Talk to the Hand - Recap

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The detectives and team show up at the yacht. Dexter tells him how Dorsey was killed. Louis tells them that they told Batista and then they realize that Batista is missing. Travis tells Batista that he doesn't understand, but he will. He will wish he had faith when the new world begins. Batista tells him that he does have faith. He tells him to pray.

Travis talks to Beth who seems unsure. He tells her that she must be special, because God chose her. He tells her that he envies her, because she gets to see Heaven and the new world before he can. She gets strapped with the chemical bomb.

Deb calls Quinn and tells him that Doomsday Adam just turned up dead and Quinn goes to the address to try to find Batista. He dropped the ball and is freaking out. Deb gets units to try to find Batista. Beth shows up with the backpack and Dexter sees her. He realizes that it is the poisonous gas and puts her in a room as soon as she sets it off. She was supposed to get to Deb, but she just dies from the poison. He seems to get a bit of the poison inhaled, but he seems okay.

Travis talks to Batista and says he kept him alive just in case he ran into problems. Batista wants the prayer and tries to untie his hands. A car pulls up and it is Quinn. He kicks the door open and finds Batista surrounded by flames. Quinn saves him and unties him. Homeland wants to take over the case. Quinn calls Deb and tells her that Batista is okay. She tells him that the guy that was with the hooker was Matthews. Dexter tells her to backburner it. He tells her to keep an open mind, as there are worse secrets to have.

LaGuerta talks to Deb and wonders what is going on with the DDK. She tells her she'll help them deal with it, whatever happens. Dexter books Jamie and Harrison a room at the Ritz. There is one more murder left for Travis, but this may also be a bigger mass murder. It will be the lake of fire. Dexter gets a nosebleed and looks like he is about to pass out. He doesn't and he's going to make Travis go to him.

Travis watches the news and learns no one, but Ms. Dorsey, was hurt in the attack. He thinks it must be what God wanted. His time has come, he must pass the test. He is in someone else's home and they are laying on the floor dead.

Deb goes to her dinner with Matthews and tells her to not let anything get to her. He tells her that he is puzzled that she is still looking into it. She tells him that she knows he was one of her clients. She tells him how and she asks if he was in the hotel room the night she died. He tells her to order the white wine. She tells him that he can talk to her. He tells her that she doesn't know what it's like, because he's been alone for a very long time. He tells her exactly what happened. He says he tried to revive her, but she wouldn't be revived. He says 911 wouldn't have helped, because she was dead. He asks what she intends to do. She tells him that she doesn't know. He tells her he's known her forever. He's always looked out for her. He needs this favor. She wants to help him, but what about her father. He tells her to tell him she found nothing and that if she tells the truth, it will only hurt him. She tells him that she'll call Mr. Morris in the morning.

Everyone shows up to the station and Homeland Security is taking over the investigation. They promise that it will go faster with cooperation. She wants to conduct interviews and Batista is the first. Everyone thinks it's bull. Quinn follows Batista so that he can apologize about what happened. Batista says he's grateful about the save, but he can't trust him and can't have a partner like that.

Deb is talking to her therapist again and says she's worried about Dexter. He didn't go to the hospital. She asks if it's possible that he's why she chooses guys she can't really have. This makes her uncomfortable and she says that he's a big part of her life. She says she loves her brother, but she's definitely NOT in love with him.

Dexter goes to get the hand he stashed in the morgue. Louis was looking for him and he says thanks for being honest about the video game. He helped him realize that now he wants to make his life count for something. At home, Louis draws the life path of the hooker's arm and boxes it up. He sends it to Dexter.

Dexter has no idea where Travis is or what he is doing, but he searches as best he can. He needs to send the right message to him. He nails the hand to the angel on the property of the school. There's also blood all over it. The cops show up, but there's nothing to be found that's really that great. They learn that the hand belongs to Gellar. They realize he's most likely dead.

Travis is still painting and watching the news. He panics over it and Dexter gives him a message, that the beast is coming for him. He knows to find him at the Slice of Life. Travis changes the devil's face to be Dexter's face.

Deb goes to the office and Matthews is there waiting. He tells her that the big hauncho knows about what he did and that he's forcing him to retire. He tells that Harry would be disappointed and he tells her that she's going to need luck to deal with this new job she has.

Deb is angry at Quinn and Batista. She doesn't want everything to crash down around her. She thinks LaGuerta used her to take out Matthews. She is officially everyone's boss now. Deb talks to Dexter about everything that's going on. She tells him that she had an epiphany. She realizes that she's boxed herself into the trap. He asks her how she would do it any different. She wouldn't. She concentrates on his lips a little too much. She tells him that one minute everything is perfect and the next he's gone. He goes to kiss her and then she wakes up. That was a dream.

Travis shows up to the Slice of Life and Dexter's nose is bleeding. He's about to pass out, but he tries to make sure he gets Travis. Travis overpowers him and sticks him with the needle. He wakes up in a boat surrounded by bottles of gasoline. Travis asks "You didn't really think you could foil God's plan, did you?" He lights a stick and throws it in, driving off in Dexter's boat. The little boat explodes, but Dexter makes it out alive, albeit in the middle of the ocean.