Season 1

1 :01x01 - Bat Cave Scavenger

Collecting bat guano for fertilizer; dirty secret behind major-league baseball

2 :01x02 - Worm Dung Farmer

Mike tries out catfish noodling; cleaning septic tanks; and farming worm dung

3 :01x03 - Roadkill Cleaner

In this episode,
- Mike stops at the Golfball Depot to recover lost golf balls from the water. After the recovery the golf balls must be cleaned, sorted and packaged.
- Mike works as a horse breeder, performing an embryo transfer.
- Mike travels the roads picking up roadkill and loading them onto a pickup truck

4 :01x04 - Chinatown Garbage Collector

Mike Rowe assumes the responsibilities of a Garbage Collector as he takes to the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown. After carrying several tons of garbage down the narrow corridors and steep staircases of Chinatown, Mike moves onto Recycle Central...

5 :01x05 - Sewer Inspector

Sewer Inspector Mike Rowe steps into the shoes of a sewer inspector in San Francisco, and enlists a disaster clean up crew after a Brooklyn toilet explodes from a sewer backup. He then joins up with a demolition company where he works as part of a deconstruction crew.

6 :01x06 - Pig Farmer

Mike learns about pig farming after feeding, cleaning and artificially inseminating pigs. Mike then meets the "Gum Busters" to clean gum off the sidewalks of New York. Afterwards Mike cleans up after pigeons.

7 :01x07 - Chick Sexer

Mike spends the day as a check sexer, sorting male and female chicks.

8 :01x08 - Vexcon

Mike Rowe joins exterminators in their war against rats and bugs. After crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay, Mike learns the fascinating art of shelling crabs. As a blacksmith farrier, Mike makes horseshoes out of raw steel and attempts to shoe a horse.

9 :01x09 - Sludge Cleaner

Mike Rowe gets dirty as he works with surfboard shaper Matt Barker. Mike masters the art of shaping a surfboard from Styrofoam. And Mike goes underground into a greasy pit of sludge as he joins an environmental company that recycles the gunky grime.

Season 2

10 :02x01 - Hot Tar Roofer

Mike Rowe lands on a church rooftop and learns how to melt down chunks of black tar for the purpose of roof repair. Later, he takes a job as a house mover and tunnels under a 60-ton house, before jacking it up and placing it on giant wheels.
Director: David M. Barsky

11 :02x02 - Ostrich Farmer

Join Mike Rowe as he rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty on a Hawaiian coffee bean plantation; learns how to nurse an injured sea lion pup back to health; and faces one of his most dangerous jobs yet, working as an ostrich farmer in the California desert.
Director: David M. Barsky

12 :02x03 - Cheese Maker

Mike Rowe gets a taste of what it's like to work as a Zoo Keeper at the San Francisco Zoo; He then teams up with Vermont cheese makers, to learn how to turn four thousand gallons of milk into world famous cheese, and mixes volcanic ash mud baths.
Director: David M. Barsky

13 :02x04 - Shrimper

Mike Rowe climbs aboard a shrimp boat to help determine this year's shrimping season. He goes to America's largest swamp to team up with a man who catches crawfish for a living. With tire recyclers, he sorts and organizes thousands of tires.
Director: David M. Barsky

14 :02x05 - Bio-Diesel Man

Mike Rowe steps into the shoes of a cobb home builder and teams up with the Bee man to evict a swarm of angry bees hidden inside a church building. He recovers grease at a Mexican restaurant and learns to convert cooking oil into gasoline alternative.
Director: David M. Barsky

15 :02x06 - Micro-Algae Man

Mike Rowe teams up with a pet groomer and is responsible for preparing special outfits prior to their departure. He works at a Hawaiian pharmaceutical plant that specializes in growing green algae. Mike Rowe gets dirty at a charcoal factory.
Director: David M. Barsky

16 :02x07 - Chimney Sweeper

Mike Rowe learns the tricks of the trade at the Chimney Sweeping Safety Institute. He travels to Canada to dive into the frigid water for sunken logs which will be made into expensive furniture. Mike's hired by a scrap metal recycling plant to sort cans.
Director: David M. Barsky

17 :02x08 - Dirtiest Animals

Mike revisits some of his old jobs: pig farmer, baby chicken sexer, pet groomer, horse breeder, ostrich farmer.

