The Big One - Recap

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“You’ve been in this situation before,” says the adoptive father of Dexter, Harry Morgan, at the beginning of the episode. “I don’t need to remind you how it is.” By this he means that his position has become one of desperation. Moments later, Astor and the whole family surprise him by showing up from Orlando for Harrison’s birthday, instead of having Dexter drive all the way up there. Also, Astor has planned on asking Dexter if she and her brother can stay with him. Dexter knows that this would only benefit all three of them, especially in terms of Astor and Cody possibly coming to terms with, and accepting the fact that they have lost their mother.

At the station, an APB (or an all-points bulletin) is then issued for the arrest of Jordan Chase, who has now gone missing, presumably escaped (the department attempted to apprehend him before he could get on a private jet to get away, but he never showed up). Dexter calls Jordan as a last ditch effort to negotiate some sort of deal to let Lumen go, as he is on the search to find her. She is now a hostage of Jordan, and more specifically, hidden in the trunk of the car that Jordan is driving. While Jordan is on his way back to the camp where the rape initially took place years before, a street vendor who only speaks Spanish notices that the trunk, and although it is closed, it is filled with the muffled sounds of a person perhaps screaming or yelling. When the two arrive at the camp, Jordan ties up Lumen; she has flashbacks while being dragged.

Debra Morgan reviews the tapes again to see if she can find anything she missed the first time around, even though more people than just Dexter feel this is not a good idea, since the tapes are so rough. She is reminded of how her own brother, the one taken into foster care as a young boy, raped her when she was young. Dexter goes back to his office to try to find clues as to where Jordan Chase might be hiding Lumen, and his adoptive father, by way of Dexter’s own subconscious, reminds him that the answer is “right in front of him.” Dexter remembers that Jordan Chase is actually Eugene Greer. He makes a call to find out all the workplaces that Eugene also known as Jordan has been employed at.

While the department is on their way to the crime scene of Liddy’s murder, not seen is Detective Quinn deleting evidence of any text messages and other forms of communication from Stan Liddy trying to reach him. Though not quite certain that Dexter does not suspect him as the guilty party, Quinn asks Dexter what his theory is. Dexter, knowing that he himself was responsible for Liddy’s murder, tells Quinn that he has no idea as he has not taken a look at the scene, so, as he claims, he can’t know due to lack of having seen the blood.

Liddy is discovered bloody in a van. This situation is completely confusing to the whole department, so now there is that to try to uncover. A laptop is discovered, as well as surveillance equipment. Debra, being the good detective she is, determines that figuring out who he was watching will mean figuring out who murdered him. The shoe Quinn is wearing is discovered to have blood on it. He is taken back to the station for questioning.

When Dexter is done with his work, he leaves so that he can go back to finding Lumen. He steals a car that he will need to get there. At the camp itself, Jordan taunts Lumen about Dexter. Lumen kicks him and attempts to escape, but this only serves to anger Jordan even further.

Debra attempts to appeal to Quinn, but Quinn refuses to say anything without his lawyer present. Debra does not necessarily think that Quinn is a murderer, but she hates the fact that he will not say anything to her, which is because he had associated with Liddy in a way that is extremely complicated, as well as completely invalidates his trust from Debra, by which she perhaps feels the most betrayed.

Dexter finally arrives at the camp when he crashes the car as a result of not focusing when his adoptive father distracts him. Jordan comes out to meet Dexter, accosting him at gunpoint.

Back at the station, LaGuerta tells Debra not to assume the worst, and to “have fath” or “whatever you call it.” Then Debra is advised of the vendor witness who spotted Jordan Chase and was sure he heard a voice in the trunk of Jordan’s car. He tells Debra which direction he went in, and Debra realizes that is the direction of the camp.

Jordan tells Dexter that the three of them meeting in this way was “inevitable”. He continues by calling Dexter “totally lost.” After a minute of banter and exchanges, Jordan takes a look at Dexter’s assortment of knives. Dexter escapes, just as Jordan realizes one of those knives is missing. Dexter stabs Jordan in the foot with one of his weapons, then the next scene is Jordan being accosted in the usual fashion when Dexter gets the upper hand. Despite having lost the advantage now, Jordan still mocks the two of them, mentioning that there isn’t exactly a polite way of killing a person. Lumen loses her patience after Jordan calls her by name. “You don’t get to say my name,” she tells him just before stabbing him in the heart.

Debra arrives at the camp, finding Jordan Chase dead. She discovers moving bodies behind the plastic sheet. She decides to allow whoever is behind there--she assumes one of them is “number thirteen”, the thirteenth victim--to leave, but not before commending her for surviving the horrible trauma. Later, she mentions she has started to believe LaGuerta when she said that it is “complicated.” Later, Lumen decides she has to leave Dexter, because this is not who she wants to be. She has done what she needed to do, and now that it is behind her, she wants to put even Dexter behind her.