Season 4

71 :04x01 - Big Animal Vet

Mike gets a close up look at a Llama with an abscessed tooth when he joins a big animal veterinarian in Montana. Also, working in a barbecue joint in Georgia and a trip to New Jersey where he helps dig up old oil tanks.

72 :04x02 - Steel Mill Worker

Mike works with metal as he heads to St. Louis to melt scraps steel into molten metal and then works on a demolition team aboard a river barge.

73 :04x03 - Cave Biologist

Mike joins a cave biologist as they trek through muck and searches for slime eels hidden in piles of mucus.

75 :04x05 - Cranberry Farmer

Mike heads to South Carolina where he learns how to make bricks by hand, and then tries his hand at farming cranberries while in Oregon.

76 :04x06 - Mud Mineral Excavator

Mike prepares for a gem and mineral show by digging in Death Valley. also, birds are rescued from a salty lake, and then it's off to South Carolina for a day of working on a rice plantation.
Guest Stars: Campbell Coxe as Himself | Campbell Coxe as Himself

77 :04x07 - Tight Spaces (1)

Mike looks back at some of his tightest squeezes from the dirtiest, most challenging jobs over the years.

78 :04x08 - Brown Plate Special

Mike looks back at the jobs dealing with food products. Also, the Dirty Jobs Top Ten list of most disgusting things Mike has eaten.

79 :04x09 - Dirty Jobs of the Big Apple

Mike heads to New York City where he climbs to the top of a huge building to assist in creating a water tower, followed by learning the art of repairing an elevator.

80 :04x10 - Floating Fish Factory

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81 :04x11 - Dairy Cow Midwife

Mike makes a stop in Indiana where he learns to milk a cow and then clean it's udders. Also, a schooling on how to artificially inseminate a cow and assist on a calf delivery.

82 :04x12 - Aerial Tram Greaser

Mike learns about erosion control as he visits the site of a future California neighborhood. Next, Mike helps with the maintenance and repair a tram while 8,500 feet above Palm Springs.

83 :04x13 - Turkey Inseminator

Mike attempts to make a home more energy efficient, which calls for him to crawl beneath the dwelling through falling insulation, dead rats and debris Then, he takes a crack at turkey inseminating while on a turkey farm full of large breasted birds.

86 :04x16 - Animal Barber

Mike head to Kalispell, Montana and the Spring Brook Ranch for his 150th dirty job as he joins a yak and bison rancher. It's a wild celebration of dirt as Mike and the crew go to work.

88 :04x18 - Greenland Shark Quest

Mike heads for the Arctic Circle off Baffin Islands in search for the Greenland sharks, and investigates the ecological changes within that part of the region.