Season 4

25 :04x01 - The Perfect Husband

A man grows suspicious when his wife disappears.

26 :04x02 - The Family Man

A father of three is suspected of committing a series of attacks in Ocala, Fla.

Source: Investigation Discovery

27 :04x03 - Civil War Serial Killer

The hunt for a serial killer in the Midwest is chronicled.

Source: Investigation Discovery

28 :04x04 - Under the Melting Snow

A sister suspects her troubled brother knows more than he should about women who are missing from the streets of Edmonton. Only when she looks inside his hockey bag, does she make a shocking discovery.

Source: Investigation Discovery

29 :04x05 - Secret Agent Dad

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30 :04x06 - Black Widow of Texas

When a son suspects his dad’s new wife is evil, no one will listen. Even after Jimmy Don Beets goes missing on a fishing trip, there is no police investigation. Years later, the dark truth of what is buried in the widow’s garden will be revealed.

Source: Investigation Discovery

31 :04x07 - Doctor of Deceit

A motel owner looks for love online, but finds herself in the midst of intrigue when she meets a doctor involved in a top-secret government project. After his wife goes missing, she realizes that he's hiding a deadly secret.

Source: Investigation Discovery

32 :04x08 - The Kensington Strangler

A woman wonders if her lover is the man responsible for three Philadelphia killings.

Source: Investigation Discovery