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Sunshine and Frosty Swirl - Recap

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The episode begins with Dexter trying to calm Debra down, after her discovery that he is a serial killer. He tries reasoning with her by telling her that, he’s being killing since he was 20 and but kills certain kinds of people. Back in the apartment Dexter explains his dark passenger and his code. Even knowing the type of people Dexter kills Debra isn’t sure what to do, as she feels it’s simply not right, and is visibly disturbed at the revelation. She punches Dexter in the face as she can’t figure out what else to do and storms out, apparently agitated at the whole situation. At the office, Debra looks up the Bay Harbor Butcher.

She also reads that serial killers have a type of addiction and will continue to kill until caught, and this fact visibly worries her. Since Debra found the Ice Truck Killer’s hand in his apartment, Dexter realizes it can’t be in evidence. While he looks Masuka walks in and tells him about the hand being stolen. Masuka says he put Louis in charge of finding it. He’s relieved when Dexter says he’s not going to turn him in, as he was expecting Dexter to do the opposite. At Debra’s next briefing the plan is to shut down the strip club twice a day until somebody tells them something about what happened to Anderson.

Debra tells them a murderer named Randall who went on a multi-state killing spree with his girlfriend now says he has evidence of an additional victim and wants to lead authorities there to clear his conscience. Dexter volunteers for the job, but Debra assigns Masuka, as she apparently doesn’t seem to trust him anymore. Outside the station Debra tells Dexter she came very close to arresting him, but doesn’t know what to do, and is in a complete fix. She then plans to conduct a kind of rehab for Dexter as she feels he needs it, despite his reasoning that he only kills a certain kind of people.

The rehab will basically consist of him moving in and her watching him 24 hours a day, as she feels there isn’t any other option left to reform him, and remedy his condition. Maria hears back from a private lab that the blood on the slide found in the church belonged to Travis. She instructs the person to keep everything very hush-hush and calls the FBI, in order to convey this piece of information. The guys shut down the strip club yet again and George is getting upset at being bothered like this, time and again. Quinn on the other hand hits it off with a dancer named Nadia. She gives him the name of Kaja’s bouncer boyfriend Tony who didn’t show up for work and he leaves his card.

On the first night of serial killer rehab Debra instructs Dexter he’ll be sleeping in her bed, while she sleeps on the couch, so she can keep a watch on him. During spaghetti dinner Dexter reveals to Debra that his need to kill starts with seeing blood, which eventually turns black. That night Dexter begins to research Louis’s penthouse. Quinn on the other hand interviews Tony, who has little to say. But security tapes do back up his alibi for the night of her murder. Tony drops Viktor’s name as, who Kaja was with that night. Masuka complains about the Randall case being mostly waiting around while the diggers try to find the body. Dexter volunteers to relieve him if he isn't happy with it, but he needs Debra’s permission if he is going to do so.

She’s all set to go with him until Angel shows up with the info about Viktor, who is a member of Ukrainian organized crime. While waiting at the dig site Dexter strikes up a conversation with Randall. Dexter asks about his change of heart. Randall says he decided to surrender. Dexter sneaks to Louis’s penthouse during lunch. While he’s there he sees that Louis was the one who cancelled his credit cards. On the computer he finds several videos, one with Louis and a prostitute. He finds evidence that Louis probably framed a man in order to take control of his software company. Louis comes home unexpectedly; just a Dexter is at it. He sees his laptop open much to his surprise and Dexter pins him up against a wall, demanding to know why he’s screwing with him.

Louis reveals to him that, it’s because Dexter trashed his video game. Dexter makes it amply clear to Louis that, he never wants to see him again, either at work or with Jamie. Back at the site Debra is upset Dexter is running late. Randall notices the dispute and Dexter tells him about the boss/sibling dynamic. He asks Randall for clarification on the surrender line and he says once he stopped fighting it the anger went away. After yet another strip club shutdown George goes back to his office to find Isaac. As Isaac is apparently the one who, runs the organization and George is surprised he’s in the U.S. Isaac believes George when he says he knows nothing about Viktor’s disappearance.

Nadia calls Quinn and asks for a ride home from the club. Maria has had the slides from the Ice Truck Killer sent to her, so she can look into the matter further. She then compares them to the one found at the church as she has her suspicions. Dexter comes home and is surprised to see Louis there, as he wasn’t expecting it after his warning to Louis. He apparently seems to be flaunting the fact he’s not scared of Dexter. Dexter thinks to himself that he needs to stop Louis. After the ride home, Nadia flirts with Quinn without giving him more information. Dexter injects drugs into Debra’s steak that night so he can sneak into Louis place, and take care of him. Later, he sneaks up behind Louis and knocks him out with a needle. Dexter takes Louis to a location, and then seems to have second thoughts about the whole thing.

He then calls Debra and tells her he’s seeing the blood, and is feeling the urge to act upon it. She arrives at the scene as quickly a she can and he tells her he couldn’t go through with it. She thinks he took a major step by calling her, which in other words means he has the will to change. After Debra leaves, Dexter simply leaves Louis on a park bench, rather than dealing with him in any other way. Isaac and a henchman pay Tony a visit. After tricking Tony into admitting that he spoke with the police, Isaac sticks a screwdriver into his skull, as a punishment for his betrayal.

The next day, Dexter and Debra are back at the Randall dig. When Debra goes to grab some ice cream, Randall talks about the fact he never got to patch things up with Hannah, the girlfriend with whom he committed his murders. He says Hannah only sees him as a killer and nothing more. Randall says the clock has run out, and then walks in front of a truck. The episode ends at this point.