Argentina - Recap

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The episode begins and Dexter wakes up to Hannah making breakfast. Dexter notices Hannah’s outdated calendar, it’s from the year she was with Wayne. She tells him it’s about the photo of Argentina on it, which is her dream spot. Dexter gets a buzz from Debra and he admits to Hannah that his sister is the lieutenant who grilled her. She’s not thrilled about it, but tells him she’d like to see him again. Dexter comes knocking on Debra’s door. He asks her if she really wants him to kill Hannah. She tells him she’s vetted her according to his rules, but is frustrated because someone cleaned the Hannah notes off Price’s computer.

He tells her it was him. She gives him more evidence and tells him Hannah fits the code. He tells her no and she’s upset and asks if he knows how hard it was for him to ask him to kill for her. She vents and tells Dexter that Hannah will kill again. Sirko loses the cops and sends them after a decoy. George tells him to let the Dexter thing go. He tells him it’s going to mess up their business. Sirko though, will hear none of it. Dexter is at a donut shop buying donuts for Debra. He drops his keys and ducks and just misses a bullet in the head from Sirko. Later, he tells Debra that Sirko tried to kill him and that inconveniently Aster, Cody and Harrison are on the way to stay with him. He asks her how he should deal with the situation.

She tells him she’ll put patrol on his place and tell La Guerta that she’s scared of Sirko getting revenge for the arrest. Dexter gives her a list of things she has to change at her house before the kids get there. She’s willing, but not too happy about the list. Later, Debra pays Hannah a visit. She tells her that she knows who and what she is because Sal told her everything. Debra accuses her of killing Sal. Hannah tells her that she was a screwed up 15 year old when Wayne took her on the killing spree. She says she was in over her head. Debra tells her that she’s in over her head now and tells her she’s going to be sorry. George is on the phone with bosses of the Ukranian mob and tells them that Sirko’s lost it. They come to an agreement and it sounds like Sirko may be on the black list.

Dexter breaks into Sirko’s hideout and finds another guy there also waiting to kill Sirko. The guy tells him he won’t go “halfsies” so Dexter has to cut his throat and laments “We could have just gone halfsies”. Later, Dexter is at Angel’s place with Debra, Jamie and the kids. Debra thanks Dexter for not consenting to kill Hannah. She tells him she knows he did it for her. He thanks her for taking in his kids. Later he pays Hannah a visit. He tells her about Sirko trying to kill him. Hannah wants to know more and Dexter says it’s just a matter of killing him before he kills him first. She advises him to research Sirko like he did her. He tells her it’s different, that he was vetting her to make sure he met his code. She loans him her van in case Sirko knows Dexter’s car.

Nadya tells Quinn not to worry about her passport, that she’ll get it soon because they like to keep the dancers as young as possible. She makes him promise he’ll never work for them again and heads off to the showers. There’s a knock at her door and it’s George. He plays Quinn a recording he made of him agreeing to lose the evidence against Sirko. Quinn says he’ll take him down with him and George doesn’t care. Quinn asks what he wants and George says he needs some security during a drug buy. He tells him if he doesn’t help, he’ll make the recording public. Sirko’s chatting with his bodyguard. Seems the killer Dexter waxed was a hit man for the brotherhood. They call the cops and he’s poking at Dexter who’s there to work the crime scene. Angel tells Sirko it could have been him that killed the guy.

Vince gives time of death and the police escort confirms they had him in their sights so he’s got an alibi. Debra asks Dexter what happened and he describes a scenario. Sirko tells him it’s almost like he was there in the room. Dexter takes off to see the kids and tells Debra to keep Sirko occupied as long as possible. Hannah calls and tells Dexter she needs her greenhouse keys from the van. She wants to stop by and pick them up. He tells her he’s at the beach and she stops by to get the keys. Hannah asks what he’s doing there and at first she thinks he’s there with his wife. He tells her it’s the nanny and points out his kids and their ages. She wants to know if he held back because he didn’t trust her or thought she’s reject him because of it. He tells her it was some of both.

She admits she and Wayne talked about having 10 kids. He tells her it could still be in the cards for her. Dex comes to Debra’s after the kids are in bed. He wonders whether Hannah could fit in with his family. Debra notices the keys in his hand and asks about it. He tells her he borrowed a car from a friend and she asks if it was Hannah. Then she asks if they are having sex. Then she wants to know if that’s why he won’t kill her. He admits that is partially the reason and Debra is angry with him for lying about the reasons he wouldn’t kill Hannah. Dexter admits he has feelings for Hannah and she wants to know if it’s because she’s a killer also.

Debra’s angry and wants to know if he helped her kill Price. He asks if being with Hannah is worse than being a killer to her. She says yes and then no. Debra asks him to stop seeing her, but he says he doesn’t want to. He says he’s not asking her permission and she tells him he couldn’t be hurting her more. Dexter says if she loves him, she’ll accept it. She tells him when she came to the church and caught him with Travis that, she was coming to tell him she’s in love with him. He’s stunned and asks what she means. Debra while sobbing tells him she knows it’s weird and gross.

She tells him it’s bad enough to love your brother, but a whole different thing to be in love with your brother who’s a serial killer. He tells her he’s sorry and he doesn’t know what to say. Dexter comes to chat with Sirko and he orders him a beer and says his first and last name so the bartender can ID him if anything happens. Trapped, Dexter sits down to have a drink with him, and apparently it’s a gay bar. Sirko tells him he’s in a gay bar because he’s gay. Sirko admits he’s been worried about the mob finding out he was gay. He tells Dexter that he took away from him the only happiness in his life. He thanks Dexter for killing the assassin and saving his life. Sirko asks what Dexter did to the man who killed Rita.

He tells him getting revenge didn’t help and that she’s still gone. Dexter tells him they don’t have to keep at this and Sirko tells him he does. He tells him after he kills Dexter, he’s going to take off and spend the rest of his days lost. Dexter suggests Argentina and Sirko tells him he was thinking Micronesia. Sirko tells him it would be great to find a place where they don’t have to pretend. Sirko tells him under different circumstances, they could have been friends and he leaves. Dex concludes that everyone wants an Argentina, a place where their slate is wiped clean.

Sirko plays and replays Viktor’s final voice mail over and over, while staring out the window. Dexter wonders whether we keep returning to the places that feel like home to us and he’s at Hannah’s door taking her in his arms. He concludes that it’s great to be someplace where you can be who you really are. The episode ends at this point.