Do You See What I See? - Recap

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The episode begins with Dexter mentioning the fact that he's never really thought about his future. He gets a call from the Department of Corrections telling him Estrada, the mastermind behind his mother's murder, is up for parole. Dexter tells Hannah he is one of the men responsible who is still living and apparently Dexter is planning to do something about it. Dexter later sits in on Estrada's parole hearing but says nothing, as he possibly wants Estrada released on parole, so he can deal with him. Estrada is granted parole. Angel in the meantime tells Debra he's found Arlene, who has battled drug addiction and at various points has lost custody of her kids.

He wonders if they should tell Dexter about this, but Debra tells him it's her call and she will deal with it herself. Dexter on the other hand pays Matthews a visit. He tells him about Maria's theory; Doakes is innocent and Dexter might be the BHB. Matthews points out the connection between the cabin where Doakes died and the men who killed Dexter's mother. Matthews says he doesn't buy Maria's theory. Dexter tells Matthews that Doakes had a boat. Matthews says he'll try and get Maria to move on. Debra meets with Arlene. She threatens he that the custody of her children will be taken away, unless Arlene testifies about Hannah poisoning their counselor. Arlene says she'll need to think about it before she makes a final decision. Dexter tells Debra about his conversation with Matthews.

His plan is to plant fake evidence in other words a boat that will prove Doakes was the butcher, as he feels this will give Maria the closure she needs. Debra offers to help Dexter with this issue, but Dexter says he can handle it on his own. Maria debates Matthews and says she would have known if Doakes had a boat. She apparently doesn’t seem to buy this new revelation and smells something fishy. Arlene meets with Hannah. She says she doesn't want to rat her out, but she also can't go to jail or lose her kids and therefore can’t seem to solution to this quandary. Hannah says she'll "figure something out". Dexter finds an old boat storage place online he thinks "looks like Doakes". Debra waits for Maria to leave her house, and then heads inside, once she has left. Dexter watches Estrada leave prison.

He is keeping a close watch on Estrada’s every movement. One of the other strippers tells Quinn that Nadia left for Vegas. She said she needed a new start. Quinn isn’t too happy to hear this. Matthews and Maria search through the stuff from the cabin where Doakes died. They find a deep sea lure in a tackle box, along with a key for a boat storage facility. At the boathouse they find some knives, one of which contains Doakes' fingerprints. Maria takes Matthews aside and reminds him Dexter has the skills to plant such evidence, and therefore this piece of evidence that they have found can’t really be trusted. Maria admits she feels she owes it to Doakes to clear his name. Matthews says he's done and expects her to live up to her end of the deal about his pension.

Hannah meets with Debra. She tells her that Dexter has been through a lot and this seems like the first time he's been looking forward to the future. Hannah thinks he'll be happy if the two of them could find some common ground. Debra on her part says the reason she won't rest until Hannah is in jail is because of how much she loves Dexter. Dexter meets with Matthews again. He tells Dexter about the evidence they found and that he doesn't think Maria will be bugging him anymore, as he feels she is convinced by the discovery. Dexter meets with Estrada under the pretense he has cigars he needs to move. They agree to meet that night in order to carry out the deal. Angel calls Dexter to tell him Debra's been in a car accident. At the hospital Dexter learns that Debra is basically okay, as she isn’t seriously hurt.

A ton of her anti-anxiety medication was found in her system, as it turns out. Angel tells Dexter she was on her way to a second interview with Arlene. When Debra wakes up she seems sure that there is no way she could have accidentally taken extra pills and therefore feels that there is more to it than meets the eye. In fact, Debra thinks Hannah must have done it, but Dexter doesn't think it makes sense, as he feels Hannah has no reason to do such a thing. Dexter searches for evidence that Hannah did or didn't poison Debra. He ends up taking Debra's water bottle from her wrecked car and plans to send it to the lab, so he can be sure about the whole thing. Angel tells Maria he likes life as a restaurant owner. He says he's planning on retiring after the New Year, so he can concentrate full time on running the restaurant. Dexter and Hannah talk about past relationships.

She says she finally wants to stay with somebody. He tells her he has to meet Estrada, and then asks her whether she had anything to do with Debra's accident. Hannah makes a convincing case for why it couldn't have been her, saying she never viewed Arlene as a threat and if she had targeted Debra she would have finished the job. In other words Hannah says that Debra would have been dead by now, if Hannah was the one trying to kill her. She says he needs to figure out what kind of future he wants to have and shows him the door. Dexter meets with Estrada and knocks him out. He gets him on the slab and tells him who he is. Estrada starts talking about Dexter being in cahoots with the female cop who put a rush order on his release. Dexter quickly realizes Maria is trying to trap him and stops short of killing him, upon realizing this.

Maria is shown meeting other officers at the scene where Dexter had set up his kill room. They open up the storage unit Dexter was using and find only the plastic wrap and nothing else, much to their visible surprise. Dexter in the meantime is shown trying to flee the scene quietly with Estrada, but he ends up jumping in the water and forcing Dexter to leave on his own. Dexter gets a call that Debra's water bottle was 40 percent anti-anxiety med, which confirms the doubts Debra had. It means Hannah was, in fact, trying to kill Debra. Dexter is now convinced of Hannah’s guilt and as a result gives Debra evidence that will convict Hannah of Price's murder. He tells her "as long as she's free you're not safe".

Dexter later pays Hannah a visit. They kiss and she senses something is wrong, while they are at it. The police arrive a little later and place her under arrest. Hannah is visibly shocked at the betrayal and tells Dexter "You should have killed me", before being hauled away. The episode ends at this point.