Helter Skelter - Recap

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The episode begins with Dexter taking Hannah out on his boat. She's deathly afraid of the water from the looks of it. She explains that it’s a product of her father throwing her into a lake when she was little. She tells a story of him not letting her out until she nearly died. Just then, Dexter gets a call about a body. Isaak's bodyguard tells him that the Brotherhood has sent two men to kill him and they are probably already in the country. Isaak seems particularly concerned about the skill of the men. He calls one of them who happens to be shopping for a sniper rifle at the time. He tells Isaak he's already accepted the contract, so there is nothing he can do about it now.

Isaak later shows up at Dexter's door. He tells him about the men trying to kill him. He wants Dexter to help him out with the issue and offers him a pass on his revenge if he does so. Dexter though is in no mood to help and says he'll take his chances and tells Isaak to leave. Dexter's body is a burnt victim in a car. The arson investigator finds some accelerant in the back seat. The victim is a paralegal, as it turns out. The investigator thinks it's a suicide. Dexter takes Debra aside and says he's glad she said what she said. He points out they've been the only constant in each other's lives, which makes it logical, for her to feel the way she does about him. Dexter gets a message to meet Hannah at his place later.

When Dexter arrives home he finds Isaak waiting for him. He's kidnapped Hannah he reveals and tells Dexter the only way she'll be safe is if he helps him get rid of the hit men. Dexter seeing no way out, eventually agrees to help Isaak out, after getting confirmation Hannah is safe with Isaak's bodyguard. Isaak then tells Dexter about the two men trying to kill him. One is a European named Mikic, the other an American named Caffrey. Mikic likes using sniper rifles while Caffrey kills up close. Issak says Mikic always likes to test out his weapon before he uses them, which clues Dexter in to the fact he'll have to seek out a range carrying the kind of ammo for the rifle he prefers.

Isaak asks Dexter about why he kills people but Dexter isn't interested in talking to him at all. Dexter later tells Debra about his deal with Isaak, telling her about his forced partnership to save Hannah. Maria pays Matthews a visit on his boat. She tells him her theory about the slides and the BHB still being alive. She tells him she has a list of Miami personal that have boats. He tells her he's got an alibi and basically says her theory is crazy. Dexter makes it to the shooting range and kills Mikic. He calls Isaak with the news. Dexter thinks he should be used as bait to lure Caffrey. Dexter later meets with Debra. She thinks he's making a mistake pursuing a relationship with Hannah, and makes it clear to him. Caffrey drops by the club and George tells him about Dexter.

Dexter drops by Isaak's place looking for information about Hannah's whereabouts. He's able to video chat with her and texts himself a screenshot, so he can look into it later. After hanging up, Isaak asks him why he seemed so emotionally distant with Hannah. This leads to Dexter pointing out that, Isaak is worried that he's actually the one responsible for Vickor's death. George on the other hand takes Nadia out for dinner. Dexter tells Harry he sees in Isaak similarities to how he felt after Rita dies. He's not sure if he'll be able to recover if Hannah is killed because of him. Dexter spots a signed soccer ball behind Hannah, which he feels is some sort of a clue.

It's a Columbian superstar, which might be an indication that Isaak's bodyguard has Hannah in the home of one of the Columbians he killed, is what Dexter concludes from this clue. Dexter is called to the scene of another burn victim. Caffrey is there watching from the crowd. This person is burned with the same accelerant as the last one, it turns out. He's in an elevator and Dexter and the arson investigator find an imprint that seems to indicate somebody watched the person die. There is also the word "Bobby" written on the inside of the elevator door. Dexter tells Debra about Hannah perhaps being held at one of the dead men's homes and she agrees to look into it, to see what she can dig up. Dexter then calls Isaak, who tells him to lead Caffrey to a boat, where he can then be taken care of.

Quinn shows up at the club and learns that Nadia had sex with George. He isn’t too happy to discover this. This leads to him throwing George through a window and punching him repeatedly in the face. Hannah in the meantime, offers to make dinner for Isaak's bodyguard and he seems sold to the idea. Debra learns only one of the Columbians was single and she's going to his apartment, to find out all that she can. Dexter leads Caffrey onto the boat where Isaak is waiting to kill him. Matthews tracks Maria down. He says he'll help her if she helps him get back on the force long enough to get his full pension. Isaak's bodyguard while having the meal cooked by Hannah begins to choke on Hannah's food. She on seeing this smashes him over the head with a blender and the two end up struggling on the floor.

He eventually stabs her in the stomach and she in turn drills him in the face with a lamp. Then Hannah, who is still chained to the couch, falls to the ground. After disposing off the body Dexter and Isaak throw their weapons into the water. Dexter lingers behind to clean up the blood that has been left behind by their act and Isaak leaves. On his way off the boat he runs into George who shoots him the stomach and takes off. Dexter rushes to Isaak's side. Isaak tells him he's going to die and asks for a favor. Debra finds Hannah on the ground and sees that she is injured. After a second of hesitation she calls for an ambulance. Dexter takes Isaak to where Viktor's body was disposed of. Isaak tells him what he had with Viktor, was worth all the trouble and advises Dexter to be less detached emotionally.

Isaak then succumbs to his injury. Hannah, who seems okay, tells Debra all that happened. She then asks why Debra didn't just leave her to die, as she very well had the opportunity to do so. Debra says she was just doing her job and nothing more. Dexter arrives at the hospital room and grabs Hannah's hands, visibly relieved to see her alive. He tells her that was the most scared he'd been since the death of his mother. Dexter tells her when he's with her he feels safe. The episode ends at this point.