and Fitch and Washington see that he is nervous about something. Fitch plays lies and tells that Zagorski has a red dot on his head. He ducks under the table and then agrees to help them. He tells that it is someone Fitch knows and tells that Henry Maloy is the one that killed Alice. They take him back to the station and he tells that Alice was going after Henry after the homicide. She dug up a lot of dirt. He tells that she was going to do an inclusive with her whistleblower. However, he doesn’t know who.

They look at the list of angry employees and Mason tells that despite Maloy’s settlement of millions of dollars, they need to talk to Maloy’s ex-wife. They get there and Fitch convinces her to help them out by telling the name of Henry’s mistress. Anna Gavov. Back at the station, Sanchez asks if Stone talked to Wendy about catching them. Stone makes small talk and she tells that his secret is safe with her. Sanchez tells that she got a hit on Anna and knows where she is. They get the address and tell Anna that Alice is dead. She is devastated. Fitch tells her that they are there to help her. They take her back to the station and they talk about Anna’s history and tells that Henry was giving a weekly stipend and then ended it. Wendy walks by with her fingers to up to her lips. An unknown officer comes into Anna’s room and Fitch runs up and slams him on the table. Stone recognizes her and Lt. Mason tells that she wants to move her into a safe house. Zagorski is there too and introduces himself. She tells that she has a tape recording of all that Maloy did and tells that Alice has it in her apartment. Fitch goes to Alice’s apartment and finds a tape recorder in the elephant. They now have proof that Maloy is involved with everything. Lt. Mason tells that they need warrants.

Fitch sees that Mason is sad and walks into her office. He tells that he didn’t see that Alice cared until today. She sits there and cries. Wendy tells that a family member is running a food drive and asks for a donation. Feeling guilty, Sanchez puts all her money into the can. Suddenly a man walks in a tuxedo. It is Henry Maloy and he asks to see Fitch. Mason asks Fitch what he wants and Fitch tells that he is going to find out. Mason locks the recorder in her drawer. Maloy tries to blackmail Fitch by telling that the newspaper is going to print the story of Fitch getting kicked out of New York and abandoning his family. Fitch reveals the information they have on him and he tells that a jury is not going to believe a prostitute. Mason and Fitch realize that he knows about Anna. At the safe house, Majahan tells that he got a picture from the arranged marriage that his father is trying to set up and tells that she is not that bad looking. Longford jokes and tells him not to send a picture to her. Suddenly there is someone jiggling the door handle. Longford and Majahan start shooting when a shot goes through the door. At the station, Rodriquez the new officer walks by and Lt. Mason wonders what is going on. She tries to stop him after seeing that the recorder is gone, but he is gone. Back at the safe house, Longford and Majahan find the person on the other side dead. Longford sees a man go around the side of the building and tries to shoot him. He goes into the room and find Zagorski in the closet. He tells that Anna went out the window. Longford tells that he is headed for the roof now.

Fitch and the Washington arrive with the rest of the squad and they run. Majahan tries to talk the person into letting Anna go. However, when Fitch and Washington get on top of the roof, Majahan tells that he didn’t have a clear shot and that the man just jumped. Fitch looks over the side to find both the man and Anna dead. Now they have no witness to tie Maloy to the murders. Fitch is upset and interrupts Maloy’s event and calls him a evil person. They start to argue and Fitch almost gets into a fight with him. Washington talks him back to the station and Lt. Mason tells him to keep his cool. He tells that he will. However, Washington is told to follow him. Washington asks about Fitch’s son and he tells that he forgot to call him. Washington chastises him and tells that he shouldn’t be a father until he is ready to put work at work and home at home. Fitch tells that he doesn’t need an escort. In the elevator, he calls someone. The next day, Lt. Mason gets news that Rodriquez is off to Canada. Wendy gives her a piece of paper. Fitch is not there yet. She tells that they have a man shot to death. The victim is Henry Maloy. Fitch walks in and everyone is looking at him.