Beauty and the Beast - Recap

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Dexter gives medical attention to the woman he found at Boyd's house. As
he works, Harry appears. Dexter's recent carelessness has him concerned.
He reminds Dexter that the first rule of the code is "Don't get caught."
Once the woman recovers, she will go to the police. Harrison is Dexter's
responsibility; not this woman. When the woman opens her eyes, Dexter
reassures her. She falls onto the floor. Dexter tries to help, but she
fights him so hard that he has to sedate her. Once she's unconscious
again, he places her on the table.

Deb calls. Dexter thinks it's the middle of the night, but Deb says only
if he's in California. She's been at a crime scene all night. The blood
doesn't talk to Masuka like it does to him. Deb asks him to please help;
don't make her beg. Dexter is going to turn her down but thinks maybe
he could get an ID on "Sleeping Beauty, here" if he goes in, so he
agrees to help. He puts the woman's fingerprints on a bottle and brings
it with him.

Deb and Dexter are yelled at by civilians outside the yellow tape. Deb
yells back that they're working on it. Dexter asks what the guy said,
and she has no idea but the general consensus seems to be that there are
less beheadings in the rich part of Miami. He asks what they have so
far, and Masuka says 'machete'. He asks for more, but Deb says that's
all they've got. They're too tired to think, that's why she called him.
Dexter tracks the blood through the attack, like it's a dance, ending at
the head on the pillar. He finds cigar ash and asks if anybody has been
smoking in there. Masuka says it's 2010, who smokes? Apparently, Machete
Man does. Dexter takes a closer look at the ash, analysis suggests it
would be a cheap one, like a Tiparillo. Deb asks some police officers to
sweep for cigar butts outside the door the killer left through. Masuka
teases Dexter about him coming back in a supporting role, assisting him.
Masuka asks if he's not going to wait and see if they find the cigar. He
only wants to get back to the girl before the tranquilizer wears off,
but he says he'll make an appearance later to hear the results.

When Dexter gets home, he apologizes to Sonya for being so late. Late is
a major understatement. Harrison needs a reliable parent. Dexter says he
is, but she's not willing to give him another chance so he can prove it.
Despite his pleas, Sonya is done working for Dexter. As she walks out
the door, Dexter tells Harrison that he misses Rita.

Quinn and his FBI friend Ray are having a phone conversation. Quinn has
not been given permission to show the Mitchell family a photo of Kyle
Butler. It becomes clear that Quinn has a photograph of Dexter above the
sketches. "The only clue is Kyle Butler and I might know who that is,"
he pleads. "Ask again, Ray." Ray refuses but explains that he could show
the family the photo. Quinn explains that he can't because it is a
"sensitive situation". When they hang up, Quinn watches Ray get into his
car, and follows him.

Quinn joins the meeting late. Deb explains that they found the cigar
butt, and it has a partial thumbprint on it. They should have an ID on
one of the assailants within 24 hours.

Dexter arrives with Harrison. While everybody is cooing over him, Dexter
heads for his office, and Quinn takes note. He scans the fingerprint
from the woman at Boyd's. He sees everybody fussing over Harrison and
declares babies are better than donuts, where cops are concerned. Harry
makes another unwelcome appearance, telling him that quality time with
his son doesn't mean handing him off to a bunch of people while he hits
the database at work. While he waits, he takes some medicine from
Masuka's cabinet for the woman. Harry rebukes him, but Dexter says that
Masuka is a hypochondriac and the woman actually needs this stuff.

The fingerprint has a match: Lumen Ann Pierce, from Minnesota. No
warrants, not so much as a traffic violation. He prints a copy of
Lumen's DL and leaves as Quinn arrives, asking what he is doing. Dexter
doesn't answer, so Quinn attempts to follow his tracks on the computer,
with no success. Dexter asks Deb to take Harrison for the afternoon. She
doesn't want to, but Dexter tells her the nanny is taking a break, and
he's got somewhere he needs to be. Deb says he'll have to carry Harrison
to the car, because he's getting heavy.

Laguerta gives Batista an address. He needs to apologize to Sergeant
Lopez because internal affairs are about to pay a visit. In order to set
the matter to rest, he agrees to apologize.