18 :02x09 - Dirtiest Water Jobs

Dirty water jobs include crabber, growing green algae, shrimper, logger and catfish noodler.

19 :02x10 - Creepy Critters

Mike works as a pest exterminator and a worm-dung farmer.

20 :02x11 - Dirtiest Tools & Machines

Mike recaps some of the worst tools and machines he's used including:
- House Mover
- Tire Recycler
- Demolition Worker
- Scrap Metal Recycler
- Golf-Ball Diver
- Hot Tar Roofer

22 :02x13 - Avian Vomitologist

In this episode,
- Mike heads to Colorado to mine marble, pulling out 10-foot blocks of marble that weigh 20 tons. After these openings are made large blocks are cut weighing around 200 tons.
- Mike helps collect owl vomit (in the form of pellets) to send to schools for disection
- Mike uses his arm to determine if cattle are pregnant
Director: David M. Barsky

23 :02x14 - Turkey Farmer

Mike tackles turkey and potato farming, and removes sewage from a water-treatment plant.
Director: David M. Barsky

24 :02x15 - Alligator Farmer

Mike labors at a sugar mill, works with firefighters and visits an alligator farm.
Director: David M. Barsky

25 :02x16 - Viewer's Choice

Questions from fans, and outtakes

26 :02x17 - Mushroom Farmer

Odious employment includes mushroom farming and making drain pipes.
Director: David M. Barsky

27 :02x18 - Plumber

Mike and his catfish-noodler friend reunite to do some difficult plumbing. Somewhere else, we go drilling mud at a synthetic mud company, and oil drilling with roughnecks.
Director: David M. Barsky

28 :02x19 - Termite Controller

Jobs include spreading concrete for curbside and sidewalk foundations. Also: Mike reunites with a termite exterminator and chips concrete out of the back of a truck.
Director: David M. Barsky

29 :02x20 - Casino Food Recycler

Mike Rowe cleans up after the Lance Burton Magic Show. Also: a Las Vegas pig farmer who recycles leftovers.
Director: David M. Barsky

30 :02x21 - Rose Parade Float Dismantler

Mike Rowe dismantles floats from the Tournament of Roses Parade.
Director: David M. Barsky

31 :02x22 - Garbage Pit Technician

Mike Rowe works with a group of garbage collectors who convert trash into electricity, helping to preserve the environment.
Director: David M. Barsky

32 :02x23 - Skull Cleaner

Mike's jobs include making sausage, working on trains and cleaning animal bones for anatomical displays.
Director: David M. Barsky

33 :02x24 - Geoduck Farmer

Mike harvests giant clams called geoducks in Puget Sound, helps preserve the environment in California's Santa Monica Mountains, and helps to restore a Philadelphia church's antique pipe organ.
Director: David M. Barsky

34 :02x25 - Fuel Tank Cleaner

Mike makes candy, repairs tires and then travels to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita to clean KC-135 Stratotanker fuel tanks.
Director: David M. Barsky

35 :02x26 - Jobs that Bite

In South Africa, Mike works alongside shark experts, chumming the water for great whites that will be tagged with satellite-tracking devices; and performs a necropsy on a 9-foot bull shark. Also: testing a shark decoy.

36 :02x27 - Jobs That Bite...Harder

Mike creates molds from dead animals to create realistic replicas. Then Mike helps make and test a shark suit made of fine chain mail.

37 :02x28 - Coal Miner

Included: demolition and salvage at an abandoned New Jersey college; coal mining.
Director: David M. Barsky

38 :02x29 - Hoof Cleaner

Host Mike Rowe attends to bovine foot problems; mucks out hippo stalls; and joins a crew at a rock quarry.
Director: David M. Barsky

39 :02x30 - Alpaca Shearer

Mike helps gather six thousand pounds of shellfish from the Puget Sound. Next, Mike works as a taro farmer in Hawaii. Then, Mike tries to shear Alpaca fiber.
Director: David M. Barsky

40 :02x31 - Monkey Caretaker

Mike gets in touch with his inner ape when he travels to South Africa to train monkeys to return to life in the wild.
Director: David M. Barsky

41 :02x32 - 100th Dirty Job Special

Featuring behind the scenes of the show and best-of moments. This episode is a two-hour special.

