Run - Recap

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The episode begins with Dexter talking about Debra accepting that he could have prevented Speltzer's last murder. Dexter and Masuka analyze Speltzer's mausoleum shrine, to see if they can find something pertinent. They don't find much to go on, try as they might. Debra on the other hand has a nightmare involving a scene very much like Rita's murder, where she is the one in the tub instead of Rita. Debra later asks Dexter about Rita's murder. Dexter tells her Trinity did it, because he'd been hunting him. He tells her that he killed Trinity. Debra questions whether he's capable of love, after hearing all that Dexter has to say.

Speltzer is found at a scrap yard and is not in custody, as it turns out. Their best bet is a confession, since he was wearing the helmet during his last crime, and therefore his face wasn’t seen. Isaac reads up on Dexter's bio, to find out all that he can about him. George questions Viktor's actions and Isaac reminds him that he'd been there to help with drug trafficking problems. Another detective, figures out that Quinn is fooling around with Nadia. George makes reference to Quinn's days as a dirty cop. Isaac figures out that Dexter might have been working alone, so they'll need to give the police a suspect so they'll leave the club alone, and not snoop around. He mentions a bartender named Alex. Angel and Debra execute a perfect good cop/bad cop routine and trick Speltzer into confessing to the murder, just like they had planned, they would have to.

Afterwards, Dexter asks Debra to get a celebratory drink with him. She declines and then tells Dexter she's been thinking about how Rita died because he was selfish. She suggests Harrison would be better off living with Astor in Orlando. Dexter says the only mistake he made was waiting too long to kill Trinity, which he feels he shouldn’t have done. Isaac and George pay a visit to Alex. Isaac begins asking about Alex's family, which is still back in the Ukraine. Alex reveals how he saves most of his paychecks and sends whatever he can to his wife and children. Isaac then offers to take care of Alex's family for life if Alex will in return write a confession and kill himself. They give him the gun used to kill Anderson and he shoots himself in the head, as per the instructions, and after receiving the assurance.

Randall's accomplice Hannah drops by the station. She stops by Dexter's desk and asks how about his last words before killing himself. Dexter tells her about the "unwrapped present" line. There seems to be some chemistry between the two, from the look of things. Maria shows everybody a video of Speltzer being read his Miranda rights. He's hit over the head during the struggle with police, which is why he might not have been in a state to hear the rights being read to him. His lawyer successfully argues that he never actually said "yes" and potentially may not have understood his rights, which in turn made the whole exercise futile. The confession as a result is thrown out and he is released, as a result of it. Maria says there is nothing they can do about the whole issue, at least for the moment.

On the other hand, Alex's body is found. Isaac is sitting in a car on the block, watching the police arrive. He spots Dexter. Dexter and Masuka process the crime scene. Angel doesn't think Alex's note about not being able to live with what he'd done with Kaja and Anderson makes sense, given that he still has pictures of his family up on the wall. He basically feels there is more to the whole issue than meets the eye, and wants to probe the matter further. Dexter comes home to Jamie going through some of Harrison's toys. She wants Dexter to figure out which ones to throw away and which ones to keep. This makes Dexter think of his slides and other toys that are hard to part with. Dexter goes inside Speltzer's RV to look around and makes a plan for taking him out in the night, as legally nothing more can be achieved he concludes.

He finds steroids in the fridge and the necklace. Speltzer surprises Dexter by turning up in the RV. It is something that Dexter clearly wasn’t expecting and a fight ensues between the two. Speltzer eventually gets the better of him and knocks Dexter unconscious. He later wakes up in a strange underground lair. He finds a piece of paper with the word "RUN" on it. Dexter though stands his ground and pays no heed to the note, until he spots the helmeted Speltzer running at him with an axe. Dexter is visibly shocked at the sight. He somehow manages to escape the building and get to the street, where he jumps on a passing truck and gets away. He concludes that to take down Speltzer he needs to "make sure I have nothing to lose"; which basically means, he will have to ensure Harrison can’t be harmed in any way by Speltzer.

Dexter is next shown sending Harrison to Orlando for a brief trip, with the plan being to bring him back after he takes care of Speltzer. Therefore he will have nothing left to lose while he takes care of him. Isaac goes to Viktor's place and looks around. He becomes emotional looking at a picture of the two of them, saying "I will avenge your death", with visible anger and pain on his face. After Melanie's funeral Debra spots Speltzer standing on the street. She is visibly enraged and gets in his face. Angel has to then pull her away. Debra tells Dexter about losing her mind with Speltzer. She wants to know if anything will get easier between the two of them. He assures her he's the same person he's always been.

Angel asks Quinn if he's sure Alex killed Anderson. He wonders if perhaps they're being set-up, since it seems too easy and doesn’t at all look convincing. He wants to drop by the club one last time, to look into things once more. Quinn in turn tells him about dating Nadia, which might help him acquire some information. Dexter pays Speltzer another visit at the cemetery, with a plan to finish the job, this time round. This time he gets the better of him and knocks him over the head with a shovel and puts him on the slab. Dexter tells Speltzer he's no longer taking blood slides as he used to all these years.

He says this, just before stabbing him in the heart and sending his body into the incinerator, along with his slides, which is an indication that he is done with the blood slides for good. Later, Dexter waits outside for Debra at the incinerator. He shows her the smoke coming from the top of the building and tells her it is Speltzer. She asks if he did for her and he says no. He asks her how she feels about the whole thing and she says "glad". The episode ends at this point.