Sin of Omission - Recap

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Dexter gets coffee and a doughnut for Deb. She is a little angry at Dexter for being gone for five days. He says he had to deal with everything that has been going on. She says she understands, but she's under a lot of stress with the DDK case and he shouldn't have left. She updates him on the DDK case, tells him about the victim that was let go. Dexter has to go to the funeral of Brother Sam and then go to work late.

Travis is making his sister breakfast and then takes the trash out. Gellar is outside and gives him grief for leaving him for the "mundane". Gellar shows Travis his next piece of artwork and essentially threatens his sister. He tells him to stay away and goes back inside. He tries to get his sister to go to Disneyworld for a couple of days. Of course she can't yet, because they have school.

Dexter is at Brother Sam's funeral. Dexter is given his bible and they ask if he'd heard from Nick. Dexter goes to the museum to talk to Travis. He tells him he did the right thing and Travis gets nervous. He asks why he released Holly and he tells him he didn't want to see her suffer. He also realizes he doesn't have to do what Gellar says. He tells him that he's angry and won't leave him alone. Dexter tells him that he will help get rid of him. Travis says that he doesn't know who he's dealing with. Travis wants to be left alone.

There has been a heroin overdose and Dexter checks everything out. It seems that there was someone there, because they tried to revive her. LaGuerta shows up and wants to get the ME's report as soon as it is available.

Dexter is at the station and Louis shows up behaving like a fanboy. There is a meeting with the station, Deb needs everyone on the ball. She decides to divide up the names on the list that they need to investigate. They are keeping it a secret that they know there are two suspects.

Quinn invites Batista to a new strip joint, but he rejects it. Jamie shows up to take Harrison for a walk and meet up with Louis and go for a walk. She decides that they should all go to dinner so that Batista can actually know him first before he judges Louis.

Dexter pulls out Sam's bible and starts studying, trying to figure out what their plans really are. Dexter goes to have breakfast and meet up with Travis uninvited. Dexter brings up the sin of omission and that Travis is doing exactly that. They are both worried something will happen to his sister, too. Travis says that he will try to get his sister out of the area since Gellar won't leave Miami.

Debra goes to talk to Travis' sister, she asks her some questions but she doesn't give her any answers. She does tell her that their parents died at young age and she ended up taking care of him. He's more closed off, but they are close. Travis rides his bike past Deb as she gets into the car to leave.

LaGuerta talks to Deb about the ME report. She tells her that the cause of death was the overdose. Deb is suspicious about it. LaGuerta tells her that she's trying to do the team effort thing. She's still suspicious. Deb calls Dexter and wants a rush on the overdosed prostitute's blood report.

Travis is waiting for Lisa and Gellar shows up to hit him with a shovel after telling him that they have work to do. Batista, Jamie, and Louis are out to dinner. Batista tells Louis that she doesn't know what she wants and she hangs out with a lot of guys. She intimidates him out of her.

Deb and Dexter talk about the fact that there was someone else in the hotel room with the overdosed prostitute. She doesn't know what to do, because either way this could be bad. Deb signs the blood report and realizes that he has a pen from Shady Lane Motel in Carnie, Nebraska. She asks why he was there and he felt a connection with Jonah, because they both lost someone they cared about. That and clearly he forgot about Lundy.

Masuka comes in and tells them that DDK struck again. This time it is on an elementary school's playground and it is Lisa. Lisa is Travis' sister. Deb freaks out and Dexter is worried and perplexed. He wonders if he went back to Gellar or if this is the punishment. He notices a ripped seam and cuts the tag off of it, so he can find out where it is from. Deb's business card was pinned on her body. Travis wakes up from being knocked out. He's at the church and he's bound in chains. Gellar tells him that he's killed Lisa. Travis is destroyed by this information. Gellar says that now her soul is pure.

Deb and LaGuerta speak again. She gives her grief about the DDK. Deb wants to talk about the prostitute. Clearly, she really needs the case to be closed. Deb tells Dexter that she found Travis. She's too close. Deb goes to talk to the therapist. She's messed up over Lisa's death. She also thinks that Dexter treats her like dirt. He shuts her out and doesn't tell her things. The therapist tells her that next time they get together, she should focus on Dexter and his issues.

Masuka is with Quinn at the strip club. Quinn gets wasted and is incredibly out of sorts. He uses horrible lines on the waitresses and strippers. He decides he's going to marry one of them and runs after her. He gets too aggressive and ends up getting thrown out of the bar. Masuka ends up leaving him there.

Dexter goes to visit the man, who is a priest, that he tracked down. He confesses his sins to him. He even tells him that he has killed before. He ends up forgetting half way through, because he has Alzheimer's. He is absolved of all of his sins. He gets the information that he needs, a nun tells him about the old church.

Dexter shows up and Deb is there making dinner. He really can't do this right now and of course she is hurt and offended. Gellar says he doesn't want to hurt Travis and then burns him.

Dexter finds the church and Travis chained. He goes looking for Gellar. He can't find him. Travis tells him that he will help him kill Gellar.