Season 3

42 :03x01 - Snake Researcher

Mike Rowe wrangling water snakes; working alongside bait and lobster fishermen in Maine; and reading viewer mail.
Director: David M. Barsky

43 :03x02 - Penguin Keeper

Mike Rowe joins a California construction crew to learn the art of concrete stamping. He also takes care of penguins and digs for bloodworms.
Director: David M. Barsky

44 :03x03 - Bell Maker

Mike teams with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Stamford, Conn., where he helps them wash sediment and marine life from a sea barrier. Also: casting bells at McShane's using molds made of horse manure and mud.
Director: David M. Barsky

45 :03x04 - Mosquito Control Officer

In New Orleans, Mike provides recycled materials to help rebuild the city and joins a mosquito-abatement group to battle the flying pests.
Director: David M. Barsky

46 :03x05 - Bug Breeder

Mike tries to revive fainting goats; helps to breed exotic insects; and removes tree stumps.
Director: David M. Barsky

47 :03x06 - Poo Pot Maker

Mike helps make gardening pots out of cow pies. Also: Mike checks the mail bag and answers a question about a segment in which he was bitten by a snake.
Director: David M. Barsky

48 :03x07 - Mule Logger

Mike works with a master cooper, also known as a barrel maker, and attempts to master the art of toasting the inside of the barrels over an open flame, a technique that gives the wine a special flavor as it ferments. Also: mule logging.
Director: David M. Barsky

49 :03x08 - Well Digger

Mike teams with the Bowie BaySox as a groundskeeper; and works with a water company, digging through mud, rock, gravel, sand and water in Tennessee. Also: letters from the mail bag.
Director: David M. Barsky

50 :03x09 - Cave Digger

Mike digs tunnels for underground wine caves; later, he performs custodial duties at an airport.
Director: David M. Barsky

51 :03x10 - Salt Miner

Mike gets dirty underground packing explosives into a wall of salt and blowing it up in order to break up the salt into small blocks.Mike masters the dirty job of salt mining and gets a new respect for the people who get dirty in order for us to get salt.

Source: Discovery
Director: David M. Barsky

52 :03x11 - Wine Maker

Mike gets dirty in Napa Valley as he takes on the dirty job of making wine. Mike then rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty at a Kansas Cattle Ranch where he gets a lesson on how dirty the cattle business can be.

Source: Discovery
Director: David M. Barsky

53 :03x12 - Steam Ship Cleaner

Mike joins forces with two dirty guys from San Diego who have mastered the art of hydro-seeding. Then he rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty on a steam ship ferry that's over 100 years old. Mike delves into the mailbag and answers a viewer's question.

Source: discovery channel
Director: David M. Barsky

54 :03x13 - Really Dirty Animals

Mike revisits some of his old jobs: alpaca shearer, fainting goat farmer, vervet monkey rehabilitator, cattle rancher, penguin keeper, ostrich farmer, food recycler, mule logger.

55 :03x14 - Billboard Installer

Mike heads off to Texas to work with an an outdoor advertising company.
Director: David M. Barsky

56 :03x15 - Snake Wrangler

Mike goes to Texas and works at a snake farm learning how to raise some of the biggest and most dangerous snakes in the world.
Director: David M. Barsky

57 :03x16 - Leather Tanner

Mike goes back in time by joining Richard Meyers and his sons to learn the ancient trade of tanning leather, transforming ordinary stiff cowhides into soft suede soles for bowling shoes.
Director: David M. Barsky

58 :03x17 - Dirtiest Machines on the Planet

Examining filthy machines, including oil rigs, lift pumps and giant garbage disposals.

59 :03x18 - Bridge Painter

Mike helps maintenance crews with the annual upkeep on the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, including sandblasting and painting suspender cables. Also: greasing the NASA crawler.
Director: David M. Barsky

60 :03x19 - Vomit Island Workers

Mike Rowe gets dirty as he braves the untamed world of Vomit Island, a place where few have ever been and even fewer would ever want to go. Mike's mission is to help band and count newly hatched Herons on the poo covered island.
Director: David M. Barsky

61 :03x20 - Alligator Egg Collector

Mike Rowe gets dirty as he forages the swamps of Louisiana in search of Alligator eggs 90,000 of them to be exact. It's a very Dirty Job that's helping to preserve the population of the American alligator.
Director: David M. Barsky

62 :03x21 - Wild Goose Chase

Mike Rowe goes on a wild goose chase literally! After traveling to the tundra, Mike joins forces with a team of workers that round up a flock of wild geese with airplanes.
Director: David M. Barsky

63 :03x22 - Crew's Cruise

Mike and the crew take a break from being dirty and board a luxurious Royal Caribbean cruise ship to reminisce about favorite episodes and escapades.

