This is the Way the World Ends - Recap

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Dexter floats in the ocean overnight until he gets picked up by a boat full of illegals. While he is floating, he considers his life and wonders if the world would be a better place without him. He says he's just thinking about how he'll miss watching his son grow up.

The boat comes and pulls him out of the water. There is one English speaking person on the boat and she tells him that he is very lucky, because God is looking out for him. He sits on the boat dazed and tired. He wonders where they are and the boat man says that Florida is 5 miles away. After that, the man takes a gun and threatens to kill a pregnant woman as he is robbing the boat. Dexter ends up killing him and kicking him off of the boat. He takes control of the boat and then they get to Florida. Everyone hops off of the boat and he gets to someone with a phone.

Travis is still at that house and he tells the dead bodies to stop stinking or he won't be able to stay there anymore. Dexter meets up with Jamie and Harrison. He is relieved to see him. They go to his place until he realizes he lost his keys, wallet, and cell phone. Jamie gets them in. He hangs out with Harrison for a while and he is relieved and happy he didn't die. He tells him that if some God or force did save him today, he is sure it was for Harrison and not him.

Travis starts to take apart wooden furniture. He grabs a knife and an apple. Then he takes a laundry basket and leaves the house, as today is the day. Deb comes to Dexter's apartment and is happy to see her. She tells him she loves him and he says "I love you, too". She responds with "you do?" and she's so relieved to know he does.

They get a double murder to work on. Dexter is the first to go inside and he finds the mural with him as Satan. He realizes it was Travis. He takes the hammer and smashes in his painted face. Quinn shows up late to the scene and Batista is still angry.

Everyone walks in and finds the painting. They wonder why the face is smashed in. Dexter photographs the bodies. Batista and Quinn wonder what actually happened. Deb goes to talk to Dexter about what he sees and she's real antsy. She does the tinglies avoidance technique by dodging physical contact. She leaves walking into an officer.

Dexter looks and finds a sketch in the trash. It is of a mountain and the sun. Travis tries to figure out where he needs to go as he eats his apple. He looks in the bag next to him and checks for Dexter's address. He goes to his apartment.

Louis asks Masuka if he could come on as an assistant, so he could have a permanent position. He wants to take this path. Masuka will throw him consulting work.

They have a brief meeting and Deb has a picture of the last thing Travis did, they just can't find a body. Which makes sense, since it was Dexter. They look at the the last sketch in Gellar's journal and this is all happening during the eclipse. They figure out that he'll probably be at a skyscraper. She sends the unis to all of the tall buildings in Miami. Dexter takes the facts he has and looks for what would be a top a shining pillar of light. He matches the drawing Travis made and it is the Transcorp building.

Deb comes in to talk to Dexter and tells him about the abandoned church. She needs him to do a final forensic sweep so it can be cleared. He says he has to go to Harrison's pageant, but after he will. She asks if they need to talk and he says he doesn't know, is there something they should talk about. She says because he almost died, she didn't know if he needed to unload or whatever. He calls her sis and that bothers her.

Batista and Quinn meet. Batista tells him that there's going to be a transfer. He's putting one in for him. He can't risk anyone in homicide anymore, so Quinn is getting the boot. Deb talks to LaGuerta about where Travis may be on a skyscraper. LaGuerta supports her request to get all of those unis to the skyscrapers.

Travis goes to Dexter's apartment. He eats Dexter's cheerios, he wears his shirt, he opens his mail (the hand that Louis sent to Dexter), and then he hears Jamie and Harrison. They are getting ready to go to the pageant. He realizes that Dexter has a child. He sees a flyer for the pageant and gets an idea.

Dexter gets to the pageant and when Dexter goes to look for Harrison, he realizes that he's gone. When asking where he is, the sister says that she saw him leave with "him". It was a guy in the mask, it was easy to mistake him for Dexter.

Deb briefs all of the cops and sends them on their way. Quinn tells Batista that he can't be transferred as long as he's seeking help for his problem with alcohol. Quinn is just trying to take control of his life.

The team realizes that Travis may not be done killing, because in the picture there is a lamb. Killing a lamb would signify the end.

Dexter goes running, it is time to find Travis before he kills Harrison. Clearly, he's going to use him as a sacrifice. Travis sings and holds Travis' hand while they walk to the Transcorp building. He sends Harrison running by himself to catch an officer off guard and then kills the officer. This is where the sacrifice will be. She checks all of the buildings and Travis uses the dead cop's radio to say "all clear". He prepares for the sacrifice. Dexter gets there to stop him. He gets caught off guard by the fact that Dexter is still alive. He tells him to take him and let Harrison go. They negotiate a trade, he asks if Dexter has a needle. He tells him to inject himself. He says he will, but only after he lets Harrison go.

Dexter injects himself and fakes a pass out. He prevents Travis from killing him and knocks him out with a swift punch. He goes to get Harrison and the eclipse is over. When they do the Transcorp all clear, they go running to the building. They think that maybe the cop was the sacrifice. They find the "alter", though. Deb is crushed that Marshall got away. LaGuerta comes to talk to her alone while she's crying. She doesn't need this right now. She tells her she made the right call. She worries that she'll use it against her. She says she won't do it, because she will find Travis. She tells her to prioritize and stop letting the emotions take control of her.

Dexter re-drugs Travis and notes that he's wearing his shirt. He takes Harrison home and he just wants to put him to bed. He has to go back to the church to finish the evidence. He tells him whether he's a lion or a lamb, he'll always love him. He gets him ready for bed.

Deb goes to the therapist and tells her about the fact that she said she loved him and he said it back. She doesn't think he understood that she's *in* love with him, but he still said the words for the first time. She wonders if this is horridly wrong. She says it makes her whole life and every man she ever loved make sense. It's clear to her. She wants it to be clear to him and she wants him to truly understand. The therapist says she can't control his emotions and she doesn't know how he's going to react.

Travis wakes up taped in the kill room. They discuss simple things such as the fact that he's going to die and he says that he will be by God's side while he's going to end up in Hell. He had been chosen to do this. Dexter tells him that the people that he's known that believed in God that would never use the word of God to kill innocent people. Travis tells him that he's a shining example of how putrid man has become. Dexter tells him that he is a father, a son, and a serial killer. He says that maybe there's a place for him in this world just as he is. He says that light cannot exist without darkness and maybe his darkness is to bring some balance to the world.

He asks him if he thinks that it is God's will to kill him and he says that it isn't, it is his will. Deb walks into the church and watches Dexter kill Marshall.