Dexter returns to Lumen, who is awake now. He apologizes for scaring her
earlier. He tells her she has a pretty serious fever, so he brought her
aspirin and antibiotics. She won't talk, but she's looking pretty
guarded so he takes one of the pills himself to prove he is not trying
to drug her. He brings her water after noticing that she is dehydrated.
She sits up to try and drink. When Dexter approaches, she scuttles away
from him. He tells her he won't hurt her. She asks where she is, and he
says a safe place, far from Boyd. She refuses to take any pills. When
Dexter asks, she says that her name is Rachel. She asks why he didn't
take her to the hospital and Dexter says she knows why. Because she saw
him, in the house. Rachel says she didn't see anything, but Dexter says
they both know that's not true. Rachel says she would never tell anyone,
and asks to be let go. He says he can't. Rachel asks if he is going to
sell her. He says no, and she needs to take the medicine because the
fever isn't letting her think straight. She turns her hand so the pill
falls on the ground. When Dexter bends down to retrieve it, she jumps
from the other side of the table and heads for the door. Dexter gets
there first, dives through and locks it from the other side. Rachel
screams that she can't go through this again. She wants him to just kill
her now. Dexter needs a plan. Harry was right.

Batista's apology to Lopez is begrudgingly accepted. He's not going to
press charges, but he orders Batista to leave.

Back at the apartment, Dexter decides he needs more information on
Lumen. He does a little cyber investigating and comes up with an unpaid
hotel bill. It's a start. Deb still hasn't had any sleep, because
Harrison woke up the minute they got home. He asks if she wants
something to eat, but she's too tired to chew. They can't keep living
like this, there's not enough space in the apartment for the three of
them and all their stuff. She feels like a refugee. Dexter leaves,
saying it's to give her some quiet time, but he actually goes to the
motel where Lumen skipped out on the bill. He tells them he's her
husband, and asks if she left any luggage. The desk clerk tells him that
Lumen never checked out and the bill is in collections. Dexter says
he'll take care of it, and pays $320 in cash. He gets Lumen's luggage in

Once he gets it in the vehicle, he goes through it and finds a letter
from Lumen's mom, asking her to please come home. She misses her very
much. It's not a family without her. He drops the luggage in with Lumen,
and when she reads the letter, she cries.

Dexter arrives back at the apartment and wakes up Deb. He apologizes,
and she admits that she was worried about him. She adds that she is
sorry for complaining before. Dexter and Harrison are the most important
people in her life, and they can stay there forever. He offers her a
beer and she accepts.

Dexter begs Sonya to give them another chance, but she doesn't think
it's a good idea. He tells her that he was busy the other night because
he was trying to help a girl who was close to death, and then he was
called to a crime scene by his sister. Of the 30 people he interviewed,
she was the only one that didn't scare him. The only one he felt he
could entrust Harrison to. She agrees, but he has one chance, and that's

Masuka confronts Quinn about his missing medication. Quinn suggests that
it was Dexter, but Masuka is unconvinced. He suggests that Quinn has
been taking the pills to clear up an infection because he is sleeping
with Deb. Masuka said he would have been happy to share, if Quinn had
just asked. Quinn reiterates that it wasn't him, and starts to leave.
Masuka tells him he admires the chivalry.

Meanwhile, Batista approaches Jim, who is from Internal Affairs, and
explains that he is on good terms with Lopez again. It doesn't matter to
Jim, since Batista still committed assault and battery and the
department will decide what to do. Batista angrily points out that it
was just a bar fight with a drunken loudmouth. Laguerta says she's due
upstairs in 20 minutes, and walks Jim away, asking if he'd like some
coffee. When they are alone, Maria asks what it will take to end this.
Jim explains that he is more interested in what started it. According to
Lopez' deposition, the fight started because he told Batista that Maria
gives the best blow job in Miami. Laguerta is discomfited and asks if
that is part of the official record. Jim asks "Should it be?"

Batista is watching the conversation from the other side of the room
when Deb approaches him. He's so wrapped up in watching Maria and Jim
that he doesn't even know she's talking to him for several seconds. He
tears his attention away, and she fills him in. A match was found on the
partial print from the cigar butt, one Carlos Fuentes. He lives with his
brother, Marco, and she has their address. Batista says he'll get the
team together. Deb asks where Quinn is, he's going to miss the party.
She calls him, but he shuts off his phone.

