Road To Nowhere - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone watching the news about Maloy’s death. They all talk about the fact that Fitch is the main suspect. Fitch is with Lt. Mason when she tells that the FBI is sending an agent down to interrogate Fitch. Just then, Agent Jess Harkins comes in and asks for Lt. Mason’s office. She goes inside and tells Fitch to wait for her in the interrogation room. Harkins starts to talk to Mason about Fitch and goes around touching her things. She pops in a candy and tells that she is trying to quit smoking. Mason gets upset and tells her to start her investigation. Fitch is in the interrogation room and Harkins walks in. Fitch asks if she has anything on him and if he is suspended. She has no answer and Fitch takes this as a no and tries to leave. Harkins tells him to get comfortable. Meanwhile, Longford and Majahan arrive on a crime scene where hundred dollar bills are scattered everywhere. There is a man inside. He has been shot and killed.

Back in the interrogation room, Harkins tries to intimidate Fitch and Fitch tells that he has her figured out already. He reads her perfectly and tells that he has a job to do if she is not suspending him. He leaves and she pulls out an electric cigarette and starts smoking. Fitch and Washington arrive on the crime scene and find that there are two other victims on the bus. The driver is missing and they figure that the younger kid robbed a Charles Maury Bower, the old man that was shot. Longford is outside and shows that a lot of the bills have holes in them. Majahan shows that he found the briefcase and a blood trail. The briefcase has bullet holes in it and it belongs to Charles Bower. Washington tells that Bower’s car was found 2 miles down the road. They need to find out why he was on the bus.

Harkins interrogates Stone and tells that a drug dealer contact called Stone and told him that Fitch was going to kill Maloy. Stone is upset that they are listening to conversations. He tells that Fitch would never kill anyone. Meanwhile, Fitch and Mason visit the home of Charles Bower and see that his daughter, Shannon, and husband, Clark, are there. They tell that they don’t know why Charles was on the bus. However, they are nervous. They tell that Shannon’s daughter, Lily, was kidnapped. Fitch and Washington tell that they have people for this. Meanwhile, Harkins interrogates Sanchez and she asks her if she and Fitch had a relationship. She is defensive and tells that she separates her sex life from her work life. She tells that she doesn’t have time for this and leaves.

The police department arrives and has pulled the ATM footage. They see a man take Lily and get his face. Back at the station, Harkins interviews Longford and he tells the same and tells that Fitch is not like other cops and doesn’t like that Harkins is treating this is a witch hunt. She talks to Majahan and he tells that he is 99% sure that Fitch didn’t kill Maloy. Fitch and Washington have results back from the Medical Examiner and all victims were killed with a 45. They go to the home of Cliff Robbins, the bus driver. His wife tells that she doesn’t know where Cliff is and Fitch tells that they have to take her into protective custody because the shooter saw his face. She tells that she will be right back. Sanchez and Stone tell each other that they talked to Harkins and Stone tells that it will be fine. Suddenly they see Mrs. Robbins drive off and get into another car. Fitch and Washington block them in. Cliff and his wife get out and they find some money in his bag. At the station, he tells that he found the money and that he didn’t kill anyone. He points out the picture of the man at the ATM as the shooter.

Washington finds his address Leonard Jaspers and SWAT busts inside. They find Jaspers dead and no girl. At the station, Mason calls the FBI and tells them that she doesn’t like them sending in an agent without the right course of action. Harkins comes in and asks if Mason feels that Fitch did it. She tells that if he did, he will be dealt with. She tells that it is justice though when Maloy got killed. They brief and Harkins tells that she needs to talk to Washington. Fitch takes over and tells that the cell phone they found was a burner and that the plan went sour. Fitch tells that they need to use the number and text the kidnappers. In the interrogation room, Washington tells that Fitch is a mentor and tells that Fitch is a weird man, but he has never wanted to kill Maloy. Washington tells that Fitch may be normal, but he would have written off Maloy’s murder as necessary.

Fitch and Washing stake out the drop off and Washington tells that he told that Fitch was innocent. The car comes and the police spring into action. It is Carl, Shannon’s husband. They get him to the station and Lt. Mason tells that Carl tried to kill himself. Fitch tells Washington to leave for a moment. They watch as Fitch tells that people make mistakes and that he knows about that. Harkins hears this and is intrigued. Carl opens up and tells that he didn’t mean for all of this to happen. They are going to contact the kidnappers and Harkins tells that they will run back up. Fitch gets suited up and tells Washington if he doesn’t come back, he needs to tell Bobby that he wanted to fix them and that he was trying. He tells that he made a mistake in New York and was getting close to the Mobster Albert Stram. He was told to leave New York, or his son was going to be killed.

At the drop off, the kidnapper tells Fitch to drop the briefcase and he does. Just then FBI SWAT come in and takes the kidnapper down. They get the location of the girl and rescue her. They return her to Shannon and she is happy. Later, Mason tells Fitch to come to her office for the verdict of Harkin’s investigation. She tells that Fitch’s gun passed ballistics and that he is clear. They have a suspect, Albert Stram. Fitch flinches at the sound of the name. Later at a gas station, Fitch gets a phone call. It is Albert Stram. He tells that he is that he was the one who killed Malloy for Fitch. He tells that he is moving to Detroit.