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This Little Piggy - Recap

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Deb and Dexter are in a therapy session with Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Deb says that she tried to kill Dexter and herself, but she also saved his life after their car went underwater. According to Dr. Vogel, this is a sign that Deb is recovering after hitting rock bottom. Dexter contemplates the burden of family as he gets in his car to leave. At home, Dexter ignores a call from Deb and later deletes the voice mail from her. While telling his son to get dressed, he says yes to Jamie about having Cassie over for supper.

Dexter is happy that Deb is not at work, he can lock himself in the lab and not have to listen to anyone else's voice. His hopes are broken when he is called into the briefing room soon after arriving at work. Before the meeting, Vince Masuka tells everyone that he just found out he has a daughter. The otheres warn him that if distant family reach out like that, it's usually because they want money. The meeting in the briefing room reveals that the serial killer's latest victim has survived and identified Albert Yates as the one who kidnapped her. Dexter, Joey, and Angie Miller are to pay a visit to Ed Hamilton to retrieve a DNA sample and see if he was the one who killed Norma, his maid. Angie tells Angel that she is ready to take on more responsibility if he is still looking for a sergeant.

At Ed Hamilton's house, Ed admits to the police that he had an affair with Norma. He says she left that day just fine and has proof. He loved Norma and would never hurt her. Dexter thinks that Zach, Ed's son, may have something to do with it. Packing up to leave, Zach tells Dexter that they are wasting their time investigating Ed.

At Dr. Vogel's house, Yates throws a table through a window and kidnaps her. Deb attempts to call Dr. Vogel but there's no answer. She decides to go over anyway. She finds the house broken into, with no sign of Vogel.

The police find three bodies in Yates' backyard and expect three more under the rosebushes. Deb shows up at the crime scene to tell Dexter that Vogel has been taken. Deb says that she wants to help Dexter catch Vogel. Deb tells Dexter that when their car went underwater she saved him because she couldn't imagine her life without him.

Yates asks Vogel about her friend, the one who broke into his house. She cut into Yates' head to try to remove his violent tendencies, but it didn't work. She says her friend may come looking for him, and that's just what he wants.

Angie and Joey asks a man near Norma's apartments if he saw Ed Hamilton around the area. Looking at a picture, he points at the man he saw, Zach Hamilton.

Vince is out with his daughter and he slowly comes to the realization that she just wants money from him.

Dexter has a list of all the places Yates could be at. To narrow it down he talks to Angel about where he could be. Joey tells Deputy Chief Tom Matthews that his witness in the Hamilton case has changed his mind. Joey thinks he was paid off, although Tom just tells him to leave the son alone. He implies that to get promoted to sergeant, Joey should leave the Hamilton family alone.

Vince visits Deb at her office and hires her to do a background check on his daughter. He needs to know if she's just trying to get his money.

Dexter comes home to a surprise double date. He needs to look for Yates but he can't leave the date. He convinces Cassie to end the night, freeing him up to look into the 19 possible locations of Yates.

At the house where she is being held, Vogel talks to Yates about his past, trying to stop him from hurting her. He is about to break one of her toes when she hits him. Yates leaves the room, giving Vogel some time to grab a phone and call Dexter. Deb calls her boss and asks him to trace the call. He calls back a few minutes later with the address. On the way, Deb and Dexter listen to Vogel reassuring Yates that she can help him. He finds the phone and threatens to kill Dexter. Breaking into the house, Dexter and Deb rush upstairs to save Vogel. They find her in the closet while Yates is hiding under the bed. Dexter takes a curtain rod and uses it to impale Yates through the mattress.

Vogel is proud of Dexter and Deb for working together and Dexter is happy to have his sister back. He brings Vogel and Deb on the boat with him to dump the body. He says he likes being alone out on the water. Deb asks why he brought Vogel and herself, and Dexter tells her that he wanted to be with family.