Deb, Batista and some other police officers arrive at the home of the
Fuentes brothers, weapons drawn. Nobody answers Deb's knock, so they go
in. There are a lot of people in the apartment. Deb goes ahead, and one
man gives her nonverbal cues to head to her left. She goes in the
closet. To her right, there's a hole in the wall, which leads into
another apartment. She finds Carlos Fuentes holding a man from behind,
with a knife to his neck. Deb says if he cuts him, she'll blow his head
off. Speaking in Spanish, Fuentes tells her to drop her weapon. Batista
asks everyone to report in, and Fuentes urges her to reply. "Yes,
clear," Deb says. However, Fuentes calls Deb a stupid bitch and slashes
the man's throat. The victim lands bleeding in Deb's arms as she calls
for a medic, and Fuentes escapes. As the medic closes the ambulance
door, Deb orders him "Don't you dare let him die."

Cira asks Deb if she's okay, and she mutters a terse "Fine", followed
shortly thereafter by Deb's anger at herself for not shooting him when
she ahd the chance. Cira tries to reassure her that she did the best she
could, but Deb tells her she wasn't there.

Meanwhile, Quinn is parked outside the Mitchells' safe house and spots
two FBI handlers taking Jonah somewhere. He follows them, and soon they
stop at a garage. In the shop, Quinn approaches Jonah and tells him he
is a police officer from Miami Metro. He shows him a photograph of
Dexter and asks if he recognizes him. "What do you want to know?" Jonah
replies. Suddenly, Jonah's FBI handler appears and tells Jonah to go to
the car. He handcuffs Quinn.

Dexter figures that since he got the crotchety, judgemental babysitter
from Ireland to trust him, he should be able to do the same with Lumen.
He finds Lumen lying on the ground and approaches her. When he lifts her
arm, she comes up with the other one and nails him in the head with a
bottle. She runs outside, locking him in, and escapes. She only has a
few seconds lead, since Dexter takes the door down and is in hot
pursuit. Lumen finally arrives at a road and stops a car, but doesn't
get in when she sees three young men inside, talking about her like
she's not even there. They drive away, and Dexter grabs her. They fall
onto the ground and Dexter tells her to stop struggling, and tries to
soothe her.

Dexter has Lumen and Harry in the back seat of his vehicle. Lumen asks
where he's taking her. Harry won't stop talking, and Dexter finally
tells him to be quiet.

Quinn approaches Jonah at a convenience store and shows him his badge.
He also shows him a picture of Dexter and asks him if that's Kyle
Butler. Jonah's FBI guard stops him, and places Quinn under arrest.

Dexter takes Lumen to Boyd's dumping ground, and tells her this was her
fate. Every single barrel out there has a body in it. Boyd preserved
them in formaldehyde so he could come and visit. Does she understand?
That's what Dexter saved her from. Lumen asks how she knows he didn't
kill the girls? He tells her it's a leap of faith. He doesn't want
anybody getting hurt anymore. His wife was brutally murdered, by someone
like Boyd. He doesn't want to see any more innocent people die. He gives
her his knife, so she can defend herself. She stabs him, and he asks if
she's done. She breaks down sobbing.

Quinn is in deep serious with Laguerta for talking to Jonah after she
specifically ordered him to have nothing further to do with the Trinity
family. Quinn insists that he could tell Jonah recognized the photo of
Dexter, but Laguerta points out that he has not said anything to the
FBI. She adds that if he has suspicions he should come to her. Quinn
says he tried. She places Quinn on unpaid suspension until further
notice. In disbelief, he asks if she's kidding. She tells him that the
only reason she's not terminating his ass is because there would be a
hearing, and then this whole embarrassment would become a matter of
record. As Quinn walks out, Laguerta calls after him that Dexter "just
lost his wife, for Christ's sake." Outside, Deb approaches Quinn and
asks where he has been. He responds that it's a long, fucked-up story.
He heard about the raid, that she saved someone's life. He tells her he
let her down, and he should have been there to back her up. She tells
him she doesn't want to be alone tonight. He says he's no good for her,
but she says she's not looking for good right now.

Back at the swamp, Lumen tends to Dexter's wound. She asks if his wife
was really murdered and he says yes. She apologizes for cutting him. She
thought he was a monster, like Boyd. She thought he was going to kill
her, or worse. She was locked up for a long time, she thought it would
never end. Dexter tells her it did stop, it has; it's over. She can go
home. She says no, it's not. Boyd wasn't the only one, there were
others. This isn't over.