Do the Wrong Thing - Recap

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The episode begins with Dexter watching Hannah, and saying all he can think about is giving her "what she deserves". He is sure that she's killed again since her time with Randall and doesn't buy the story that her husband died at 40 of a heart attack despite being in perfect health. He wants to get her to slip-up somehow, so he can catch her red-handed and then deal with her. Maria and Debra brief the department on Isaak. He should be in jail for some time, but his legal team will be arguing that he killed the Columbians in self-defense, is what the common consensus is.

Dexter's plan on the other hand is to fudge the report on the couple they dug up, making it seem as if Randall killed them without help. He on his part is hoping this will be the peace offering he needs to win Hannah’s trust and to get Hannah to confess something. In prison, Isaak tells the Columbians that if they come after him he'll bring in hundreds of reinforcements and have their organization destroyed. Isaak then calls George and asks to see him about some issue. Dexter stops by Hannah's place. He apologizes and shows her the report he filed, just as he had planned. He says he shouldn't have accused her in first place. He shops for a plant and the two talk about their personal lives, while at it. Hannah mentions her husband and he talks about Rita.

She says the previous owner of her business, Beverly, died about a year ago. Later, Dexter looks up Beverly and finds out her will listed Hannah as the lone beneficiary. Beverly's cause of death was also heart attack and Dexter thinks Hannah might have poisoned them both and made both the murders look like heart attacks. Later, an author named Sal Price stops by the station to ask about the new Randall victims. Dexter has Price sign a copy of his book, stating he is a fan. Price says he usually has his own blood guy look at reports and tells Dexter he has a theory about Hannah. He then specifies that, when Hannah was still a teenager a halfway house counselor she had accused of sexual abuse, ended up dying because of rat poison.

This revelation apparently seems to clinch it for Dexter, who is now sure of Hannah’s culpability. Price on the other hand, asks Debra out on a date. She turns him down and gets a little defensive in the process. He leaves his number just in case, she changes her mind. Quinn shows Nadia the money George left in his car. He wonders if she knows anything about it. He's worried about what he might be asked to do, in return for that money. She reminds him how dangerous Isaak's organization is. Quinn gives the money back to George, and says he isn’t comfortable with keeping it. Dexter on the other hand breaks into Price's place. He copies Price's files on all the investigation he has done on Hannah. He also copies a blood test for Beverly, while he is at it.

Angel tells Jamie he's thinking about retiring from the force and running a restaurant. She reminds him he's impulsive, and should think his decision through before he acts on it. George sees Isaak in prison. Isaak says he'd like to avoid killing anybody and needs to be released ASAP. George tells him that Quinn gave back the money. Isaak in turn tells George not to disappoint him. As it turns out, Quinn is supposed to have dinner with Nadia. George meets him there and implies that Nadia will be transferred to a sex club unless Quinn loses the blood evidence connecting Isaak to the Columbian murders. Quinn on his part gets him to agree that Nadia will be a free woman if he helps them. Maria tells Debra she's been looking into open cases that might be connected to the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Maria has taken a close look at the Barrel Girls and points out that Jordan Chase ended up going missing. She wonders if another vigilante killer could have killed Chase. In Price's files Dexter finds that the author bribed a funeral director to have access to Beverly's body. He found traces of a poison called Aconite, which causes heart attacks. The plant grows on the property. Harry points out they still don't have proof Hannah did the poisoning and Dexter thinks he should have a conversation with the handyman, to find out more regarding this issue. Hannah later drops by unannounced with another plant for him, as a gift. Debra calls Dexter and wants to meet him about Maria's new theory. Dexter assures Debra there is nothing Maria could find that would lead back to him, and therefore she needn’t worry.

Lumen comes up, during the conversation. Dexter tells her that even if anybody could find Lumen she'd never incriminate herself. Debra begins piecing together that he had a relationship with Lumen and that was part of the reason for the killings. He says he was trying to help Lumen and make things right. Dexter is emphatic that she should let him worry about Maria, and should stop worrying about it herself. Dexter talks to Hannah's handyman. He says Hanna took care of Beverly all by herself, bathing, trips to the doctor, etc. Hannah wouldn't let anybody near Beverly, the handyman reveals. Dexter finds a large amount of Aconite on the property and from the looks of it; it appears to have been recently harvested.

Dexter wonders if perhaps Hannah is coming after him and is hence gifting him the plants. Hannah shows up and invites him inside. He ends up saying he wants to take her on a date. She says she doesn't date and starts talking about the idea she used to have for her perfect life. Dexter reminds her he's not Randall and she in the end agrees to go out with him. Quinn still can't get in touch with Nadia. Angel spills the beans about considering retirement. He tells Debra he's worried about burning out and the idea of running the restaurant makes him happy, he therefore wants to give the idea a shot. Debra immediately calls Price and tells him she wants to get a drink. Quinn goes to the evidence locker.

While there, after a bit of contemplation, he changes his mind. During the date Price tells Debra about his theory regarding Hannah being a killer in her own right. Price shows her his evidence and tells Debra that his blood guy disagrees with Dexter's report. Dexter and Hannah break into an amusement park that has been closed for the season. Inside a tent he shows her a snow scene she'd been longing for her entire life.

While she's distracted he sticks a hypodermic into her neck, in order to get the job done. She later awakens on the slab and realizes what’s going on. She then tells Dexter "do what you gotta do". He raises the knife as if to kill her, but instead cuts her loose. The two, then end up having sex on the table. The episode ends at this point.