64 :03x23 - 150th Dirty Job Extravaganza

It's a two-hour Dirty Jobs extravaganza that will keep America entertained with look backs from some of your favorite jobs, never before seen footage, bloopers, down and dirty games, a giant fireworks display and much more as Mike Rowe celebrates 150 jobs

65 :03x24 - Special Effects Artist

Mike is transformed into a zombie for Halloween by a special effects artist. Also, Mike harvests kelp.

66 :03x25 - Reef Ball Maker

Mike creates an artificial underwater reef ball, part of an underwater reef to help fish and coral revitalize their population once they are damaged by pollution.

67 :03x26 - Exotic Animal Keeper

Mike gets dirty at a recycling center in San Francisco that requires its drivers to clean out the backs of their garbage-hauling dump trucks after every shift. Then Mike plays with exotic animals and cleans a cougar-sized kitty litter box.

Source: Discovery Channel

68 :03x27 - Creepy, Slimy and Just Plain Weird

Mike Rowe looks back at some of the creepiest, slimiest and downright weirdest citizens on the animal kingdom.

Source: Discovery Channel

69 :03x28 - Spray Insulation Technician

Mike Rowe gets dirty with a team of airport runway painters, examines dirty diapers for bad smells and then teams up with a group of spray insulation technicians that get dirty to keep our houses warm.

Source: Discovery Channel

70 :03x29 - Dirty Innovators

Mike Rowe looks back at some of his favorite dirty jobs and salutes the men and women from around the country who have found innovative and entrepreneurial ways to get dirty.

Source: Discovery Channel

Season 4

71 :04x01 - Big Animal Vet

Mike gets a close up look at a Llama with an abscessed tooth when he joins a big animal veterinarian in Montana. Also, working in a barbecue joint in Georgia and a trip to New Jersey where he helps dig up old oil tanks.

72 :04x02 - Steel Mill Worker

Mike works with metal as he heads to St. Louis to melt scraps steel into molten metal and then works on a demolition team aboard a river barge.

73 :04x03 - Cave Biologist

Mike joins a cave biologist as they trek through muck and searches for slime eels hidden in piles of mucus.

74 :04x04 - Buoy Cleaner

Mike learns how they make shingles when he travels to Oregon, and then cleans dirty buoys while aboard a Coast Guard ship.

75 :04x05 - Cranberry Farmer

Mike heads to South Carolina where he learns how to make bricks by hand, and then tries his hand at farming cranberries while in Oregon.

76 :04x06 - Mud Mineral Excavator

Mike prepares for a gem and mineral show by digging in Death Valley. also, birds are rescued from a salty lake, and then it's off to South Carolina for a day of working on a rice plantation.
Guest Stars: Campbell Coxe as Himself

77 :04x07 - Tight Spaces (1)

Mike looks back at some of his tightest squeezes from the dirtiest, most challenging jobs over the years.

78 :04x08 - Brown Plate Special

Mike looks back at the jobs dealing with food products. Also, the Dirty Jobs Top Ten list of most disgusting things Mike has eaten.

79 :04x09 - Dirty Jobs of the Big Apple

Mike heads to New York City where he climbs to the top of a huge building to assist in creating a water tower, followed by learning the art of repairing an elevator.

80 :04x10 - Floating Fish Factory

Mike takes an epic trip aboard a fish processing ship while in Alaska. The job gives Mike a new appreciation for those who bring in fish for our meals daily.

81 :04x11 - Dairy Cow Midwife

Mike makes a stop in Indiana where he learns to milk a cow and then clean it's udders. Also, a schooling on how to artificially inseminate a cow and assist on a calf delivery.

82 :04x12 - Aerial Tram Greaser

Mike learns about erosion control as he visits the site of a future California neighborhood. Next, Mike helps with the maintenance and repair a tram while 8,500 feet above Palm Springs.

