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Dirk Gently: Episode 3

Two of Dirk's former clients are murdered, and he decides to flee the country when Gilks shows up. However, he's distracted when a woman arrives to hire him to track down a stalker. Dirk is confident that he can solve the case... since he's the stalker.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x3
Airdate: Monday March 19th, 2012

Starring Roles
Jason Watkins (1)Jason Watkins (1)
As DI Gilks
Lisa Jackson (2)Lisa Jackson (2)
As Janice Pearce

Guest Stars
Lisa DillonLisa Dillon
As Melinda Fulstone
Tony PittsTony Pitts
As Robbie Glover
Tina MaskellTina Maskell
As The Cleaner (Rosa Elchenko)
Main Cast
Stephen ManganStephen Mangan
As Dirk Gently
Darren BoydDarren Boyd
As Richard MacDuff


DI Gilks pounds on the door of Dirk’s apartment. Inside, Dirk finally wakes up, drinks a glass of wine, and checks his answering service. Meanwhile, when Gilks gets no answer he has his men break down the door. Fully dressed, Dirk leaps out of bed and runs down the fire escape, climbs down a ladder, and gets into Princess. It starts and Dirk manages to drive away...

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Episode Quotes
Richard: Sorry about that. Staff issues.
DI Gilks: That's perfectly fine. She works for Gently, she deserves a medal.
Janice Pearce: Thank you!

Richard: What are you looking for?
Dirk: I have the strangest feeling the solution to this case is to be found on the beach of another country. Preferably one with no extradition treaty.

Richard: But what about... the business?
Dirk: McDuff, I have taught you all I know about avoiding bills. It's time for my little bird to fly the nest.

Melinda Fulstone: I mean, of course, there's always the worry that something about me put him off women for life.
Dirk: Miss Fulstone, the idea that you could ever put a man off of intercourse with females is, frankly, ludicrous.
Melinda Fulstone: Oh, that's very sweet of you to say.
Dirk: Mainly because sexual preference is now commonly held to be a genetic predisposition. Chances are he was never truly attracted to you in the first place. Or he could be bisexual.
Melinda Fulstone: Well, you've certainly given me a lot to think about.

Dirk: I mean for the last month, I have been secretly observing Miss Fulstone as part of a scientific experiment.
Richard: You're the stalker?
Dirk: I prefer the term "covert experimenter."

DI Gilks: Listen, Gently, you are many things. Many, many annoying and incompetent things. But you're not a killer. At least, not intentionally. I'm sure that your blithering ineptitude will kill someone one day, but, you know, not with this level of skill. This... is the work of a professional.

Richard: You know, I always wondered what it would take to get you to actually pay for something. I guess I now know. Broken finger and death threats from mobsters.
Janice Pearce: They sound like my kind of people.
Dirk: Thank you, Janice.

Richard: What are you doing now?
Dirk: I'm trying to find a new cleaner. You've seen my place, it's a tip.
Richard: People are dying. Maybe we should sort out that little problem first.
Dirk: When a man loses sight of his carpet, he's no longer a man.

DI Gilks: Now, most people, they don't get a second chance like this, Gently. I implore you--please--mess it up.
Dirk: I shall endeavor to disappoint you.

DI Gilks: Having a bit of a clear-out?
Dirk: No, I'm--this is a feng shui approach I'm trying. Clear office, clear mind.
DI Gilks: Clear bank account.

Dirk: You can't leave. I need you, McDuff.
Richard: You need me?
Dirk: No--that is to say, you--you are the grit around which the pearl of truth often forms. Your plain-speaking everyman perspective is a useful counterpoint...
Richard: No, no, no, don't ruin it.
Dirk: And you're--you're a very good sounding board for my more outlandish theories.
Richard: You mean you think better when you're showing off.
Dirk: See, there you go. Coming straight to the heart of the matter.

Dirk: Rosa Elchenko, hired assassin. Code name, "The Cleaner."
Richard: Your cleaner's codename was "The Cleaner"?
Dirk: I know. These cold-blooded killers, no imagination.

Dirk: A series of bizarre frauds have been committed by a man with extreme body odor. I suspect him of using pheromonal influence
Richard: Pheromonal what-what?
Dirk: Oh, come on, McDuff. Surely you're didn't tell me you didn't know about the power of pheromones? It's why most of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies don't wash.
Richard: You're making this up.
Dirk: No, listen, it's scientific fact. An unwashed armpit can make all the difference. Anywhere from a back-alley knife fight to a high-powered board meeting. It just gives that little extra edge.
Richard: Well, it certainly explains your personal hygiene.
Dirk: This isn't odor, McDuff, it's armor.
Richard: It's certainly strong, I'll give you that.

Episode Goofs
One of the newspaper headlines on Robbie's storage unit wall misspells "pseudo."

Other Episode Crew

CreatorHoward Overman
Executive ProducerSaurabh Kakkar  |  Howard Overman  |  Brian Minchin
ProducerChris Carey
Production DesignerAmelia Shankland
Line ProducerKate Dudley
First Assistant DirectorSimon Hedges
Second Assistant DirectorTracey Warren
MusicDaniel Pemberton
Costume DesignerMaggie Chappelhow
GripJohn Robinson (3)
Location ManagerRob Champion (2)
Property MasterJoe Rappaport
Script SupervisorKaren Savage
Production CoordinatorDavid Packham
GafferMartin Healey
On-Line EditorOwen Hulme
Director of PhotographyOle Bratt Birkeland
Stunt CoordinatorAndreas Petrides
Production SecretaryEllie Blake
Art DirectorSarah Whittemore
Sound EditorMark Ryder (1)
Script EditorHannah Mackay
Dubbing MixerNigel Edwards
Sound RecordistClive Derbyshire
Third Assistant DirectorLyndsay Furness
Costume SupervisorAmanda Perryman
Production AccountantAlec Thorne
Casting AssistantAndy Brierley
Film EditorMatthew Tabern
Best BoyTrevor Hale
Sound EngineerPeter Margrave
Unit ManagerJake Sainsbury
ColoristAidan Farrell
Focus PullerJason Walker
Digital Imaging TechnicianMat Brooks
Casting DirectorKate Rhodes James
Dialogue EditorMark Ryder (1)
Production BuyerJenny Alexander
Standby Art DirectorAlexandra Merchant
Standby PropsTyrone Hyman  |  Gary Leech
Floor RunnerJames Sampson
Created ByDouglas Adams
Hair & Make-up DesignPamela Haddock
Hair & Make Up ArtistDianne Jamieson
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