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Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective, takes on the case of a missing cat and soon finds himself in a web of intrigue involving a missing CEO, a disappearing husband, and a recursive time loop.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x0
Airdate: Thursday December 16th, 2010

Director: Damon Thomas
Writer: Howard Overman

Guest Stars
Jason Watkins (1)Jason Watkins (1)
As DI Gilks
Lisa Jackson (2)Lisa Jackson (2)
As Janice Pearce
Doreen MantleDoreen Mantle
As Ruth Jordan
Anthony HowellAnthony Howell
As Gordon Way
Miles RichardsonMiles Richardson
As Doctor Gerstenberger
Billy Boyle (1)Billy Boyle (1)
As Harry Jordan
Gary PillaiGary Pillai
As Doctor
Alisha BaileyAlisha Bailey
As Reporter
Joe HallJoe Hall
As Newsagent
Leona WalkerLeona Walker
As Receptionist
Alex ParryAlex Parry
As Barman
Main Cast
Stephen ManganStephen Mangan
As Dirk Gently
Helen BaxendaleHelen Baxendale
As Susan Harmison
Darren BoydDarren Boyd
As Richard MacDuff


Dirk Gently meets with a new client and explains that his methods of deduction relate to the interconnectedness of all things, and that he has an essential list of expenses. The client, elderly Ruth Jordan, doesn't care as long as it helps him find and return Henry. Dirk assures her that's what he does, and asks her for a photograph... of her cat, wearing a pope's hat...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
East 17Stay Another DayGordon travels to the past

Episode Quotes
Dirk: As I explained when we spoke on the phone, my methods of detection are based on an almost unswerving belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. As anyone who follows the principles of quantum mechanics to their logical extremes cannot help but accept. Ah, that's lovely tea.
Ruth Jordan: Thank you.
Dirk: My methods invariable necessitate a variety of expense. That to the untrained eye may appears somewhat tangential. I assure you, these expenses are essential and non-negotiable, and payable in advance, naturally.
Ruth Jordan: I see you're charging me for the purchase of a new refrigerator.
Dirk: I no longer have access to my old refrigerator.

Receptionist: I only came back to make sure you notice me when I finally leave for good.

Richard: Nice fridge.
Dirk: My cleaner has padlocked the fridge in my flat. We are engaged in a standoff from which neither of us is prepared to back down. It is the Cold War writ small.

Richard: So how on earth did you end up becoming a private detective?
Dirk: Have you heard of Schrödinger's Cat?
Richard: Should I have?
Dirk: It's an experiment devised by the eminent Dr. Schrödinger to investigate probability.
Richard: I'm guessing it involves a cat?
Dirk: Yeah. You take said cat and you place it in a sealed box along with a small lump of radioactive material, and a vial of mildly poisonous gas. Within a given period of time, there's an exactly 50/50 chance that an atom in the radioactive lump will decay and emit an electron, triggering the release of the gas, rendering the cat unconscious.
Richard: Is that even ethical?
Dirk: Some would say not. Anyhow, on one occasion, Dr. Schrödinger and his colleagues opened the box and discovered that the cat was neither conscious nor unconscious, but was in fact... completely missing. I was called in to investigate. I was quickly able to deduce that the cat had merely got fed up with repeatedly being locked in the box, and occasionally gassed, and took the first opportunity to hoof it out the window. Bernice... that was the cat's name. Bernice came running, and was restored to the box that very afternoon. One thing led to another, it all culminated in the thriving career you see before you.

Dirk: Now, it seems that Dr. Gerstenberger was the last person to see Gordon Way. We must track him down.
Richard: Right. And how we going to do that? Suppose we're going to follow the web of interconnected events?
Dirk: Don't be ridiculous, MacDuff. I'm going to phone Directory Inquiries.

Dirk: Do you not find it at all curious that both Gordon Way and Henry the Cat disappeared on the same day?
Richard: You think that Gordon Way is somehow involved with Henry?
Dirk: I know nothing of Gordon Way's... sexual proclivities, feline or otherwise.

Dirk: I find men with mustaches to be particularly dishonorable beings. Hitler, Tom Selleck being cases in point.

Ruth Jordan: Do you think he has something to do with Henry going missing?
Dirk: I would have to say yes, and that every particle in the universe effects, however faintly and obliquely, every other particle. I find this to be particularly true when those particles are arranged in the form of a cat.

DI Gilks: Why are you even in the vicinity of one of my crime scenes, Gently? And think very carefully before you answer, because if you so much as mention the "interconnectedness of all things," I'll have you arrested under the anti-terror laws.
Dirk: Actually, I'm looking for a cat.

Dirk: I fear Susan may be in grave danger.
Richard: What, little old Ruth?
Dirk: Well, perhaps "grave" is pushing it. I fear Susan may be in an indeterminate amount of danger.
Richard: But still dangerous.
Dirk: Indeterminately so.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorHoward Overman
Executive ProducerSaurabh Kakkar  |  Eleanor Moran
ProducerChris Carey
Associate ProducerHoward Overman
Production DesignerDave Arrowsmith
EditorLiana Del Giudice
Line ProducerKate Dudley
First Assistant DirectorSimon Hedges
Second Assistant DirectorChantelle Stoffel
Costume DesignerClaire Finlay
Make-upRebecca Hodgkinson
GripPhil Coleman
Location ManagerRob Champion (2)
Property MasterDave Reilly
Script SupervisorKaren Savage
Production CoordinatorAnna Graham (2)
GafferAlex Scott (7)
On-Line EditorAdam Eddy
Director of PhotographyBalazs Bolygo
Stunt CoordinatorDean Forster
Production SecretaryEmily James (2)
Art DirectorKate Purdy (2)
Dubbing MixerMatthew Knights
Sound RecordistClive Derbyshire
Third Assistant DirectorLyndsay Furness
Costume SupervisorAlison Stevens
Production AccountantJay Parsons
Camera AssistantMeg De Koning
Best BoyEddie Done
Sound EngineerPeter Margrave
ComposerDaniel Pemberton
Production ExecutiveGrace Boylan
Unit ManagerJenni Lewis
Focus PullerSam Barnes
Prop BuyerRobert Jones (4)
Casting DirectorKate Rhodes James
Sound Effects EditorRod Berling
Dialogue EditorChris Roberts (2)
Standby PropsMark Burgess (3)  |  John Knight (3)
Floor RunnerStuart Chapman (2)  |  Katy Lawrence
Make-up DesignerJanita Doyle
Created ByDouglas Adams
Costume AssistantAmy Brown (2)
ColouristPaul Staples
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