83 :04x13 - Turkey Inseminator

Mike attempts to make a home more energy efficient, which calls for him to crawl beneath the dwelling through falling insulation, dead rats and debris Then, he takes a crack at turkey inseminating while on a turkey farm full of large breasted birds.

84 :04x14 - Ice Salvage Crew

Mike helps with an oil spill clean up in Alaska, and then travels to Minnesota where he assists on retrieving a car from a lake which had fallen through the ice.

85 :04x15 - Wind Farm Technician

Mike heads to Oklahoma to help turn a farm green by the use of wind. Then, it's off to Kentucky where a sink hole has been filled with garbage by its citizens.

86 :04x16 - Animal Barber

Mike head to Kalispell, Montana and the Spring Brook Ranch for his 150th dirty job as he joins a yak and bison rancher. It's a wild celebration of dirt as Mike and the crew go to work.

87 :04x17 - Brown Before Green (1)

Mike reviews past jobs which helped the environment, including geothermal drilling, wood and tire salvage and building cobb homes. The one constant is that to become green, you usually have to get brown first.

88 :04x18 - Greenland Shark Quest

Mike heads for the Arctic Circle off Baffin Islands in search for the Greenland sharks, and investigates the ecological changes within that part of the region.

Season 5

89 :05x01 - Tar Rigger

Mike hooks up with the tar rigging crew on the oldest active merchant ship in the world, the Star of India in San Diego. Then, Mike looks back at some of the dirtiest tools he's used, all which make life simpler for the rest of us.

90 :05x02 - Dirty Chip Maker

Mike learns how potato chips are made and what is needed to keep the machines running and clean when he heads to the Dirty Potato Chips factory. Then he makes a stop in Rifle, Co. to clean a "monster" underground.

91 :05x03 - Sheep Castrator

Mike helps saw down a giant concrete wall at an auto dealership in order to make way for a new wash bay. Then he heads to a sheep farm where he tries shearing and castrating a sheep and is treated to a pate of Rocky Mountain Oysters.

92 :05x04 - Leech Trapper

It's off to Bartos Bait & Fish for Mike to help catch leeches for fishing bait. Next he heads to the Green Tripe factory in Hollister, CA, for a lesson in making BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for dogs.

93 :05x05 - Dirty Presidents

Mike takes a look at what dirty jobs past presidents once performed. This Dirty Jobs Extravaganza will leave us all looking at the country in a new way.

94 :05x06 - Mannequin Factory

Mike helps break down some homes at the Windsorland Mobile Home Park to make room for a new shopping center. Next, he heads to Patina-V where he learns the art involved in creating a mannequin.

95 :05x07 - Egg Farm

Mike heads to a farm to see how an egg gets from a chicken to a store. While there he discovers that a lot of poo can come from 1.4 million chickens, which he gets a chance to clean up. Later, Mike goes to Oklahoma where he learns how dirty dirt is sterilized to become clean dirt.

96 :05x08 - Vellum Maker

Mike harvest hops as he travels to Yakama, WA., a needed ingredient of beer. Then Mike heads to Hudson Valley to help create paper from horse hides.

97 :05x09 - Maggot Farmer

Mike moves a giant cactus in Arizona and then helps raise maggots on a farm in Idaho.

98 :05x10 - Gourd Maker

Mike Rowe cleans out a Connecticut lake and then turns gourds into artwork in Pennsylvania.

99 :05x11 - Brown Before Green (2)

Mike takes a look back at some of his former coworkers who should be role models for the green movement.

100 :05x12 - Bologna Maker

Mike heads to Pennsylvania and tries his hand at making bologna and then goes to Alaska to repair a very special toilet.

101 :05x13 - Abandoned Mine Plugger

Mike travels to Ohio to check on the Common Tern population and then he finds himself in Northern California plugging an abandoned mineshaft.

102 :05x14 - Animal Rendering

Mike takes a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles to find out about the important work being done in Pit 91. Then Mike travels north where he learns about rendering and discovers how much of a farm animal can be recycled.

103 :05x15 - Goose Down Plucker

Mike heads to Meridian, California to find out what it takes to harvest walnuts. Then he spends some time in Tulelake where he learns how to make goose down pillows and comforters.

