Ricochet Rabbit - Recap

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Dexter stands near the deep freeze. He realizes he has made a terrible mistake. He moves his hands to see how he was killed and learns that it is pretty much the MO. Travis waits and looks for Dexter. He asks if Travis killed Gellar and Travis closes the door, locking him in.

Travis goes outside and he is talking to Gellar. He doesn't believe that he killed him. It turns out that Travis was the delusional one. He says he proved it to him by stabbing him with the special sword. It pierced his flesh, despite the fact that Travis feels like it never happened. Travis thinks that it must have been Dexter. He says he will finish what they started. He says he will make new disciples that will help him. He walks away and Dexter is still trapped. He needs to figure out how to get out of there, so he can stop Travis. Dexter wants to kill Travis now. He has to keep Gellar alive, so he puts Gellar's prints on all weapons and tools used in the church.

Dexter goes to the hotel room and check's Travis' laptop. He updates the blog, to lure Travis back. Travis goes through the video responses and finds one man that has his back in the battle. He contacts him, Steve Dorsey, and then notes the update. He comments with "to the false're not fooling anyone".

The detectives have found the church with all of the paintings and tools. Deb panics and needs some air after being in the church. Quinn wakes up in his car that is in a yard with the sprinkler system going. Dexter gets to the church and he needs to figure out who he's going for next. He talks to Deb and calms her down for panicking at the crime scene. He makes her feel better.

Wormwood is the next sacrifice, which means that it may be the next crime. Blood has been found and it needs to be tested. Batista talks to Deb and wonders if everything is okay. Matthews wants to have a dinner this week with her. Dexter finds a pill bottle with Travis' name and wonders what kind of pills he's on.

Jamie and Louis have a nice breakfast and wants to show his game to Dexter. She tells him to do it, he's a big softie. Dexter needs to figure out everything. There's a briefing and LaGuerta does it instead. She gets up to speed. Dexter wonders if Holly is the mistake that Travis needs to fix. Louis goes to talk to Dexter, but he gets brushed off.

Travis meets up with Dorsey. He tells them that they need to do to help follow the path. He tells them that they need to obey everything that is asked. He needs to know they're truly committed. Dexter goes to Holly's apartment and looks around. She's not there, there's no sign of a struggle or break in. Dexter wants to make sure he finds Holly before Travis does. He finds Holly's boyfriend's address and goes to see Peter Grant, so he can get to Holly. His daughter answers the door and there's a party. She tells him Holly is her dad's "sex-retary" and calls her a "Slam pig". She thinks he can find her at her father's yacht.

Holly gets on the yacht and Travis follows her with his minions. He walks into the door and says "Hello, Whore". She runs and tries to get away, but she's outnumbered and overpowered. They start to sail off.

Quinn is asleep at his desk and Batista wakes him up. He's tired of him coming to work messed up. He wants him to get it together. Anderson learns that Travis was on anti-psychotics. The therapist thought that Travis killed his parents. Dexter looks for a picture of the yacht and finds it. Now it's time to find Holly.

Deb goes to her therapist and she tells her about freaking out at the scene. The therapist realizes that Deb associates church with loss. She says that Dexter calmed her down. She just needed him to be there. He's her safe place and has been since they were kids.

Travis convinces The Dorseys to kill Holly, as they will be cleansing her of her sins. So, they start to stab. When Dexter gets home, Louis is there with Jamie. They have a date and she can't watch Harrison. He shows him his game and Dexter doesn't really want to deal with it. He tells him it's just offensive and trite. He should give up, says Dexter. This really upsets Louis and he cancels the date.

Dexter goes to the docks to find the Yacht. He looks through information to find the yacht. He gets the location. Travis wears a protective suit and has made "wormwood".

Deb looks through a box of stuff from the call girl. She finds a card and calls the flower shop. She learns that Thomas Matthews was who sent the last flowers to her. She calls Dexter and wants to tell him about it, but he's busy for right now.

Batista sees Louis early and he says he think he may have found a lead. Dorsey posts a video telling everyone that he and his wife were chosen to be helpers in the battle. Batista appreciates the help. Batista has called Quinn 4 times and he's angry. He goes to the Dorsey's. He asks if her husband is home and he's not. When Batista is let into the home, he talks for a bit and then he gets knocked out.

Dexter wonders why Travis is in a hasmat suite. It's not Travis, though. He ends up killing Steve. The last words he says are "Too Late. Wormwood can't be stopped."

Travis decides that Wormwood should be at the Miami PD. Dexter finds Holly and is told to call the police by Harry. He ends up finding two components that make poisonous gas. It could kill a lot of people, so Dexter has to call the police and does so.