Get Gellar - Recap

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Dexter breaks Travis out of the chains. He asks him where Gellar is and Travis claims that he doesn't know. He doesn't know anything, because Gellar "made all of the decisions". He tells him to help find something that'll help them find Gellar. He finds a card that says 2 Lot on it. Travis says he feels dizzy. Dexter wants to get Travis' arm fixed and finds him somewhere he can stay. He takes him to a hotel.

Dexter fixes his arm up and tells him to stay where he is. He can't do anything. He says that he'll be back later with food and asks that he think about how to find Gellar. Dexter goes to the station and looks up 2 Lot. He looks up information on the school that the pass is from. The pass is what has 2 Lot written on it.

Deb is in therapy. She feels alone, because Dexter isn't giving her what she feels she needs. Dexter goes into work later and apologizes to Deb. She says she understands because he's a "chair". This confuses Dexter.

The squad meet and talk about what could be next with the DDK case. Louis comes in and says that Gellar updated his blog. It is to let the world know that it will end soon. Quinn isn't there, he's passed out and Batista goes to his apartment. He tells him he missed the morning briefing and he should get dressed. Seems Quinn has lost his gun. He has probably left it at the strip club. Not true, it's half way across town.

Jessica Morris', the overdose victim, father is there asking why they aren't looking into what could've been a murder. He worries about that.

Louis and Masuka talk about how Batista shooed him away from Jamie. Masuka says "when it comes to the matters of the heart, always follow your dick".

Dexter goes to show Gellar's website to Travis. They figure out where to find him, potentially. Dexter goes to some sort of playdate and talks to a man. Batista and Quinn go to look for his cell phone and it turns out he hooked up with this older lady that he normally wouldn't. They met at the Waffle House. Batista gives Quinn a bunch of grief, but Quinn calls him out. He thinks he has no room to talk. They get into fisticuffs.

Dexter goes to a conference that Professor Casey speaks out. Dexter warns him that he may be in danger, but Casey brushes him off. He looks around the building and finds that there are two exits. Dexter sets up a kill room in the church.

Dexter and Travis are on stake out and Travis explains what the two witnesses do. He asks why they want to wipe out all of humanity and he asks him if he ever wanted to start his life over completely. He tells him that once Gellar is gone, he can definitely start over.

Travis sees Gellar and they go looking for him. The elevator gets stuck and there's a brick wall. This does not help. He climbs out of the elevator shaft, or at least tries and fails. Travis gets him out of the shaft by opening the elevator doors. They walk into an office and there's some blood. They go back to the hotel room.

The next morning, Dexter gets a call from Deb. DDK struck again at Casey's campus. Professor Casey is the victim. When cutting in, they realize he's empty of bowels. Next thing you know, the bowels drop on all of them. Dexter is furious. Travis wakes up from what seems to have been a nightmare. He is in distress. He finds "Bring the False Prophet to the Church" in blood across the wall.

Deb goes back to the therapist and she wonders if Deb has romantic interest in Dexter, whether it is subconscious or not. She says she knows she's broken, the therapist says she doesn't have to be. Make different choices, set different patterns. She tells her despite how hard it will be, she can be whole again.

Deb runs into LaGuerta and tells her that she is reopening the case and that if she has a problem with it, she can fire her. LaGuerta talks to the chief and it turns out that he was the one that was there. They decide they have to stop her before it gets out that he was the one there.

Dexter calls Travis and he says that Gellar sent another message. Travis says that Gellar wants to meet him at the church tonight. Dexter tells Deb that he is there for her if she needs a chair. He has no idea what's going on. Louis tracked the IP addresses properly. They go to the guy and he says he has an unsecured wireless signal that extends 900 feet. They want to get uniformed officers to fan out in the area and ask questions.

Louis takes Jamie to his place and she is amazed by it. He has a nerd collection. His place is very modernist. She asks him why he blew her off and he says that Batista blew him off. She's really into him despite that and they sleep together. It seems that Louis has the missing hand.

Dexter and Travis go into the church preparing to attack Gellar. Travis goes inside and Gellar is there reading the good book. Gellar says he is surprised he hasn't burst into flames. Travis tries to tell him that he doesn't believe in a God of violence. Gellar tells him to repent his sins or he will burn for eternity. Travis easily switches back to the old team.

Dexter prepares his kill room further. Dexter talks to Harry and all he cares about is being a better father to his son. Dexter sees Travis knocked out on the floor. Dexter goes to find Gellar and this is when he learns that Travis may be the only one working alone. Why? Because he finds Gellar's frozen and frostbitten body in a deep freezer.