Everything is Illumenated - Recap

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The show opens with Lumen showering and packing her clothes and other various items. Dexter stalks Lance Robinson, a man who engages deadly encounters with other men. Dexter is certain this will be an easy kill, which it will be just like old times. Lumen is seen dressing incognito, complete with scanty dress and a wig, intended to entice her captors.

Back at the station, the squad, led by Dexter's sister Debra, devises a plan to capture the Fuentes brothers, aka Santa Muerte Killers, at the club they are known to frequent. But the chief enters in the middle of it and criticizes Debra's plan, saying that her plan is fundamentally flawed, even going so far as to accuse her of drinking on the department's dime. Morgan defends that she is working the only lead they have so far. After the briefing is over, LaGuerta tries to reason with the Chief, but this only serves to have LaGuerta called out for bailing out Batista on more than one occasion. He warns that her career is on the chopping block if there is another murder committed on her watch.

But the accusations do not stop there, as Batista sheds light on her tattling to Internal Affairs, thus getting the other officer fired who was involved in a scuffle with Angel Batista at a bar. Even though Batista's name was cleared on account of her efforts, he asks her, not so politely, to keep out of his business, and that he can take care of himself. He mentions that they are married now, and whatever happens to him, happens to her, and she agrees with him and uses that very logic to reason with him as to why she got involved. Regardless of this, Batista slings yet another accusation, claiming that LaGuerta is only involved for the sake of her own interests, saying that she is only trying to make her name look better. While this is happening, Lumen is making last minute preparations for her revenge killing on at least one of the men who she knows raped and tortured her.

Stan Liddy is a dirty narcotics officer. Maria LaGuerta agrees to help Jim McCourt set up a sting operation to bust him. Batista, however, unwittingly puts a premature end to the operation when he busts in and accuses her of cheating. Liddy and Joe Quinn, who is seeing Debra Morgan, later meet at a bar, and Liddy agrees to help Quinn investigate Dexter Morgan. It comes back later that, after looking into Dexter Morgan, he is squeaky clean, not so much as a parking ticket on his record.

Meanwhile, Dexter arrives back at the house with the babysitter, who says she hopes that his Lieutenant appreciates Dexter's dedication, which she apparently can sense. Harrison speaks his first words which, to Dexter, sound like "Die Die". He leaves and captures with ease the man from before, the one who has the sex encounters with other men before killing them.

As he is cleaning up the evidence, Lumen calls Dexter, sending him a picture message of the body of one of the men she knows in her heart of hearts was one of the men who tortured and raped her. So now Dexter has yet another clean up job to commit to.

Back at the club, the operation to catch the Fuentes brothers, otherwise known as the Santa Muerte Killers, is underway. Batista and Debra are in a van, scoping out the scene from a surveillance camera, and Batista pretty much calls Debra out in terms of being jealous when they both spot Joe Quinn getting extremely friendly with a girl on the inside. Debra denies the whole thing, brushing Batista off as completely getting it mixed up, but Batista remains steadfast. He advises her to stay single, and she more or less says that his words of wisdom are duly noted.

Dexter arrives at the warehouse where Lumen is. They search for the body, but when they find a pool of blood without a body, they quickly realize that he is still alive, so they now must track him down and take care of the problem. With Dexter’s expertise in blood spatter, this proves to not be very difficult. However, this takes Lumen by surprise and begins to panic when she assumes that he is a police officer. He says that he is not an officer, which technically is the truth, since he is merely an analyst, not a detective or a street cop. Dexter asks how Lumen found him, and she said that she went to the club she knew they frequented, because she was there on the day that the initial attack happened. She thought someone must have spotted her, so she went back on a nightly basis, hoping to find at least one of them to stalk them and do her bidding. She tells him the club was on the other side of town. When she found one of them, she flirted with him and lured him back to her car, where she pulled a gun on him and told him to drive. She asks him the names of the other men, and he insults her by calling her an awful name. Dexter inquires about how she knew she had the right man, and Lumen tells him she just could feel it, that there was a familiar stench that made her sick. Dexter ridicules her for acting based on “a feeling and an odor” but she remains resolute. When she does, Dexter kindly reminds her that she was very invested in murdering a man who was innocent of the very crime she claimed he was guilty of committing, so by that logic she could very well be doing the same thing now. She tells him she is confident that she is right about this one. He asks her if she got his cell phone or even an ID, but she says no. She is relying on memory, to which Dexter replies that that has done her no good. Then Lumen tells him to forget it, but Dexter says that is not possible. She says that she can take care of it herself but he stays. They find a blood trail, and Lumen says that he sure knows a lot about blood, thereby expressing her concern that she is getting into it with an officer, to which he then explains the aforementioned fact that he is a blood spatter expert.

Debra Morgan and Angel Batista are seen musing about office romance, and he says it is a terrible idea, but Morgan calls his bluff, saying that he is married to a woman he works with. But Batista does not reply with any real amount of fervor, which leads Deb to suspect that things are not going well for them. She advises that they get over their issues and work it out; this is her patent reaction when things start to sound too serious for her to handle.

Dexter shows up to the relief of the squad, and Masuka offers a hilarious theory about what appears to be a murder-suicide involving a scandalous sex scenario. When Debra asks for Dexter’s expert opinion in terms of Masuka’s theory, Dexter says it seems to be consistent with the blood spatter. Masuka offers to perform follow-up duties.

Batista and Yasmin, the woman he meets and appears to flirt with at the club, work out a deal having to do with eliminating Yasmin’s pesky drug charges, if she will help the department with the Santa Muerte murders. She accepts the deal, and LaGuerta makes it happen, but not before apologizing for her behavior.

Later, Debra admits she has feelings for Quinn, but then requests that he put an end to it now if it is only going to end badly. Quinn says that he has no intentions of that occurring. Dexter returns to his home, and Lumen is taking a bath, which calls up the memory of finding his deceased wife in a tub full of bathwater and her own blood. He muses internally about his own being reborn in blood, which causes his mental state in his adult life. The two trade origin stories and they promise that they will stick with each other to help set things right for Lumen, when Dexter starts to believe maybe it will be therapeutic for Dexter in the process.