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Smokey and the Bandit - Recap

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Dexter is helping Harrison get ready for bed. He realized he truly believes that everything is better after a bubble bath and rituals are important. He wants to hear the monster story and he tells him about slaying the icky monster. He says "Daddy's box" and Dexter worries. He's not sure how this next chapter goes.

The two men are preparing for "war". Travis says that he will be late tomorrow. He just wants to make sure that he can rely on Travis. Quinn has made Deb breakfast and freshly squeezed orange juice. She finds the ring and he is on his knee. He proposes and she says "are you insane?" She needs time to think about it. He tells her to take all the time she needs.

Deb talks to Dexter and she is so confused. She doesn't know what to do. They go to the briefing. Deb gets a standing ovation. They have figured out the shooting and they are going back to the snake body.

Brother Sam shows up and he is a pastor now. He used to be a criminal. Dexter is convinced he is a killer and he knows who he is. LaGuerta talks to the Deputy about getting Batista on. It seems that he is considering Deb.

Sam is interrogated by Batista. Dexter wanted to kill him years ago. He tells Batista that he is haunted by his past, but he doesn't believe it. He is convinced the fruit seller did not have his murder coming and his demons were gone.

Deb goes to speak to the deputy. He is making her lieutenant. She is given time to think about it, even though she already has it. Deb goes to see Dexter and talks about her dilemma. He tells her to give herself some credit. She still needs Harry's approval. She doesn't know if she's doing a good job. She doesn't know what to say to Quinn and stays there to consider.

Travis walks into an apartment and it is full of art. He is visiting his sister. He has dinner and he is eating like he never has eaten in his life. He has to work tonight and he likes to keep busy. She begs him to hang out and he allows for it.

Dexter goes to back right into a dumpster and takes it to Sam's auto clinic which is full of felons. He goes out back to find Brother Sam and he is boxing a bag. He tells Dexter that he has cleaned up his life and has to make up for everything he has done, especially getting away with killing someone.

Batista walks in on Masuka staring at the student's butt. Deb sees Batista and feels weird so she goes and talks to him. She tells him and tells him that it is really great and it is about time a real cop had the job. He couldn't be happier, but he's going to need that money back. He does seem a bit upset. LaGuerta goes to speak to him and she wants to fix it. He is done. She says she is sorry and he wonders why he is always the one paying the price.

Dexter is tailing Brother Sam. He witnesses a murder technically and it is Brother Sam. He pops him into the trunk. Dexter is relieved that he can kill him now. He gets caught sneaking in because of a dog and finds that the guy he thought he killed was still alive. The gun that went off was when the guy took a shot at him. He says he has to be hard on his guys to keep them in line.

Some of the guy's homies show up and both Dexter and Sam are in danger. He tells him to stay back and they have weapons. Dexter handles on dude and tells them to leave. The leader pulls a gun on Sam. Sam tells him that he is not afraid of him, nor is he afraid to die. He knows what is waiting for him on the other side and asks if he does. Dexter pulls his badge and stops him from shooting Sam.

Travis never showed and is late. His boss tells him that she can't be saved and he has to be reminded of that. Travis says he won't see her again and bows down.

Deb rejects Quinn. She likes things the way they are. He tells her it is not good enough, he wants more. She doesn't. He tells her to not be there when he gets back.

Dexter checks in on Harrison and he is sleeping and then he goes online to do some research. Dexter wants to handle Julio, the leader of the pack.

LaGuerta is angry with Tom. She thinks it is going to be a disaster. She has to announce Deb's promotion.

Dexter kills Julio. Always the same ending, because monsters don't get to live happily ever after.