104 :05x16 - Diaper Cleaner

Mike journeys to Queen Creek, Arizona to press olives into oil and then heads to Sacramento, California to clean dirty diapers.

105 :05x17 - Spider Pharm

Mike ventures to Payette, Idaho to learn how to make high quality bird food. Then he heads to Yarnell, Arizona to collect spiders from the desert to milk them for their venom.

106 :05x18 - Locomotive Builder

Mike heads to MotivePower in Boise, Idaho to build and restore locomotives for his 200th dirty job.

107 :05x19 - 200 Jobs Look-Back

Mike takes a look back at his previous jobs, toughest co-workers, and his ongoing encounters with dirt and poo.

108 :05x20 - Mike's Day Off

Mike Rowe challenges his bosses to see if they have what it takes to get dirty. The two executive producers responsible for sending Mike out to the dirtiest jobs around the country are going to roll up their sleeves and attempt a dirty job of their own.

109 :05x21 - Sled Dog Breeder

Mike ventures out to discover what it takes to breed and train sled dogs at the Happy Trails Kennels in Big Lake, Alaska.

Season 6

The Nitty Gritty: Beer Processing

• No Summary (Add Here)

The Nitty Gritty: Cranberry Farmer

• No Summary (Add Here)

110 :06x01 - Mattress Recycler

Mike recovers boats in Miami before heading to San Francisco to recycle mattresses.

111 :06x02 - High-Rise Window Washer

Mike washes windows on a skyscraper overlooking Hawaii's sandy beaches.

112 :06x03 - Toilet Crusher

Mike performs tests on endangered snapping turtles, then travels to San Francisco where he removes and recycles toilets.

113 :06x04 - Camel Rancher

Mike learns a few new things about camels when he visits a California camel ranch.

114 :06x05 - Tofu Maker

Mike recycles computers before heading to Hawaii to make tofu.

115 :06x06 - Glass Maker

Mike goes to Jonesboro, Arkansas to perform dung beetle research. Then he heads to Williamstown, West Virginia to try his hand at making glass art.

116 :06x07 - Rocky Reach Dam

Host Mike Rowe maintains a hydroelectric damn and then catches and tags fish before wading through fish poop.

117 :06x08 - Safety Third

Mike looks back at some of the jobs to see how safety can be important.

118 :06x09 - Reindeer Farm

After shrink-wrapping a house in Kentucky, Mike takes off for Alaska, where he works on a reindeer farm.

119 :06x10 - Marble Maker

Mike returns to Hawaii to make shirts and then travels to Ohio to learn how to make marbles.

120 :06x11 - Fireworks Technician

Mike learns what it takes to safely produce and set off fireworks before finding a cow with a strange hole in its stomach.

121 :06x12 - Worm Grunter

Host Mike Rowe collects clams in Florida and then grunts for worms in the Apalachicola National Forest.

122 :06x13 - Maple Syrup Maker

Mike learns about paint bulking and how to make maple syrup the old-fashioned way.

123 :06x14 - Animal Control Specialist

Mike rounds up animals which have been living around people's homes.

124 :06x15 - Cricket Farmer

Mike travels to Georgia to see what it takes to raise crickets and treats viewers to never-before-seen footage from his camel rancher job from a few episodes ago.

125 :06x16 - Chicken Busters

Mike chases feral chickens off the streets of Miami, Florida.

126 :06x17 - Soo Locks Technician

Mike heads to Sault Saint Marie, MI to work with the Soo Locks maintenance crew.

127 :06x18 - Concrete Finisher

Mike gets his hands dirty by making countertops and a fire pit.

128 :06x19 - Bone Black

Mike's work in a bone black plant proves to be one of the dirtiest jobs he's ever done.

129 :06x20 - Tight Spaces (2)

Mike takes a second look back at jobs in tight workspaces.

130 :06x21 - Crew Unemployment

Mike takes a humorous look back at each crew member's valuable role in bringing Dirty Jobs to air.

