Legacy/Drag City - Recap

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The scene opens with Stone asking Sanchez why she won’t stay over at his house. Wendy walks over and asks why they are brewing their own coffee, but Stone says that they got it. Sanchez says that she likes her place. Longford and Majahan ask Agent Harkins why she is called “Special Agent”. She says that it is nothing. Majahan, Longford, and Harkins go to their crime scene and it is the death of a woman who was beat to death. However, Harkins finds red paint next to the body. The medical examiner takes a quicker look and the victim is actually a Drag Queen. Meanwhile, Stone and Sanchez stop by a hospital and Stone asks the nurse to see a Riley Sullivan. He says that she is an old contact that he had and she called him. Sanchez is suspicious.

Meanwhile, Longford and Majahan go into the Drag Queen Club and meet “Christina” and they asks to see the manager. Back at the hospital, Stone is in the room with Riley and she sees him caress her face. Meanwhile at the station, a man walks into the station and says that he wants to report a murder. He walks up to Fitch and Washington and Washington sees that he is bleeding from a gun shot wound. Fitch calls for an EMS. Fitch asks the stranger’s name and he says that it is Clarence Warrenton. He says that the bodies that he killed can be found in an alley. Back at the club, Majahan and with the manager of the club, “Luscious Lana”. She says that the Drag Queen found in the alley is “Detroit”, originally named Donald Tupper. They tell them that “Detroit” was on stage tonight and “Luscious Lana” says that they are like a family and says that there was one guy that was obsessed, Marcus.

Washington looks up Clarence’s background and finds out that he was a member of the 7 Mile Posse Gang back in the past. He served time and just got released three weeks ago. Fitch laughs and says that is typical. Washington says that people can change, but Fitch doesn’t believe that. They find pyramids on their right arms and find “East Side Players” a rival gang of the “7 Mile Posse Gang”. In the car, Stone says that Riley and he had a past, but it is over. Sanchez says that they are good then. They meet up with Fitch and Washington and Fitch asks why Clarence had a gun and doesn’t seem right. However, Fitch finds that one of the guys was shot in the back. Back at the station, Majahan and Longford meet with Marcus and he says that he loved to watch “Detroit” on stage and that is it. Longford suggests that Marcus wanted more. Marcus says that “Detroit” has a boyfriend, Darren Riggs, and he intimidated him by confronting “Detroit” violently. Riley comes into the station and Stone asks what she is doing there. She says that she is scared to go home and thinks that the men who mugged her are going to go back to her place. She talks about their past and says that the people who mugged her were their friends and that he set them up. He says that he can’t get into it again with her.

At the hospital, Fitch and Washington talk to Clarence and after telling him that his story doesn’t match up, he says that he wants a lawyer. Majahan and Longford meet Darren and he says that he didn’t like Donald being “Detroit” and says that everyone was trying to get with him. He says that he didn’t kill Donald. He points them back to the other Drag Queens as the killer because they were jealous of Donald for being the best. Stone takes Riley to his apartment and says that she can stay there until things settle down. Back at the station, Longford and Majahan tell Agent Harkins that they would have liked if she only observed and not participated. The medical examiner comes in and tells them that there were stalletto heel prints on “Detroit’s” chest and both Majahan and Harkins say that they are Louboutin shoes, a really expensive pair of shoes. Fitch tries to draw the crime scene when Harkins comes in with a 3D presentation of what could have happened. They determine that there was a fourth person.

Stone is on the phone with Riley and tells her to take some food with her medicine. Sanchez comes in and says that Clarence is back in the “7 Mile Posse” and that Nate Collins is the leader now. Stone gets up and says that he has a few things that he has to take care of first and Sanchez tells him to take the night off. Sanchez calls up a unit to pick up Nate Collins. Fitch and Washington meet with Nate and he says that he was no where near the crime scene. He says that he was only talking to Clarence and that he is not back in the gang. He says that the fourth person was Justin, Clarence’s son. He tells them that Justin is lying low, but he will point them in the right direction. Majahan and Longford go to the club and try to find the Louboutins. The other Drag Queens say that they cannot afford those and the last person to have those was “Cherry Pop”. She was the “Detroit” before “Detroit”. “Cherry Pop’s” name is Jacob Parker. Back at the station, Sanchez sees that Stone forgot his scarf and goes to his apartment. Riley answers the door and she tells her that Stone went to get her some food. She is condensending to Sanchez and lies and says that she wanted to go home, but Stone says that she should stay. Stone walks in and Sanchez walks out.

Majahan and Longford get into the station and “Cherry Pop” is there. Sanchez tells Stone that he should have told her that Riley is staying with him and tells him that he needs to deal with his stuff and then find out how they feel. Sanchez says that she is going with Fitch. Longford talks to “Cherry Pop” and talks about his career and how if a younger guy came around and took his job, he would strangle him. She says that she didn’t kill “Detroit” and says that she sold her Louboutins months ago. She says that she say “Detroit” talking to another Drag Queen and says that they need to check the security tapes from a week ago. Fitch and Sanchez go to Justin’s place and he runs off. Sanchez eventually catches up to him and Fitch and her take him into custody. “Cherry Pop”, Harkins, Longford and Majahan review the tapes and the car is registered to Marcus. They go to his home and find the Louboutins. Marcus’s wife comes in and Marcus says that the shoes are not hers. However, they belong to his wife.

Washington talks to Justin and Fitch says that his father was protecting him. Justin says that he doesn’t have a father. However, Fitch gets to Justin and he says that Clarence showed up because Justin was told to kill Clarence if he was going to get into the “East Side Players”. He couldn’t do it and shot the two gang members to save his dad. Clarence protected Justin and told him to go. Washington says that Justin will do 5 years, better than what Clarence would do. Stone comes in and tells Sanchez that he is going home and she coldly says that she will see him tomorrow. Longford and Majahan talk to Marcus’s wife. She says that she was upset with Marcus for doing this and that she went to talk to “Detroit” but she wouldn’t listen to her. She grabbed a tire iron and beat her. Clarence goes to see Justin and they hug. Fitch says that he is going to make a phone call and asks Washington if it is too late. He says that it is never too late. Stone gets into his apartment to find Riley sitting on the floor with the wine. She says that the men who messed her up, did it because of Stone. She says that they are coming after him. The episode ends.