Blackout - Recap

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The scene opens with Longford getting ready to meet with someone to file for retirement. He walks in and says that he feels like he is in Tuscany already. However, the man is not talkative and hurries the process along. He tells that all Longford has to do is wait 60 days for the retirement. Longford rips up the application and tells him to forget about it and pretend he wasn’t even there. The man tells that it is not that easy. Meanwhile, Majahan talks to the medical examiner and says that Angeli is coming for a visit and says that he is happy. The medical examiner is opening up a cadaver at the moment of this talk and Majahan is losing his train of thought. She says that Majahan doesn’t seem that he is excited because he has built up the girl and doesn’t want to be disappointed. The medical examiner tells him that she is good getting inside people’s heads as she reaches for the instrument to get into the cadaver’s head and goes to work.

Fitch takes Bobby to a car show and he asks if Fitch has any woman in his life and he tells that he doesn’t. Bobby tells that he should get with Sanchez because she likes him. He tells that she is not going to be around forever and that he needs to make his move quick. Washington is right behind them with his little boy too. Longford talks to Chief Johnson and he tells Longford that he can’t do anything about it and that the force is trying to have a new generation. Longford is offended and says that they are taking out the experience off the street if they do that. He insults the Chief and walks away. He goes up to Lt. Mason to talk to Chief Johnson and she tells him that it is not going to do much good. Sanchez comes in and says that she doesn’t like her new partner that she is going to be getting and Mason tells her that the guy has plenty of experience and Mason gets a call. She hands a piece of paper to Sanchez and tells that they have a scene and to take Longford. Harkins comes up and tells that Albert Stran is in Detroit and more of her men are going to be in Detroit as well.

At the Auto Show, Washington tells that Fitch is doing a good job with Bobby and says that he still needs a Godfather and Fitch sees Bobby talking to someone he recognizes. He wallks up and it is Al Stram. Fitch tells Bobby to go where Washington is and Fitch walks off with Al. He tells that he needs to know what Agent Harkins knows and Fitch says that he can’t help him. Al tells that the “sins of the father” are big and shows a picture of Sanchez, Bobby and Fitch in the diner. He says that he is everywhere. Al walks away leaving Fitch with the picture.

Washington walks on scene to the murder of a family. There are children and a husband and wife. Washington walks into the little girl’s room to find her bed empty. Longford says that the little girl is missing. Majahan and Sanchez walk up and Majahan asks who does this kind of thing. Washington sees blood coming from the cabinet and opens it. The little girl is inside, dead. Meanwhile, Fitch tells Bobby that the cabin they are going to is going to be great. However, he gets a call from Mason and says that he will be there despite his protests. Fitch gets to the station and Sanchez says that Owen Hayes, a known drug dealer, is a suspect. Fitch sees that Bobby walked from his chair. Longford walks in a holding room where the prostitutes are there and Bobby says that it is the best seat in the house. Fitch comes in and tells him that he should never leave his side. Longford tries to tell him to settle down and Fitch snaps back and tells him not to tell him what to do. He walks up to Harkins’s board on Al Stram and says that she has a case. She says that she knows that Fitch knows Al already and says that he ran an investigation and it is not like Fitch to give up on a case. He says that he couldn’t get near him.

Majahan is on the phone with a restaurant and he asks Longford how he knew that his wife was the one and Longford says that his wife was very sweet with a rude kid and showed that she could see the good in people. They bring in Owen Hayes in and interview him. However, he says that he didn’t do anything to the family because the boy was like a brother to him. Fitch hears that the boy’s grandfather is a custom’s agent and gets an idea. He visits Al Stram and tells that it was Al who murdered the family. Al gives the gun to Fitch and tells him to frame someone else for the crime or he is going to kill Washington and his family. Fitch gets in the room and plays with Owen’s head. He brings up the fact that Owens has a son and if he wants to see his son every day, he needs to confess. Right before he is about to confess, Mason tells that Fitch needs to hear something. He gets out and Harkins says that it was Al who murdered the family because they have an inside man.

Longford asks about if Lt. Mason talked to the Chief and she tells him that he shouldn’t give his hopes up. Majahan tells Longford that Angeli is not coming because she found out that he was sleeping around. Longford says that is only hearsay, but Majahan says that she canceled her trip to see him. Washington notices someone from the museum and walks up to Fitch and says that he knows something about Stram. He goes into Lt. Mason’s office and she calls him in her office. He tells her that Al Stram threatened Washington’s life and the life of Washington’s family. He says that he has to get to him first. Mason says that he is not going on this alone and calls in Majahan and Longford. She tells that they need to do something and both tell that they are going to do it. Washington is left in the dark and goes up to Fitch and Fitch tells that he needs to talk to Washington. They go to the bathroom and tells that he wants Washington to be Bobby’s Godfather and he says that when he met Washington, he didn’t like him at first and now he can see that he is a good family man. Washington asks what is going on and he tells that Al is there and that he has to go get to him first.

Bobby asks where Fitch is going and Fitch tells that he has to go pick up a guy. He hugs Bobby and leaves. Harkins and her team get to Stram’s house, but they are gone already. The other mobsters thank Fitch for tipping them off and on of the men tells that the boss is waiting for him. Longford and Majahan come in and hold a gun to the guy’s head. Longford’s phone rings and he tells that he has to take it. Fitch goes downstairs and points a gun to Al’s face. He asks if he is going to be found with a bullet in his head and the gun in his hand. Back upstairs, Longford gets off the phone and tells that he is back. Longford goes downstairs to find that Fitch and Al are gone. They are in a car heading to Canada. Al thanks Fitch for doing a good job allowing him to get out of there. Longford and Majahan come into the church where Washington is getting his son baptized and Bobby sees that Fitch is not there.

Back in Canada, Fitch starts up the car, but then gets out and tells that Al needs to go back to New York and leave him alone. He says that he can’t do that. They cut with Fitch and Al drawing for their guns and there is a gun fire. At the church, Harkins says that she has some “news”. She says that two men were found handcuffed and one had the gun that killed the family. They tell that they have no clue who could have done it. Fitch walks through the door and she asks where he was. Fitch freezes a moment and Washington tells that he is his son’s Godfather and that he was busy doing stuff with that. Harkins says that she has the two crooks who put Fitch and two others at the crime scene. Lt. Mason asks who she is going to believe. Harkins walks off. Back at the station in the examining room and Majahan finds her crying. She has the girl’s dress in front of her and she can’t bring herself to do that autopsy. Majahan hugs her and he gets that “feeling” that he wanted. Fitch goes up to Sanchez and asks if she wants to go to his place for dinner. She tells that she has to meet her new partner first, but afterward, she will come over. Fitch and Bobby walk out and he says that he is going to buy him a soda. Bobby corrects him and says that they don’t say “Soda” in Detroit. They say “Pop”.