131 :06x22 - The Dirty Truth

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Season 7

132 :07x01 - Exotic Nanny

• No Summary (Add Here)

133 :07x02 - Wetland Warrior

• No Summary (Add Here)

135 :07x04 - Animal Relocator

• No Summary (Add Here)

137 :07x06 - Woolen Mill Operator

• No Summary (Add Here)

138 :07x07 - Pinsetter Mechanic

• No Summary (Add Here)

139 :07x08 - Bug Detective

• No Summary (Add Here)

140 :07x09 - Horse Tester

• No Summary (Add Here)

141 :07x10 - Custom Meat Processor

• No Summary (Add Here)

142 :07x11 - Dirty Holidays

• No Summary (Add Here)

144 :07x13 - Date Palm Pollinator

• No Summary (Add Here)

145 :07x14 - Asphalt Paver

• No Summary (Add Here)

146 :07x15 - Rum Distiller

• No Summary (Add Here)

147 :07x16 - Hair Fairy

• No Summary (Add Here)

148 :07x17 - Dirty Infrastructure

• No Summary (Add Here)

149 :07x18 - Scrapple Maker

• No Summary (Add Here)

150 :07x19 - Blueberry Connoisseur

• No Summary (Add Here)

151 :07x20 - Sponge Diver

• No Summary (Add Here)

152 :07x21 - Cedar Log Peeler

• No Summary (Add Here)

153 :07x22 - Termite Researcher

• No Summary (Add Here)

154 :07x23 - Dirty DNA

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Season 8

155 :08x01 - Fish Squeezer

Mike works for New Mexico's Department of Game and Fish, and takes a trip to Virginia to learn pet acupuncture.

Source: Discovery Channel

156 :08x02 - Fossil Hunter

Mike takes up paleontology in a remote part of Utah.

Source: Discovery Channel

157 :08x03 - Doomsday Seed Banker

Mike assists the Millennium Seed Bank Project, which preserves seeds that could be replanted following a catastrophic event, at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Source: Discovery Channel

158 :08x04 - Water Softener Technician

Mike becomes a water softener technician in Minnesota, and works as a coin washer at a San Francisco hotel.

Source: Discovery Channel

159 :08x05 - Barber's Assistant

Mike works at a barber shop in Mobile, Ala., and visits California to work as a landfill operator.

Source: Discovery Channel

160 :08x06 - Mardi Gras Bladder Banger

Mike travels to Mobile, Alabama to get a behind the scenes look at a Mardi Gras "Folly" float. He spends his day assembling cow bladders that will be used during the parade to drive away evil spirits.

Source: Discovery Channel

161 :08x07 - Medical Waste Disposal Expert

Mike Rowe passes a surprisingly tranquil -- and highly entertaining -- day at Medical Waste Transport, Inc. in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Source: Discovery Channel

162 :08x08 - Dirty Little Bits

Mike takes another look back at some of the unusual and quirky conversations he's had with his dirty co-workers. Using 99.9% never-before-seen footage, this special is an entertaining look at the art of communication.

163 :08x09 - Tower Top Hand

A radio-communications tower rises in North Dakota; Mike visits a Hollywood soundstage to commemorate his experiences in all 50 states.

Source: Discovery Channel

164 :08x10 - Onion Processor

Mike works as an onion processor, and helps build wooden ladders for the San Francisco Fire Department.

Source: Discovery Channel

165 :08x11 - Dirty Conversations (2)

In this special, Mike takes a look back at some of the unusual and quirky conversations he's had with his dirty co-workers. Using 99.9% never-before-seen footage, it's an entertaining look at the art of communication.

Source: Discovery Channel

Season 9

166 :09x01 - Lost in Aboriginal Land

Mike Rowe journeys dangerous roads to Australia's northern coast to work with Aboriginals, who have lived off the land for more than 40,000 years. It's a dirty adventure that leaves Mike speechless as he works and hunts (yes, hunts) with tribal leaders.

Source: Discovery Channel

167 :09x02 - Deadly Snake Wrangler

In Australia, Mike Rowe teams up with local business "Snakes Away" to capture a poisonous Eastern brown snake without getting bitten, then joins a posse of local "toadbusters" in their war against the cane toad, a non-indigenous species destroying the local ecosystem.

Source: Discovery Channel

168 :09x03 - Journey to Croc Country

Mike catches crocodiles on the Adelaide River for scientists who study the animals' vomit.

Source: Discovery Channel

169 :09x04 - Outback Treasure Hunter

Mike battles a fly infestation while mining for opal in the Australian outback.

Source: Discovery Channel
Classification: Reality
Genre: Discovery/Science
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Discovery Channel ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 07, 2003
Ended: September 12, 2012
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